13th Release Team Meeting TYPO3 4.7

The 4.7 release team meets weekly for a Skype discussion round on the current activities.
If you find this report interesting or have some comment or question about a particular topic, don't hesitate to follow-up on the thread in the core mailing list.

On Monday, March 12th 2012 we held our 13th meeting with the following participants:

  • Steffen Ritter (4.7 Release Manager)
  • Xavier Perseguers (4.6 Release Manager)
  • Ben van't Ende (Community Manager)
  • Benni Mack (Core Team Co-Leader)
  • Oliver Hader (Core Team Leader)

TYPO3 4.5 // TYPO3 4.6

Backport Releases

  • The announced backport releases are omitted on March 13th. In 4.6-backports only one patch has been merged - none in 4.5-backports. Since Ernesto wanted to take care of all the backporting work and had to drop out for the next 3 weeks due to private reasons, backport releases are skipped for another 4 weeks.
    If you wanna help out with this, feel free to grab one of the issues marked as "backportable", backport them and push to Gerrit for reviewing...

Patch-Level Releases

  • The preview-domain handling has been broken in the latest release. We decided to release new versions of 4.5 and 4.6 on Tuesday, March 13th 2012, which fix these problems.
  • For TYPO3 4.4 there are only 4 bugfixes merged, no need for another release. Anyhow there are 18 bugfixes which got merged to higher branches and apply to 4.4. It would be great if someone could take the opportunity to backport these patch-sets preparing the "final" release of 4.4 end of April.
  • Markus Klein hand in a link about outstanding patches for LTS on Gerrit as reply to our last minutes. We agreed on having a look on them prior to the releases to get long-lasting things in and additionally have a bit more value within the releases. All these issues got merged by now!
  • Steffen invited the submodule-leader to update their projects.

TYPO3 4.7

Press Releases // Release Parties // Release Coordination

  • Steffen wrote an eMail about releases, press coordination, banners for the stage and release Parties and documentation.
  • The suggestion to have release parties on Mondays and celebrate into the release have been turned down, Release Parties are up for April 24th 2012.
  • Ben will get in contact with the Design team to create the banners and graphics we need
  • Since there has been no response from our press-officer yet, Ben offered to contact him again.
  • The Documentation Team has been asked if it would be possible to have up-to-date documentation in time. Steffen considered that there is not much to document. Francois Suter, Leader of the Documentation team, agreed and will check with his team. He proposed starting the upload on Monday 10pm so the documentation will be available around 0-1 am on Tuesday 24th (see next point).
  • Steffen asked to have a midnight release. There are no critical issues or projects which currently seem to have risk of blocking anything. As TYPO3 4.7 is the first release which completely fulfilled the 6-month release schedule, this should be pushed a little bit more:
    When people arrive in there office on release morning, they will find a shiny new release including up-to-date documentation.

Current HTML5 behaviour is not smooth

  • We discovered that using HTML5 in 4.7 is not a pleasure when fiddeling around with the config.* settings getting valid HTML5
  • Steffen pushed a patch to we shortly discussed
  • Steffen suggested to ship the CSS StyledContent Template version 4.7ff with some config.* already configuring html5 correctly as standard.

CoreTeam Online Meeting

The Doodle about the Core Team online-meeting has been closed after 10 persons giving feedback.
The Meeting will be on Thursday, 13th 5pm (CET). We will meet up on BigBlueButton. Everyone else is invited to join and listen to what we discuss.
Xavier and Jigal, who did not join the Doodle, reported back that they most likely won't be able to make it.

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