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14:35 Mask Bug #78157 (New): Translation Backend Preview Content Element
When I translate a mask element no custom backend preview is shown.. I have used a repeating section and a custom pre...


09:13 Mask Suggestion #66006: Backend User permissions labels
ok that is a good argument :). Then its better without label.
New question:
Then i can't define a permission for ...


08:25 Mask Suggestion #66006 (Resolved): Backend User permissions labels
There should be the labels of the fields & the keys, not only the field keys.


17:16 Mask Support #65394: FAL for each
We have tested it in 0.0.7.
If we use existing fal fields (image or media) then there is the error.
If we make a ...


15:17 Mask Suggestion #65399 (Resolved): Icons size in backend
Use the default icon size of 24x24px for the mask icons in new content element wizard.
15:11 Mask Bug #65398 (Resolved): tx_mask_select in list - new content element
see on files attachment.
14:58 Mask Bug #65395 (Resolved): Date / Time field deleted after saving
If i fill in the date / time field, after saving the values are deleted in the content element.
The "date only" fiel...
14:46 Mask Support #65394 (Resolved): FAL for each
If i setup a media or image file field with FAL i get the following error (with the code what is auto-generated by ma...
14:09 Mask Suggestion #65392 (Closed): Delete fluidtemplate & preview image if mask element deleted
If i delete the element i created, then the Template & preview image is still in the path which i configured in the e...

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