Minutes of the 4th meeting of the 6.0 release team

Date: 18/06/2012


Benjamin Mack
Oliver Hader
Xavier Perseguers
Ben van't Ende
Susanne Moog


  • First project with 6.0 with FAL and starts fixing problems he finds there --> fast reviews would be helpful
  • Will provide a list with these issues


  • We had an awesome and nice bootstrap code sprint
  • The TYPO3 initialization / entry points were beautified and simplified
  • There will be a separate article about the results
  • Benefit: Easier for developers - debugging, writing unit tests, performance testing, removing amount of different entry points
  • Iterative working mode for code sprints proved successful as it's easier to really get results in the core
  • "Serialization of closure is not defined" patch needs more reviews and reproducing


  • was the friendly ghost last week
  • wrote a 6.0 scheduler task to fetch the latest version of the translation pack
  • refactored some of the scripts of the translation server
  • pending core/dbal compatibility issue
  • will do more dbal 6.0 testing
  • will probably not be able to attend the next meeting (T3UNI-FR)


Compatibility and Testing:

  • We need more testing of 6.0 even in the early states
  • Without testing bugs won't be found and extensions won't get adapted

Zap the gremlins:

  • search for the most annoying issues
  • search twitter, facebook, mailing lists, stackoverflow, ... google
  • these issues need to be verified / reproducable --> screen cast, screen shots ...
  • find a communication / interaction platform

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