3rd Release Team Meeting TYPO3 4.7

The 4.7 release team meets weekly for a Skype discussion round on the current activities. If you find this report interesting or have some comment or question about a particular topic, don't hesitate to follow-up on the thread in the v4 mailing list.

We intentionally omitted the minutes of the 2nd meeting as there had not been something to report about.

On Monday, December 5th 2011 we hold our 3rd meeting with the following participants:

  • Steffen Ritter (4.7 Release Manager)
  • Xavier Perseguers (4.6 Release Manager)
  • Oliver Hader (Core Team Leader)

TYPO3 4.5, 4.6 and master

We discussed again and spoke about the integration of sysext linkvalidator to all actively maintained TYPO3 versions.

Until today, all these migrations have been, done and all patches pending on have been automatically rebased to the branch having the additional submodule.

If you are working on git: you are required to do a "git submodule update"

TYPO3 4.7

Alpha1 had been released successfully. The Frontend-Accessibility Features already have been included and shipped with Alpha1.
Also for the first time we shipped a - currently only - GovernmentPackage.

Developement stalled??

We wondered about the lack of downloads and feedback to Alpha1. As well we figured out, that there is a problem getting reviews for pending patches and features.

As TYPO3 4.7 has a very tough and straight internal work-plan which could blew the whole release schedule this has been considered as a highly critical issue.

We tried to identify the reasons for the lack and possible strategies for more testing reviews.
We considered a combination of the following issues to be a reason for our problems:
  • the usual development pause after an major release of about 2 month takes affect
  • developers/core-team-members working in agencies are totaly stressed with the usual pre-christmas work.
  • as major parts of the 4.7 developement is based upon results of the BLE-project, developers might be somehow think it is only the responsibility of developers which got payed for their BLE work to finish the tasks up and getting it done.
  • an core-team internal discussion "about branding and strategy related to TYPO3, FLOW3 and the next-generation CMS that is being developed" which might have offended some developers, while the lack of a conclusion and a results currently might prevent developers to identify themselves with the project.

We really would like to have your feedback on this, what prevents you from helping out and what we could improve, the get the ball rolling again.

Next Steps to Alpha2

The two weeks as of December, 5th we liked to concentrate on the ExtJS4 Migration of the TYPO3 Backend, as well as general Improvements to JavaScript issues within the backend.

Stanislas Rolland did a great Job already doing the migration, which now has to be integrated into core and refined...
As he already did the work, we should appreciate it, and review his work for a fast integration...

To test it, please apply these four patches:

We split the huge work up into smaller commits, so it would be easer to track the work - but wan't work standalone...

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