3rd Release Team Meeting TYPO3 60

Date: 11/06/2012


  • Christian Kuhn
  • Helmut Hummel
  • Susanne Moog
  • Xavier Perseguers


Next release team meeting

  • keep the Monday
  • alternate between 09 AM and 6 PM weekly

Current Status and Todos

  • Helmut worked a lot! and managed to do communication stuff, too
  • Christian will concentrate on Reviews
  • Christian will write mail to Patrick / Felix about status of beuser
    module (see last mtg.)
  • Susi wrote Jens again, asking for a meeting during the next week
    + asked Sebastian Fischer about language handling extraction from em to
    own extension (created forge project for that)
  • Daniel Sattler (the jquery guy) wants to push a first version this
    week (and something with require js)
  • Let's help out with writing unit tests at least for and
  • Page module drag+drop: Will be delayed until jquery backend
    integration is done
  • Christian will write a mail to Felix about the current state of
    extbase things and if there are plans to hack on the projects in the
    next weeks
  • Xavier will try to find some time for reviews

Bootstrap Code Sprint

  • Olly, Susi, Christian, Helmut
  • will take place from Friday to Sunday this week in Hamburg
  • kickoff will be done friday morning

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