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11:49 Board (public) discussion: RE: Financial Planning / Funding
We really need to make it a voluntary thing. I am thinking of it as a funding campaign. So it's about convincing peop...
11:35 Board (public) discussion: RE: Staff
We do not have a clear roadmap as we would like to include as many people as possible who are not working fulltime in...


11:09 Board (public) discussion: RE: Community
Hi Florian
*Does this mean the TYPO3 Association gets less democratic in general?*
No, not at all. The reduction ...


22:38 Board (public) Archive: Association Strategy : RE: scenarios
Thanks for sharing your questions, opionions and comments. I will take the opportunity to give some answers on certai...


21:36 Board (public) Archive: Election 2015: RE: Candidates for Board: Alain Veuve
Hi Ingo
see my answers as follows:
How do you see the products of the TYPO3 Association in 3 and in 5 years?


21:42 Board (public) Archive: Association Strategy : RE: Paid Extensions // Marketplace
I value all the input. I share some concerns. What really made me pro-marketplace was when I realized that several co...
21:23 Board (public) Archive: Association Strategy : RE: scenarios
Hi Ingmar
great to read you here!
The answer is simple: with giving an official statement as board or eab we wo...


13:44 Board (public) Archive: Association Strategy : RE: Decreasing Market Share
Alexander Schnitzler wrote:
> I am sorry but I really don't feel enlightened now.
> Alain Veuve wrote:
> >...
13:14 Board (public) Archive: Association Strategy : RE: scenarios
It would say that one needs to make a separation:
a) Fundemantal strategic changes like the ones suggested need a ...
11:27 Board (public) Archive: Association Strategy : RE: wooden membership
As with all organizations, we cannot do something against this systematically. It's already possible today. I do not ...

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