TYPO3 4.7 alpha3

Upgrading and compatibility

This third release of TYPO3 4.7 shows a snapshot of the current development on the road to the final version. TYPO3 4.7.0 will be released on April 24th 2012. This third release is focused on reverting the migrating of the Backend to ExtJS 4 back to ExtJS 3. The introduced compat-Layer has been removed too.

To upgrade an existing installation to 4.7 alpha3, please consider the following steps:

  • Open the Install Tool:
    • Use the "Database COMPARE" section and apply all database schema changes.
    • Use the "Update Wizard" to upgrade the compatibility version to 4.7.
    • If you are dealing with custom auth services XClassing RSAauth you should read about the changes there before updating!

New installations

Try out the Introduction Package which provides a very easy way to get the first contact with TYPO3 - there are various examples integrated to show how particular features work in TYPO3.
Besides the regular Introduction Package TYPO3 4.7 comes with the brand new Government Package which is intended to be a show-off of web accessible standard and thus being useful for a disposal in governmental environments.

What happened since TYPO3 4.7 alpha2

  • ExtJS 4 Migration of the backend reverted
    As already stated all ExtJS 4 related work has been reverted. Therefore the following paragraph of the last release notes are obsolete. TYPO3 4.7 won't ship with ExtJS 4, but will reside on ExtJS 3. Further information about this topic are to be found within the according discussion on the mailinglist of the v4 project.

the base components have been migrated, as well as t3skin, the pagetree and the context-menu, tceforms and RTE.
Outstanding parts are the ExtensionManager, the Recycler, the Workspaces-Module the TCA-Tree as well as the Forms-Extension.
For them an ExtJS 3 Compat-Extension has been introduced which will be removed later on. It ships all ExtJS 3 related core stuff and hooks into PageRenderer to replace the ExtJS4 with ExtJS3 librariers.
If you are an JavaScript/ExtJS expert your are highly encouraged to help out in this part. If you feel up to it, just get in touch.

  • RSAauth and AuthService Changes
    The Service Chain of TYPO3 Auth-Services as well as the rsaauth and saltedpasswords extension have been reworked to have a more straight way of interacting.
    The rsaauth Extension since now only decrypts the password hand over by the user, but does not take care of authentification anymore. Instead it hands back the decrypted password to the service chain within the property "uident_text".
    Auth services invoked afterwards do not need to instatiate rsaauth again and decrypt the submission but should use the already plain-text password.
    If you created your own authentification services you might drop the own usage of rsaauth and just access the property handover by the service chain.
    Due to the changes of rsaauth, your auth-services might break if you xclassed rsaauth.
  • New options within TCA related to IRRE and TCA
    As an outcome of the FAL project some new options for TCA have been introduced. For example you may defeni so-called foreign_match_fields for IRRE records allowing to "restrict" releations more precisely.
    In Addition a feature got integrated which allows you to render palettes hidden (without possibility to unhide). This is useful if special fields are needed to be present for building relations (f.e. IRRE with foreign selector) but the field should not be seen by the user.
  • Many Bugs have been fixed
    Many Bugfix and Cleanup Tasks have been merged. For a full list please refer to the ChangeLog.

What's next?

There are a lot of other projects that are targeted for TYPO3 4.7 and which shall be part of on of the next releases. As always the first beta releases also defines the feature freeze - thus, no new features will be allowed after TYPO3 4.7 beta1 - the feature freeze is scheduled for February 14th 2012.
See the TYPO3 4.7 article to get more details for the next upcoming major release of the v4 branch: as well as the current state article

The next beta release (TYPO3 4.7 beta1) will be released on February 14th 2012.

If you want to support TYPO3 4.7 to make it a shiny release, you are highly encouraged to

  • review pending issues (see
  • hand in your ideas and changes by creating patches
  • follow the discussions in the typo3.projects.v4 news group and provide your ideas and feedback

Thanks a bunch!

Get it now


  • TYPO3 4.7.0alpha3: Introduction Package [tar.gz] [zip]
  • TYPO3 4.7.0alpha3: Government Package [tar.gz] [zip] (German)
  • TYPO3 4.7.0alpha3: Download Source [tar.gz] [zip]
  • TYPO3 4.7.0alpha3: Blank Package ("dummy") [tar.gz] [zip]
  • Check out the latest development through the Git repository

