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Steffen Ritter, 2011-11-28 16:13

TYPO3 4.7 alpha1

Released November, 29th 2011

Upgrading and compatibility

Please note that this version is released as an very early alpha release. It shows a snapshot of our development so far on the road to 4.7.0, which will be released in April/2012. Take a look at the Roadmap for more information about the schedule.

The first Alpha release concentrates on Deprecation CleanUP and Frontend-Accessibility.

To upgrade an existing installation of 4.5 to 4.6.0alpha1, please consider the following steps:

  • Visit the Install Tool:
    • Use the "Database COMPARE" section and apply all database schema changes.
    • Use the "Update Wizard" to upgrade the compatibility to 4.7.

New installations

Try out the introduction package which provides a very easy way of installing TYPO3 and having some example setup already in place.
If you are interested in the new accessibility features shipped for the TYPO3 frontend, switch your introduction package to html5 mode or try out the new invented government packages which aims to be the introduction packages preconfigured for accessibility and usage in governmental agencies.

What's next?

Many projects are targeted at TYPO3 4.7 and will be included in Core with the next pre-releases until the feature-freeze deadline which will occur on 2th August 2011.

The Alpha2 release willl concentrate on ExtJS 4 upgrade and Backend Cleanup...

It seems to be the right time for you to give us a help by:

  • Joining our teams,
  • Reviewing issues that are already pending on the core list,
  • Supply patches for new features or bug fixes,
  • Participate in discussions on the typo3.projects.v4 list around new features and concepts.


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