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08:45 DB Integration Bug #84154 (New): Search form: additional attributes with quotes handled incorrectly
I have noticed a problem while creating a query for a search form.
As you may see in the attached snapshot snap1.p...


11:16 DB Integration Bug #83935 (New): CSV download link with vars
I spotted a small problem related to the CSV download link, which gets generated by wfqbe if required.
The link wa...


12:09 DB Integration Bug #83738 (New): Bug: including a calendar field in timestamp format in an edit form
I have a wfqbe insert/edit query which includes a calendar field like the one in the attached snap.png image. The jQu...


13:42 DB Integration Bug #82192 (Resolved): Something wrong in class.tx_wfqbe_results.php, maybe related to showBrowser
a page including a wfqbe search query that was working some weeks ago is not working now.
I can't remember ch...


14:15 DB Integration Bug #81227 (In Progress): ContentObjectRenderer->TEXT() deprecated
Dear Gianluca,
it looks like this issue pops up even with the new TER 7.6.0 release:...


11:50 DB Integration Bug #81227 (Resolved): ContentObjectRenderer->TEXT() deprecated
One more call which is deprecated since TYPO3 CMS 7 and will be removed with TYPO3 CMS 8:...


14:38 Calendar Base Feature #63071: Missing Multi-Day Events in AJAX Month View
I have applied the patches suggested by Gerrit Mohrmann (thanks!) to the current version of cal (1.11.1).
They still...


10:21 Calendar Base Feature #63071: Missing Multi-Day Events in AJAX Month View
I can confirm that this issue is still there in version 1.11.1.
I am aware that this does not come unexpected, thoug...


08:22 A-Z Keyword List Feature #80379: Italian translation
Hi Andreas,
unfortunately some characters have been lost when applying my patch to the TER release:...


09:21 A-Z Keyword List Feature #28281: Missing one level of wrapping for list
I have got the impression that I ran into a similar problem in the past. I solved it by patching the code, see the at...

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