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16:12 Picasaweb Integrator Bug #60872: Extension ist not working with Typo3 6.2
I'm sorry, there are no news! until the fall I'm involved into a bigger project; there is no chance. after that I sho...


22:02 Picasaweb Integrator Bug #60872 (Accepted): Extension ist not working with Typo3 6.2


16:57 Picasaweb Integrator Major Feature #49028 (On Hold): Breadcrumb integration
Feature will be implemented on next opportunity.


13:10 Picasaweb Integrator Major Feature #49028: Breadcrumb integration
Hey Alex,
thanks for your feedback. Do you have a example extension, which uses this feature? Maybee you can spend...
08:38 Picasaweb Integrator Bug #42073 (Closed): String could not be parsed as XML


21:22 Picasaweb Integrator Major Feature #35739 (Accepted): Album title above photo's
21:21 Picasaweb Integrator Major Feature #49028 (Needs Feedback): Breadcrumb integration
Hey Alex,
I'm not sure if I've understood you correctly! Do you mean links above the album, giving the possibility...
21:03 Picasaweb Integrator Bug #42073 (Needs Feedback): String could not be parsed as XML
Can't confirm the error. Sure, you are comply with all requirements? Which T3 version you are running?
20:49 Picasaweb Integrator Bug #40524 (Closed): German umlauts are displayed incorrectly by the extension
I'll write a requirement for TYPO3 versions < 4.7
In TYPO3 4.7 utf-8 is the only supported character set.


20:29 ke_questionnaire (RE-BAKE) Feature #39298: Hook for additional markers in questions
Hi Stefan,
I've tested, please change the following from:...

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