The official TYPO3 Government Package

The Government Package is a collection of best practices to enhance the level of web accessibility on the website. The contents are rendered in HTML5 based on the famous HTML5Boilerplate. Navigation and content elements are defined to be accessible for screen readers and keyboard navigation. HTML5 semantics are used to add more meaning and structure to the accordant elements. Since web accessibility guidelines are strict on contrast ratio and readability, an alternative view to use a different, contrast enhanced stylesheet, has been integrated to the Government Package as well.

In general this package makes use of the new HTML5 features, like the improved media element and the reworked frontend rendering.

More information about the Government Package can be found on the official demo website (German language only): http://government.v4.demo.typo3.org/

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Oliver Hader (ohader)


Christian Kuhn (lolli)
Ernesto Baschny (baschny)
Helmut Hummel (helhum)
Lars Zimmermann (lars2011)