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23:34 TYPO3.Flow Task #11955: assess the current state of the I18n feature
* Issue #11035 - the framework should distinguish locales fully supported (languages for which all translation files ...


23:57 TYPO3.Flow Task #11035 (Closed): Divide supported locales into two categories
There should be two types of locales supported by I18n package. One collection of Locale object would represent a gro...
23:51 TYPO3.Flow Task #11034 (Resolved): Remove AbstractXmlModel and AbstractXmlParser from I18n package
The @AbstractXmlModel@ is a base class for XML models, but it's not very useful as it is only extended by @CldrModel@...


22:14 TYPO3.Flow Feature #10539 (Accepted): Add real inheritance and alias support for CLDR data


20:30 TYPO3.Flow Feature #10539 (Resolved): Add real inheritance and alias support for CLDR data
CLDR uses concept of "Locale inheritance":http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr35/#Locale_Inheritance and "aliases":http:...


20:55 TYPO3.Flow Feature #9313 (Accepted): Support for currencies
I will definately look at it.
20:54 TYPO3.Flow Task #10316 (Under Review): Check CldrModelCollection::getRawArray() for correct behaviour
Sure, I will check this and other changes from the review soon (I glimpsed on them but I have some doubts about the m...


16:12 TYPO3.Flow Revision 5e38a7b9: [~TASK] FLOW3 (I18n): Documentation chapter for I18n added.
Change-Id: I1e17cf97bcd3894beddba88be2948faf215d4b04


22:14 TYPO3.Flow Feature #7724 (Resolved): Implement Message Formatter subsystem
This issue is done, related issue opened #9313.
22:14 TYPO3.Flow Feature #9313 (New): Support for currencies
Currencies should probably be handled in a special way in FLOW3. Maybe there should be a @Currency@ class which would...

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