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22:20 TYPO3.Neos Bug #55844 (Closed): Switch between Editor and Admin does not load any admin options
Moved to
15:18 TYPO3.Neos Bug #56042 (Closed): Case sensitive search
This task was moved to
14:58 TYPO3.Neos Bug #58267 (Closed): Rename nodename results in errors
I can't reproduce it with the actual master. So I think the Bug is solved. Otherwise please add it to ...


13:36 TYPO3.Neos Bug #55980: Buggy Structure Panel
Can't reproduce it on the actual master so it should be solved with the next release/ be cherry picked to 1.1 branch


10:06 TYPO3.Neos Bug #55980 (Accepted): Buggy Structure Panel


09:52 TYPO3.Neos Feature #44646 (Closed): Reloading the Pagetree
09:51 TYPO3.Neos Feature #44647 (Closed): Moving Contentelements into other Sections using the Inspecttree


15:53 Base Distribution Task #52795 (Accepted): Expand parents if current page is nested below initial max depth


20:49 Base Distribution Task #53106 (Resolved): Make the Expand Level of the tree configurable
The expand Level of the tree is hardcoded right now. It should be configurable by a Settings.yaml


22:51 TYPO3.Neos Revision 48fe28b7: [FEATURE] Sticky Menu button
This change introduces the sticky menu button into the
Neos menu allowing for keeping the menu open with just
the ico...

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