14th Release Team Meeting TYPO3 4.7

The 4.7 release team meets weekly for a Skype discussion round on the current activities.
If you find this report interesting or have some comment or question about a particular topic, don't hesitate to follow-up on the thread in the core mailing list.

On Monday, March 19th 2012 we held our 14th meeting with the following participants:

  • Xavier Perseguers (4.6 Release Manager)
  • Benni Mack (Core Team Co-Leader)
  • Oliver Hader (Core Team Leader)

TYPO3 4.7

Check migration/upgrade wizards

Several components need a "guided way" in terms of new upgrade wizards to migrate older TYPO3 version to TYPO3 4.7

HTML5 per default

  • HTML5 can be used by modifying the TypoScript for frontend rendering
  • however, making it the TYPO3-default frontend-rendering is temporarily abandoned for 4.7 to be the default case since Patrick Broens (as developer of that feature during the BLE phase) had valid concerns:
  • the HTML5 RFC is still pending and thus not really a standard per definition, albeit a lot of enterprise websites are already built on it...

UTF-8 per default

  • Non-UTF-8 was deprecated in TYPO3 4.5, however without guided migration path
  • initDB, forceRenderCharset, metaCharset (FE)
  • lookup whether all tables are in UTF-8 mode
  • maybe binary check

Jigal has a converter script which is doing analysis and actually converts data (however this one shall not be shipped with the Core - instead we can imagine to put it to the TER).
In general we should make use of the exception codes that are redirected to the wiki - more details on upgrading and the procedure will be provided at those pages then.

TYPO3 4.6 & 4.5

Fixing the regression-regression-fixes...

The reproducible bugs are fixed in the accordant branches, thus we will provide a buzz article explaining the behavior and how the patch can be applied locally, out of the Gerrit review.
Thus, there won't be a dedicated release this week just to fix the regressions - for sure, the fixes will be part of the next regular maintenance releases.

TYPO3 in General

General LTS Strategy

The main reason for TYPO3 4.5 being a LTS was to still be compatible with PHP 5.2 and IE6 in the backend. Meanwhile support for PHP 5.2 has been discontinued by PHP and also by most distributors.
Besides that our 6-monthly release cycle forced agencies to upgrade to the next version very often and also was an argument to have an LTS release. However, the period of 3 years seems to too long in general - however, TYPO3 4.5 LTS will be supported until 2014 (sure!), but the next LTS version might only be supported for e.g. 18-24 months.
The whole topic shall be discussed by the community - during T3DD12 there shall be a decision.

Backport Branches

The interest of individually backporting features was rather low. The goal in general is to promote latest stable releases, not the last LTS version (since performance improvements and clean-up will only be part of the latest version). Besides that most of the requested backports depend on the overworked caching framework or are at least are related to it - which makes it quite difficult to deal with the expected backwards compatibility in an LTS version.
The whole topic needs to be explained and re-evaluate in detail - feedback from the community is required here concerning "expectations" of Backport Releases.

Future Development (master)

File Abstraction Layer

There was a mini-code sprint with Benni Mack, Ingmar Schlecht, Andreas Wolf in Stuttgart during March 16th-18th 2012.

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