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16:15 Opendata Bug #31844 (Resolved): no LICENCE file
like #31840 it's a distribution.
All the code of tar.gz contains a reference to the license in the header of each ...
16:10 Opendata Bug #31840 (Resolved): full distribution of phpmyadmin in the tgz

the tar.gz on website provides a full package, to deploy quickly a full typo3 with opendata e...
16:01 Opendata Suggestion #31841 (Accepted): icsopendata.tar.gz in icsopendata.tar.gz
the second icsopendata.tar.gz contains the typo3 files, we can rename this package to clarify
15:53 Opendata Bug #31843 (Resolved): Symbolic links in archive point to non existing directories
instructions are on the readme file
4- Replace the typo3_src symlink with the TYPO3 4.4 sources, or with a ...
15:30 Opendata Suggestion #31845 (Resolved): Have code in version control repository
All our code is on forge
it's the code of all e...

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