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11:42 Facebook: Social Plugins Suggestion #51766 (Resolved): JavaScript on every page
Is fixed in next version
11:41 Facebook: Social Plugins Bug #41724 (Closed): Unable to add more then 1 language
plugin.tx_facebooksocialplugins_pi1.language must contain 1 language.
If you want to work with multiple languages ...
11:36 Facebook: Social Plugins Bug #36363 (Resolved): Javascript uncaught exception
Is fixed in next version
10:51 Facebook: Social Plugins Bug #59711 (Resolved): require_once class tslib_pibase with Typo3 6.2 LTS
Is fixed in next version
10:49 Facebook: Social Plugins Bug #48421 (Resolved): Replace deprecated GeneralUtility::readLLXMLfile() function (TYPO3 6.x compat)
Will be fixed in next version.


00:33 FE User Management Feature #49565 (Closed): Dutch translation
Implement Dutch translation in locallang.xml:
plugin.tx_datamintsfeuser_pi1 {

# Dutch translation


11:53 Facebook: Social Plugins Bug #34479 (Rejected): Facebook Login Button doesn't work :(
The extension only provides the plugins from Facebook.
It is not an extension to login to the frontent to TYPO3 with...


12:09 Facebook: Social Plugins Bug #36363 (Accepted): Javascript uncaught exception
Thanks for submitting!
The error is a bug in Firebug:


14:59 Facebook: Social Plugins Feature #29344 (Resolved): add fan box plugin
14:59 Facebook: Social Plugins 1.00 hour (Feature #29344 (Resolved): add fan box plugin)

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