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10:28 Italian Committee Task #80808: Organize WebCoffee Meeting (online)
The WebCoffee Meeting could work.
We should think of the best frequency (every month?) and duratione (half an hour?...
10:10 Italian Committee Task #80935 (New): Decide if organize T3CON Italia 2017 event
I propose that the Italian Committee works to the next "T3CON Italia" event.
We could also do the T3CON IT togheter ...


09:23 Italian Committee Task #78208: Vote a Leader
In Italy we have many people active in the TYPO3 community since many years.
Nevertheless, sometimes we lacked in or...


15:16 Italian Committee Task #78208: Vote a Leader
The leader should be elected only by the members of this project.
In my opinion we should first try to have more m...
14:56 Italian Committee Suggestion #78302 (Resolved): Decide if Italian or English language will be used for this project
I thing that this project is mainly intended for Italian speacking people.
So i propose to use Italian language for ...


15:58 Board (public) Election 2016: RE: Candidates for EAB: Rino Razzi
Hi Ingo,
thanks for your question.
Before of candidate myself for the EAB I already knew that the position requ...


16:50 Board (public) Election 2016: RE: Candidates for EAB: Rino Razzi
Hi Olivier.
Thanks for your question.
I think that to understand the low contribution of the Italian TYPO3 develo...


16:23 CSS to inline converter Bug #39299 (New): Using css2inline html entities are converted in symbols when page is rendered
I'm using:
- Typo3 4.5.16
- Templavoila 1.7.0
- Direct Mail 2.6.10
- ods_plaintext 0.1.1
- css2inline 0.1...

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