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19:10 TYPO3.Flow Bug #13559 (Accepted): ObjectSerializer failes with persistent objects within arrays
If a persistent object is contained in an array property, the serialization failes. It won't detect the object as per...


15:45 TYPO3.Flow Bug #13333 (Resolved): AOP for methods with references do not work.
Tried to log a method call to GenericPod\Backend->storeObject (fourth parameter is a reference to an array)...


14:20 DEV3 Major Feature #13226 (New): CodeAssist
Some hacks to support some Code Assist.
1. Support objectManager->create and objectManager->get
2. Support the fo...


11:00 DEV3 Major Feature #10608 (New): FLOW3 module development (FLOW3 module projects)
** FLOW3 Project
Currently DEV3 is focused on developing a whole web application. There is no clean support or gui...


09:50 TYPO3.Flow Feature #10524 (Closed): Support multiple package directories
Currently I have trouble developing several seperated modules. To test them each module must either be starting at th...


14:55 TYPO3.Flow Bug #10516 (Closed): F3\FLOW3\Package\Exception\UnknownPackageException thrown in file PackageManager.php
This problem only occurs once under windows vista. Seems that some component is misbehaving/misusing he windows direc...


14:12 Testing Bug #10467 (Resolved): CodeCoverage: should data/temporary be ignored?
Currently the testing web controller has a flag to enable code coverage.
However the code coverage is correctly limi...


12:44 TYPO3.Flow Feature #10427 (Resolved): Support inter-type properties for entites
AspectJ defines inter-type properties. Flow3 is not using the syntax right now.
*Reason why we need this feature:*...


07:59 TYPO3.Fluid Bug #5056 (Closed): F3\Fluid\Core\RuntimeException thrown in file TemplateVariableContainer.php
I tried to build some kind of tree by invoking a section/for recurse.
<f:section name="children">

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