16th Release Team Meeting TYPO3 4.7

The 4.7 release team meets weekly for a Skype discussion round on the current activities.
If you find this report interesting or have some comment or question about a particular topic, don't hesitate to follow-up on the thread in the core mailing list.

On Monday, April 02nd 2012 we held our 16th meeting with the following participants:

  • Steffen Ritter (Release Manager 4.7)
  • Ernesto Baschny (Release Manager 4.5)
  • Benni Mack (Core Team Co-Leader)
  • Oliver Hader (Core Team Leader)

TYPO3 4.7

Outstanding issues

We considered the MEDIA Element as currently not stable and not backwards compatible. Steffen Ritter took a look into it on the weekend and found out about several issues:
  • In versions before 4.7 the SWFObject TypoScript Object could be used to add what ever Flash-Objekt into an Webpage. With the rewrite to FlowPlayer this has been changed. Even if the actual SWF File can be overridden, FlowPlayer JavaScript and CSS always will included.
  • The HTML Output will always use <video> and <audio> even if no HTML5 is selected
  • <video> element is rendered even if it makes no sense like custom Flash-File or no <sources>
  • swfobject JavaScript is not used anymore
  • the MEDIA Element is not able to hand over SWFObject Configuration to deal with videos using own swf player
  • the FlexForm of Media Element is unusable as the many new options cluttered it.

Steffen Ritter already pushed some CleanUp to Gerrit. Anyhow the SWFOBJECT problems still are present. As a first start of reworking SWFOBJECT showed, that it is quite hard to consider all places, the release team suggested to move the current SWFOBJECT to an another Media-Object (or into the Media-Object) and restore the SWFOBJECT from version 4.6. Steffen Ritter will be working on that. Support, especially like reviewing and improving the patches on Gerrit is highly appreciated as these MEDIA element issues are considered as a blocker for Release Candidate 1.

Developer Days

Steffen Ritter asked if and what we would have to prepair for the Core-Team Codesprint in front of the DevDays.
No starting time had been announced yet. We decided upon 10am on Tuesday. We also will use the Thursday morning.
We considered that there are currently no FAL sessions at all on the DevDays. Benni and Steffen, both member of the FAL team, will spontanously present the architecture and work progress on FAL to the core-team, to attract people to our hands on session and share knwowledge about this important topic.
In addition - if possible - the File Abstraction Layer should be presented at the Developer-Days as a side track. A german presentation about FAL from including Class Diagram might be use as a basis to start with.

In addition Olly and Benni meet up in Stuttgart Tuesday and Wednesday to do some Core-Leadership work as well as prepare some other topics for the DevDays like the jQuery Migration session.

TYPO3 4.6 & 4.5

Backport Branches

Ernesto informed, that he hadn't had time to work on the backport effort yet, thus kindly asked to postpone again. Benni argued we need shift focus more on the "newer releases", thus not give backporting features to 4.5 (and 4.6) so much effort. It looked like the interest in the backports wasn't that big, considering only one backport review request on Gerrit: but this might also be due to lack of publicity around it.

At the end we argued that at least a consistent set of Hooks (throughout 4.5 .. 4.7) would make a good reason for a backports release, thus allowing extensions to use the hooks in a consistent manner throughout 4.5 and 4.7.

We postponed the backports RC to after the 4.7.0 release (ca. end of May). In our meeting Ernesto also noted that this "backporting-release" is currently only a "one-time shot". We won't do it (probably) again. 4.5 was released more than one year ago, and this gives us the opportunity to "catch up" with newer releases. Fact is that 80-90% of new "productive" installations of TYPO3 (in some agencies even 100%) are still focusing on 4.5, mainly because of the promise for long term security fixes.

Ernesto would like to re-discuss the content of the backport release in our team again, and would consider the "virtual tree root" as a "usability improvement / fix", amongs others (i.e. page tree with selecting a page editing some item, or keeping a branch open after closing a page-tree filter - both of which Stefan and Jigal plan to take a look at during the T3DD). Kind of like a "Service Pack" for TYPO3 4.5 LTS.

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