18th Release Team Meeting TYPO3 4.7

we just had an short informal bilateral "Release Team Meeting" today
with Oliver Hader and Steffen Ritter. Regarding the fact that we met for
6 days in Munich anything which came up has been addressed personally.

Dev Days in Munich

Here are the things which have been successfully tackled as a team in
  • Media Element has been reworked
  • Many Bugfixes have been merged
  • an Upgrade Wizard for 4.7 Media Element has been written
  • the Government Package has been fixed and the Introduction Package got some updates
  • the press releases have been prepared
  • Broad tests of the current stuff were done
  • problems with DAM_content in 4.7 have been located which are fixed by

Broken Release Candidate

Anyhow it came to light on saturday that we have an error in our
automated release process which resulted in wrongly packaged Release
Candidate files for 4.7. In fact the Release Candidate packages
contained the sources of the current Master branch which is version 6.0.
As by Thursday already many things changed in the master branch you most
likely broke your system. We removed the download links and added
according warnings to the news.

We fixed the scripts and will release a second Release Candidate
tomorrow. Afterwards we are permantly going to remove the problematic
packages from sourceforge and the tag on Git. We hope not having raised
to many problems on your side.

Todays Meeting

Today Oliver and I additionally discussed Release Parties, the timeframe
for the Release tomorrow and next week as well as probably outstanding
things. Besides the problem, that we are still waiting for the Design
Team do Design Release Party Banners as well as Stage Items and Graphics
for our Release Notes we are in a very good state and will Release TYPO3
4.7 next week - in time.



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