General collection of ideas

Collection of possible major features in TYPO3 4.7

The scope of this release could(!) be streamline, simplicity and performance.

Streamline results of the BLE project

Since the BLE project needs to be finished at the beginning of TYPO3 4.7 development, the task is to streamline those new features in terms of bug fixing, performance and usability.

Reworked history/undo concept and handling

The usability of the history/undo module in the backend is doubtable. The tasks is to improve the handling and also fix the concept in terms of workspaces and localization.

API (REST/JSON) to directly access elements/data of the system repository

This API shall allow to query data from TYPO3 tables from any outside application (e.g. a JavaScript application in the front-end). Of course a permission layer and security token need to be introduced to do that.

Improved user authentication and permission management (roles concept)

The user permission handling in the backend is really complicated. The basic idea is to simplify that and to introduce a roles concept.
The authentication in the front-end requires several performance optimizations (currently it's initialized on each request in the front-end).

Static File Caching and improved per-object caching

The GSoC 2011 project on Static File Caching needs to be streamlined - besides that e.g. per-object caching can help to reduce redundancies in the caches (e.g. on using conditions or language versions) - it's about splitting up the information that is stored to the hash-value used for the pages cache.

Language handling and the L-parameter in the front-end

The language parameter is not mandatory and is implemented by using TypoScript conditions to set the sys_language_uid property. Thus language handling could be a mandatory concept and not an optional as it is right now.

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