TYPO3 4.7 beta2

Released March, 13th 2012

Release notes

The release notes and description of all features are available on


MD5 checksums

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f2be3f4bb22b57fc1cb45b3d712028ea  governmentpackage-4.7.0beta2.tar.gz
f75652758e42e8d60a6c8ddc3efa51cd  introductionpackage-4.7.0beta2.tar.gz
d9f36c0e56ed433628ada0a7bf5e8444  typo3_src-4.7.0beta2.tar.gz

What's next?

Beta1 marked the end of new features for TYPO3 4.7. It is now time to stabilize TYPO3 by fixing bugs. Beta3 will mainly improve Extbase.

It seems to be the right time for you to give us a help by:

  • Joining our teams,
  • Reviewing issues that are already pending on the core list,
  • Supply patches for bug fixes.


List of Changes since TYPO3 4.7.0beta1

2012-03-13  504e253  #34346          [FEATURE] Add hook to tslib_fe->get_cache_timeout() (Fabrizio Branca)
2012-03-13  95a3a75  #34685          [TASK] PHP 5.4 adjustments (Markus Klein)
2012-03-13  9ea4e97  #32282          [BUGFIX] unlink issues warnings for lock files (Markus Klein)
2012-03-13  b372e8a  #34343          [FEATURE] Add hook to stdWrap_cacheStore (Fabrizio Branca)
2012-03-13  6f3b746  #33625          [BUGFIX] Properly check disabled versioning within tcemain (Tolleiv Nietsch)
2012-03-13  5d8e572  #34730          [BUGFIX] html5 rendering does handle non-xml documents (Steffen Ritter)
2012-03-13  98f73d8  #26660          [BUGFIX] imagecopyresized: correct invalid parameters (Stefan Neufeind)
2012-03-12  5b1c05e  #34526          [BUGFIX] Mail sending fails with quoted&encoded e-mail addresses (Dmitry Dulepov)
2012-03-12  59d5d3f                  [TASK] RTE: Update version to 2.3.0 (Stanislas Rolland)
2012-03-12  7189c98  #34473          [BUGFIX] Fatal error if xlf file has wrong format (Jigal van Hemert)
2012-03-12  8a6a66e  #32780          [BUGFIX] process_datamap doesn't handle existing versions by itself (Bart Dubelaar)
2012-03-12  bb7ef5c  #34764          [BUGFIX] RTE: Adapt clickenlarge to rendering of custom attributes (Stanislas Rolland)
2012-03-12  76d75d9  #34148          [BUGFIX] Multi-table relationship not recognized in t3lib_loadDBGroup (Markus Opahle)
2012-03-12  0244787  #34371          [BUGFIX] Keep hyphens in custom HTML5 attributes (Jigal van Hemert)
2012-03-12  05e8e7d                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (TYPO3 v4 Release Team)
2012-03-11  0cd1a4a  #25079          [BUGFIX] Suggest Wizard crashes in Frontend Editing (Dennis Ahrens)
2012-03-11  91c4efb  #21943          [BUGFIX] redirect to referrer when changing password (Jigal van Hemert)
2012-03-11  601b575  #34698          [BUGFIX] Resolving the correct preview domain (Thomas Layh)
2012-03-11  fae9490  #32292          [BUGFIX] Page within a mountpoint using Show Content from Page results in 503 header (Patrick)
2012-03-11  93ad11c  #34446          [BUGFIX] undefined variable imgExt (Simon Schaufelberger)
2012-03-11  a03e5c7  #34460          [BUGFIX] Excludefieds must exclude admin only tables (Georg Ringer)
2012-03-08  bc613b4  #34020          [BUGFIX] Toolbar Separator IE8 and FF3.6 (Felix Kopp)
2012-03-08  f145fd3  #31278          [BUGFIX] Shell command arguments are not escaped (Dmitry Dulepov)
2012-03-08  5f8f4a1  #34658          [BUGFIX] RTE: Context menu looses current selection in IE9 (Stanislas Rolland)
2012-03-07  716ee8e  #34441          [TASK] Change to (Georg Ringer)
2012-03-07  c2d62aa  #33592          [BUGFIX] Fix translation moving in workspaces (Tolleiv Nietsch)
2012-03-07  831d361  #34601          [BUGFIX] RTE: deprecated call-time pass-by-reference (Andreas Bouche)
2012-03-07  f87ee39  #21481          [BUGFIX] Make generated thumbnails browser-cachable (Dmitry Dulepov)
2012-03-07  f935346  #22152          [BUGFIX] PHP warnings may show up in the List module (Dmitry Dulepov)
2012-03-07  0e00af5  #32517          [BUGFIX] Set filename to downloaded resource in t3lib_compressor (Morton Jonuschat)
2012-03-07  5b9d173  #34627          [BUGFIX] Fix idna_convert.class not found (Georg Ringer)
2012-03-07  44314a1  #31831          [BUGFIX] "Allowed excludefields" misses non-tt_content FlexForms (Kai Vogel)
2012-03-07  e39d20b  #34567          [TASK] Remove obsolete sysext/cms/doc (Sebastian Michaelsen)
2012-03-07  4a4811d  #34600          [TASK] Update copyright year to 2012 (Ernesto Baschny)
2012-03-07  fd61d5f  #34203          [BUGFIX] Images from TER hosters break SSL (Georg Ringer)
2012-03-07  c419d8d  #34474          [TASK] Remove clear cache by id from clearCacheCMD (Fabrizio Branca)
2012-03-07  6a1632e  #30311          [BUGFIX] Validation of umlaut URLs and mail addresses (Mario Rimann)
2012-03-06  9109032                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (TYPO3 v4 Release Team)
2012-03-06  c867339  #33089          [BUGFIX] Media element does not recognize short YouTube links (Robert Heel)
2012-03-06  a38cb6a  #23347,#30623   [BUGFIX] Misleading error with empty USER_INT (Philipp Gampe)
2012-03-05  b86a183  #33160          [BUGFIX] tslib_pibase: Outdated PHPDoc comment for pi_loadLL() (Stefan Rotsch)
2012-03-04  169f424  #34439          [BUGFIX] OpenID login fails if trailing slash is missing (Xavier Perseguers)
2012-02-29  4cfc5c1  #34427          [TASK] Remove typo3/logomenu.php (Christian Kuhn)

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