1st Release Team Meeting - TYPO3 6.0


Olly, Helmut, Ben, Christian, Susi

Meeting time:

Monday, 20:00 regularly



  • Many there, not released
  • One on schedule - collection of ideas for 6.0 release --
  • Planned articles:
    • Benefits from installing 6.0 vs. 4.5 LTS (why are we actually doing a major release?)
    • Status report of already merged changes (what do extension authors need to pay attention for)
    • Releasing

"Code-Name" of 6.0

  • "Back to the future" - we really like it

Roadmap / Tasks

  • Christian will be working on
    • bootstrap refactoring (with Olly's class refactoring in the Incubator taken into account)
      • "disentangle" the install tool bootstrap from the main bootstrap
      • maybe we can also get rid of the "define"
      • keep the paths in the constants and use some objects/variables for them in parallel (no breaking but more unit testing)
        as preparation for a bootstrapping sprint
  • Helmut will work on testability of the core
    • bootstrap for unit tests
    • include necessary code from phpunit extension in the core
    • separate unit tests from functional tests
    • Make unit tests independent from a actual TYPO3 installation (sources must be enough)

Unordered Wishlist

  • Deploy-Scripts UUID Support? (Tobias Liebig, Thomas Maroschik, Robert Weißgräber (as PM?!))
  • invite Jens Hofmann to next release team meeting
  • Extension Manager


  • should take at least 3-4 days
  • everybody should be prepared
  • we should have a check-list for preparation of a code-sprint
  • invite people
  • ask companies to sponsor
  • ....
  • Write an article about all the code sprints - offer sponsor packages with a certain amount of money that buys you "mention" for all the sprints


  • Bootstrap (init.php et al) - probably from 14. - 17.6. (with arrivals on thursday morning/afternoon, full days for friday - sunday)
    invitation for participants
    • Christian will ask his boss for rooms and we could ask our bosses for "personal sponsoring"
    • buzz words: flexibility, testability, performance (bingo!)
  • Backend Usability / User-Interface - 05. - 08.07.
    • invite Jens Hoffmann, Lars Zimmermann, Steffen Gebert, Benni, Felix Kopp
    • possible location d.k.d. or AOE media (Olly takes care)
  • Extbase-Extensions - 19.- 22.07. (min. 2 extbase core team members, at least probably Felix Oertel)
  • Distributions / Packages - 09. - 12.08.
  • Continuous Integration (after feature freeze) - 20. - 23.09.
  • Security Sprint (Helmut thinks of something)

Introduction Package

  • Ben has some people wanting to work on a new introduction package and will take care of that organisation (Ben contacts Sven Wolferman)
  • 2 main points: remove tt_news, introduce news (Extbase-based), make it responsive

Release Date / Release Plan

  • October, 27th
  • Alpha1: 22nd May 2012 (Susi + Christian excused)
  • Alpha2: 26th June 2012
  • Alpha3: 24th July 2012
  • Feature Freeze: August, 14th (Beta 1)
  • Beta2: 4th September
  • RC1: October 2nd


  • Christian checks with the extbase integration guys regularly
  • we create a list of all the topics and persons and ask them regularly
  • Olly talks to Christian about workspace changes
  • News.txt changes can be pushed to Gerrit without a normal review or issue

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