ChangeLog since TYPO3 4.7 alpha 2

c9e7ce9 [TASK] Clean-up NEWS.txt for TYPO3 4.7
d3f3a9f [FEATURE] Separate password transmission from password comparison
1e3b80c [TASK] Use t3lib_BEfunc instead of date()
5e55c44 [FEATURE] Hidden palettes in TCEForms
c915b0a [BUGFIX] BE user switch impossible when in adminOnly mode
f20dfac [BUGFIX] Page renderer provides files to compressor incorrectly
f99cdff [TASK] User settings: move flashMessage notice
63772e5 [BUGFIX] Proper cursor icon in access module
15216f8 [BUGFIX] Usage of custom caching backends
9b0db56 [FEATURE] Add hook to pagerenderer after compress/concatenate
75bd0c7 [FEATURE] htmlArea RTE: Cleanup some deprecated methods
ade2637 [BUGFIX] uses undefined function
c5fd02f [FEATURE] htmlArea RTE: Remove RTE cache
27329ab [FEATURE] htmlArea RTE: Move RTE scripts to head
c590cb2 [BUGFIX] Shortcut page does not keep 'type' parameter
7b2dc40 [BUGFIX] TCEmain::clear_cacheCmd relies on active BE_USER
15eb091 [BUGFIX] TYPO3 prompts to select position when there are no pages
8787182 [FEATURE] Add possibility to define foreign_match_fields for IRRE inline relations.
faf04f9 [BUGFIX] t3lib_div::validPathStr() fails on certain file names
4c41ba4 [TASK] Improve debugTrail() to better handle includes
c5e06a3 [BUGFIX] Unlimited memory limit handling in system status report
40cd5e6 [FEATURE] htmlArea RTE: Add button to insert soft hyphen
92c4777 [TASK] Raise submodule pointer of workspaces system extension
e17eeb7 [TASK] Regenerate core_autoload.php
da8ac2d Revert "[TASK] Migrate to ExtJS4: Exchange the ExtJS Core Library" 
e738d37 Revert "[TASK] Migrate to ExtJS 4: Replace the ExtJS Skin" 
66352a5 Revert "[TASK] Migrate to ExtJS 4: Migrate Backend Base Components" 
2cc2d3f Revert "[TASK] Migrate to ExtJS 4: Migrate PageTree and Context-Menu" 
645497a Revert "[TASK] Migrate to ExtJS 4: Migrate TCEforms" 
0e814e8 Revert "[TASK] Migrate to ExtJS 4: Migrate RTE" 
7d7c13e Revert "[BUGFIX] TCEforms reference non-existant CSS file resize.css" 
42dee4a Revert "[BUGFIX] Showing/Hiding toolbars of CE's in PageModule broken" 
772ea93 Revert "[BUGFIX] ModuleMenu has changed resizing/collapse behaviour" 
087e12a Revert "[BUGFIX] Missing renames of addClass and removeClass" 
ab81dd4 Revert "[TASK] Add ExtJS3 Compatibility Layer Extension" 
e786412 Revert "[BUGFIX] Backend loops in Page module" 
d620f78 Revert "[TASK] Rebuild t3lib/core_autoload.php" 
a4536e3 Revert "[TASK] BE-Modules not migrated to ExtJS4 need to trigger compat-Mode" 
4294e8e Revert "[BUG] CleanUp ExtJS Skin directory" 
e04e514 [TASK] Rebuild t3lib/core_autoload.php
4a81817 [BUGFIX] Link to mounted shortcut page lacks &MP parameter
c979ea7 [BUGFIX] Typo in Install Tool
68893b4 [BUGFIX] User Admin: Move "Add" button to docheader
2fa1998 [FEATURE] Show thumbnails in page/list by default
8bce878 [CLEANUP] Core has a XML syntax dependency on templavoila
bd82b6f [BUG] CleanUp ExtJS Skin directory
ba417c8 [TASK] Remove Thumbs.db
5dc0e44 [TASK] Scheduler: Add "Add Task" button to header
ba6963e [FEATURE] Add a link to delete the deprecation log file
256662d [BUGFIX] Vague error message in t3lib_div
075e1a1 [BUGFIX] flock() calls in TYPO3 prevent NFS hosting
5af7dbc [BUGFIX] Reports are called twice
c8b107e [BUGFIX] Adjust shortcut mode labels for selected/current page
42e9452 [BUGFIX] locallangXMLOverride is broken since the switch to XLIFF

MD5 checksums

5be598c117e4d1d2d63e66ecc94725e3  blankpackage-4.7.0alpha3.tar.gz
0cb65c8c22ea5a1b89ad434f039f173b  dummy-4.7.0alpha3.tar.gz
c443af88516ca4d56217fcc725de2fc0  governmentpackage-4.7.0alpha3.tar.gz
9fe47668f9bc0b218576f7fa3a949a71  introductionpackage-4.7.0alpha3.tar.gz
3fbc996b5396a358a40d8c819f8b1dba  typo3_src-4.7.0alpha3.tar.gz

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