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16:22 TYPO3.Flow Bug #37571 (New): Inherited proxies fail when implementing __clone
This seems to be exclusive for PHP 5.4
Error thrown (in development mode):
Notice: Undefined property: [...]Class:...
10:10 TYPO3.Fluid Bug #33628: Multicheckboxes (multiselect) for Collections don’t work
Bastian Waidelich wrote:
> Could someone verify that solves this issue?


09:31 TYPO3.Flow Bug #35831: Deleting or unpublishing of a resource deletes all published symlinks (Web/_Resources/Persistent)
In other words: Unpublishing one resource unpublishes all resources.


20:26 TYPO3.Flow Bug #35831 (New): Deleting or unpublishing of a resource deletes all published symlinks (Web/_Resources/Persistent)


11:30 TYPO3.Fluid Bug #34682 (Under Review): Radio Button missing checked on validation error
The checked state of a radio button is not properly checked in the case of a validation error, this should be checked...


19:06 TYPO3.Flow Bug #34675 (Rejected): NotFoundView is not used for missing actions
When an action is missing instead of an exception the NotFoundView should be used.
18:47 TYPO3.Flow Feature #34674 (Accepted): NotFoundView is not injected in ActionController
Should be injected in the ActionController so a user can overwrite it and show its custom NotFoundView when an action...
15:48 TYPO3.Flow Bug #34672 (Resolved): Production context is not working
When running an application (that uses Collections) in Production context the following exception is thrown:...


15:12 TYPO3.Flow Bug #34134: PropertyMapper throws unnecessary exception
That solution still has a flaw, I can’t see all validation errors no more, because the object validation is missing n...


11:26 TYPO3.Flow Bug #34527 (Resolved): Add method in repositories does also update
The add method in repositores does also update existing entities, this is a dangerous security flaw, as it allows an ...

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