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16:15 bib Feature #78400 (New): bib search should have more than 5 fields to choose from
it would be nice to have more than 5 fields to choose for the bib search field.
16:12 bib Bug #78399 (New): bibtex export not working
bibtex export as bibtec or xml files deliver only empty files with no data in it.
It worked on TYPO3 6.2 but not on ...
16:09 bib Bug #78398 (New): checkboxes show description and show keywords are not respected
the list plugin has checkboxes, whether to show the abstract or the keywords of a publication or not, but it is shown...
16:05 bib Bug #76648: Not all HTML templates are rewriteable
Hi Ingo,
that's a pity, because there are severeal issues waiting to be solved.
Is it a matter of time, ressources,...


11:07 File List Feature #5967: htaccess for directories
I tried your new extension version (good work:) and what I discovered was, that if a subdirectory inside the chosen f...
10:26 File List Feature #5967 (Closed): htaccess for directories
htaccess works for files only. It would be better, if it works for directories too.

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