2nd Release Team Meeting TYPO3 6.0


Benni, Ben, Christian, Helmut, Steffen, Susanne

Meeting time:

Monday, 20:00


  • What happened during the last week?
  • Rediscuss meeting time
  • Articles
  • Releases on May 22nd (4.7.1, 4.5.16, Backports,...)
  • Minor releases regression

What happened during the last week?

  • Helmut:
    • Mostly busy with customer stuff, traveling, meeting...
    • Reviewed some patches
    • Finalized and published 6.0 article
      • Ben offered that we can get help from the editorial team for reviewing our articles before publication
        **talked to some of his companys bigger customers about the usability problems they have
      • Christian reports that their customers also report some small things that would be easy to change like making the link popup bigger
      • Steffen tells that there was some idea about revive the idea about zap the gremlins back for 4.7 but it was never done, we should look up the materials from back then
      • Ben will talk with Andy about some kind of mini-sprints (instead of bug days)
      • All in all two ideas: one for gremlins handling (see below), one for get real life feedback from real people ;)
  • Christian:
    • did more bootstrap disentangling stuff and needs/wants reviews -
    • autoloader is now case insensitive - will work on the autoloader a bit more (and make it faster, yay!)
      • warning: the autoloader is probably not multibyte safe / and may not work with tr_TR -> Helmut will check that out
        • maybe we can use t3lib_div::strtolower?
    • we need more reviews!! (from Core Developers)
  • Steffen did nothing (no reviews, too, obviously), will sing gospel songs in italy and probably review some patches afterwards
    • DONE: will check indexed_search patch
  • Benni:
    • talked to Jeff - he was intrigued by the idea that doctrine2 dbal could be the base instead of t3lib_db (just an idea at the moment)
    • looked at FAL stuff again and has to review a couple of patches in gerrit (this week)
    • tries to get rid of more of the require statements in the TYPO3 core, went through the TYPO3 backend, we should discuss proper namespace support et al
      • template.php is not only a class definition but has a $GLOBALS['TBE_TEMPLATE'] = t3lib_div::makeInstance('template'); which will break if we only use the autoloader, solution would be to do this in the init.php
        • Benni will finish that patch and put it on Gerrit
    • more cleanup to be done
    • wants to work more on reviews
    • more ideas he will look into (like fluid for page templating...), ideas will be put on the dev/core list for discussion
  • Susi:
    • reviewed a bit
    • wrote some unit tests for the foundation of the new extension manager
    • wrote a mail to Sebastian Fischer about language handling in a separate module
    • tried to contact Jens but missed him again :(

Rediscuss meeting time

  • rescheduled to Monday, 18:00
  • Google Hangout for the next meetings as skype has really poor quality


  • Release schedule announcement (Helmut will write a draft version on tuesday)
  • Let's write an article about code sprints and the dates (Helmut will write a draft version on tuesday)
  • The editorial team should proof-read longer articles before publishing (send article to Ben)
  • Articles should have images, otherwise they look boring

Minor releases regression / Releases on May 22nd (4.7.1, 4.5.16, Backports,...)

  • Lots of regressions in all stable versions, so we should release minor versions
  • Olly and Steffen talked about releasing new minor versions, we need to reach Ernesto / Xavier for the releases (4.7.1 scheduled for next week)
  • Steffen will talk to Olly again about releasing minors
  • We need to fix regressions especially in the LTS faster else we get angry customers :-(
  • We should be more careful with bugfixes for the LTS version (major performance issues, changing database fields, regressions introducing regressions, introducing regressions)
  • Rule should be to not let bug fixes or at least regression fixes in unless they are unit tested (so we can avoid having the same regression over and over again)
  • Helmut will write a mail to the public core list about this rule
  • Steffen will be available for releases next Tuesday (who is available will be available)
    • Helmut will talk to Olly about a more defined time frame
  • There is a screencast about the release process, we want to watch it

Notes / Related infos

"Gremlins" handling [Mail from Olly to Ben]

see (TYPO3 10th 4.7 Release Team Meeting - January 30th 2012)

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