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12:55 PMK News Twitter Bug #46801 (New): Empty Message if postField not changed
If neither the field configured to be posted nor title nor bodytext as fall backs, have been modified in the latest c...
10:56 PMK News Twitter Bug #46798 (New): UTF8 handling: German Umlauts
We use it in a UTF8 based installation and news containing some German umlauts such as the ΓΌ in:
10:54 PMK News Twitter Bug #46797 (New): Push real news only
tt_news allows to create real news (presented on a single news page with an own url) and external urls as well as int...
10:50 PMK News Twitter Bug #46796 (New): getNewsCategory() should respect tt_news order and singlePID setting
Only some of our news categories have singlePID defined. By convention, the first one in the list of assigned categor...


21:43 cooluri Bug #35799 (Resolved): CoolUri: Multidomain Handling for differening HTTP_HOST and SERVER_NAME
One of our typo3 installation manages multiple websites. We moved now to a 1und1 hosting packages and the system stop...

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