Jari-Hermann Ernst


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09:30 forge.typo3.org Bug #61220 (Resolved): Please delete complete project "jhe_dam_extender"
Could you please delete the complete project "jhe_dam_extender" including the svn repository?
What first should be...


11:21 Community Extensions Revision 84587: * main: changed the length of the order field to map the more complex way that is...
* pi1: changed function listView to correct the selection of affected files (no more duplicates, no more missing file...


10:23 Community Extensions Revision 84538: * main: general code refactoring
* pi1: debugging of missing css inclusion in dlButton view, included statements to check if a selected category is g...


14:56 Community Extensions Revision 81745: * changed the state of the extension to obsolete
14:56 Advent calendar Revision 81745: * changed the state of the extension to obsolete


11:11 Community Extensions Revision 79532: * general: added a text field to leave a short note which nature the current chan...


13:23 Community Extensions Revision 79104: *pi5: added new jquery lib listnav for the alphabetical selection of documents in...


10:42 Community Extensions Revision 79071: *general: deleted reminder text with mysql update statement for migration to live...
10:12 Community Extensions Revision 79070: *general: debugging of missing label for document type selector in tca


15:04 Community Extensions Revision 79053: *general: added pi5 for listing files by document type
*general: document type can be choosen for every file
*general: document types are flexibly editable

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