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08:39 DB Integration Task #87609: wfqbe for TYPO3 v9
Thank you, Ronald.


14:00 DB Integration Task #86162: Compatibility with T3v8 and Fluid
Just in case someone is interested: I have merged some improvements that have been proposed so far in order to make W...


14:06 Calendar Base Bug #80252: Call to undefined method TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\File\BasicFileUtility::init()
This bug should not have been closed yet, actually.
The same problem pops up due to similar calls in other files.


12:01 A-Z Keyword List Major Feature #86232 (New): Upgrade to T3v8 / Fluid Templates?
is there any plan to upgrade mw_keywordlist in order to make it fully compliant with Typo3 v. 8.x and Fluid...


09:47 DB Integration Task #86162 (New): Compatibility with T3v8 and Fluid
Is there any plan to make WFQBE compatible with Typo3 v.8.x and to the Fluid Template structure?
The latter might ...


12:02 Generic Gallery Bug #78454: Opening content element in backend produces error
I've had the same problem with v.2.1.0 on my site running Typo3 7.6 with PHP 5.5.
The current master branch seems ...


08:45 DB Integration Bug #84154 (New): Search form: additional attributes with quotes handled incorrectly
I have noticed a problem while creating a query for a search form.
As you may see in the attached snapshot snap1.p...


11:16 DB Integration Bug #83935 (New): CSV download link with vars
I spotted a small problem related to the CSV download link, which gets generated by wfqbe if required.
The link wa...


12:09 DB Integration Bug #83738 (New): Bug: including a calendar field in timestamp format in an edit form
I have a wfqbe insert/edit query which includes a calendar field like the one in the attached snap.png image. The jQu...


13:42 DB Integration Bug #82192 (Resolved): Something wrong in class.tx_wfqbe_results.php, maybe related to showBrowser
a page including a wfqbe search query that was working some weeks ago is not working now.
I can't remember ch...

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