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Xavier Perseguers, 2011-11-14 17:33

1 1 Steffen Ritter
h1. Minutes of the 1st Release Team Meeting TYPO3 4.7
2 1 Steffen Ritter
3 1 Steffen Ritter
Hi dear TYPO3 community,
4 1 Steffen Ritter
5 6 Xavier Perseguers
These are the minutes of the 1st TYPO3 Release Team Meeting for version 4.7.
6 6 Xavier Perseguers
7 1 Steffen Ritter
The minutes are also available in the wiki of TYPO3 4.7:
8 1 Steffen Ritter
9 1 Steffen Ritter
10 7 Xavier Perseguers
The 4.7 release team meets weekly for a Skype discussion round on the current activities. If you find this reporti nteresting or have some comment or question about a particular topic, don't hesitate to follow-up on the thread in the v4 mailing list.
11 1 Steffen Ritter
12 7 Xavier Perseguers
On Monday, November 14th 2011 we hold our 1st meeting with the following participants:
13 1 Steffen Ritter
14 6 Xavier Perseguers
* Steffen Ritter (4.7 Release Manager)
15 6 Xavier Perseguers
* Xavier Perseguers (4.6 Release Manager)
16 6 Xavier Perseguers
* Benjamin Mack (4.4 Release Manager)
17 6 Xavier Perseguers
* Ingmar Schlecht (4.1 Release Manager)
18 1 Steffen Ritter
* Oliver Hader (Core Team Leader)
19 1 Steffen Ritter
* Ben van't Ende (Community Manager)
20 1 Steffen Ritter
21 6 Xavier Perseguers
h1. Review TYPO3 4.6
22 1 Steffen Ritter
23 1 Steffen Ritter
For "lessons learned" from the amazing work of Xavier did, we all considered it worthful to define a dated roadmap (which is accesible in public) as early as possible.
24 1 Steffen Ritter
Furthermore the strict caution around the feature freeze resulted in the most stable .0 version since years.
25 1 Steffen Ritter
As the press-releases around TYPO3 4.6 --rebase could have been improved, we aim for a better communication with the PR departement of the TYPO3 association in front of the release of TYPO3 4.7.
26 1 Steffen Ritter
Xavier aims to release 4.6.1 on Tuesday, Nov. 22nd 2011.
27 1 Steffen Ritter
28 1 Steffen Ritter
After the successful release of TYPO3 4.6 --rebase we all took the opportunity to thank again Xavier for his great work with the current release.
29 1 Steffen Ritter
30 1 Steffen Ritter
h1. TYPO3 4.7
31 1 Steffen Ritter
32 1 Steffen Ritter
The focus of the upcoming release will be the results of the BLE project. This in fact means that we are concentrating on "standards" and "accessiblity".
33 1 Steffen Ritter
TYPO3 4.7 will produce highly accessible frontend-rendering based on HTML5 by default. Furthermore you may expect many improvements for daily tasks according to usability within the backend.
34 1 Steffen Ritter
35 1 Steffen Ritter
As there is plenty of work already done and - as always - a lack of time, we're going pin a definite topic to each of the 12 weeks of development until feature freeze. Within this week we aim to concentrate and merge this pinned-topic. There will always will be a responsible person for each package, which you should get in contact, if you wanna help out in this departement.
36 1 Steffen Ritter
37 1 Steffen Ritter
Additionally there will be an backend-ui feature freeze two weeks earlier than the actual feature freeze, allowing to fix outstanding issues with the current TYPO3 Backend for mobile and low-res devices, which could be difficult to tackle otherwise. As these fixes might need changes to API and we aim to have a restrictive feature-freeze again this special rule had been introduced.
38 1 Steffen Ritter
Details about this, as well as an detailed status report on the BLE project will be made public soon.
39 1 Steffen Ritter
40 1 Steffen Ritter
h2. Dates
41 1 Steffen Ritter
42 1 Steffen Ritter
Until then you already might keep in mind the following fixed dates:
43 5 Xavier Perseguers
* Release of alpha1: November 29th 2011
44 5 Xavier Perseguers
* Release of alpha2: December 20th 2011
45 1 Steffen Ritter
* Release of alpha3: January 10th 2012
46 1 Steffen Ritter
* backend-UI-freeze: Janurary 24th 2012
47 1 Steffen Ritter
* Release of beta1: February 7th 2012 (feature freeze)
48 1 Steffen Ritter
* Release of beta2: March 6th 2012
49 1 Steffen Ritter
* Release of beta3: March 27th 2012
50 1 Steffen Ritter
* Release of RC1: April 10th 2012
51 1 Steffen Ritter
* Release of final: April 24th 2012
52 1 Steffen Ritter
53 1 Steffen Ritter
h2.  Next steps
54 1 Steffen Ritter
55 6 Xavier Perseguers
The existing or inactive teams will be contacted to start communication of their plans and to coordinate efforts for TYPO3 4.7. The bugtracker's roadmap tool is already used to reference bugs and features to be fixed/implemented for a given release.
56 6 Xavier Perseguers
57 6 Xavier Perseguers
If you feel interested in a particular project or task, please reply on the list or directly get in contact with Steffen Ritter as Release Manager of TYPO3 4.7.