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14:45 TYPO3.Flow Revision babbae57: [FEATURE] Reconnect the EntityManager automatically
If the persistence backend closes the connection in the background.
E.g. if the MySQL server is configured with a low...


09:35 TYPO3.Flow Bug #45401 (Closed): Make Zend Framework 2 packages out-of-the-box compatible with TYPO3 Flow
At the moment it's not possible to just use a composer dependency to get a ZF2 package running within Flow (Zend Mail...


15:16 TYPO3.Flow Bug #45249 (New): Update composer project-create command listing
The composer create-project command like described at
14:58 Bug #45248 (Accepted): Documentation Main Page at is broken (404)
What if you go to and want to get started by clicking "Documentation" in the main menu?
h1. 404!!!!...


16:57 TYPO3.Flow Bug #44278: High memory consumption of Debugger::renderObjectDump() prevents display of Exceptions
THIS IS A BIG TYPO3 FLOW *SHOWSTOPPER FOR BEGINNERS* (not me) ;) We should lower the recursion loops from 12 to 3-6!!!


12:44 TYPO3.Flow Feature #29907: Redirect to /login instead of raising a "Entity not found." exception if the userdata of an active session has been deleted
This is still a problem. If you are developing doctrine models and working with fixtures, you'll often have to reset ...


19:25 Server Team Bug #44254 (Closed): Package-Repository is outdated
It seems that the composer package repository at
15:23 TYPO3.Fluid Bug #44250 (Resolved): Broken paginator widget - explicit definition of action-argument is required
Some changes in TYPO3.Flow and the UriBuilder require to explicitly define an action when building an Uri. The pagina...


17:26 TYPO3.Flow Bug #44244 (New): defaultOrderings aren't applied on related objects
I tried to load objects and their related subobjects and put them out within a fluid template. Unfortunately the subo...


06:55 TYPO3.Flow Bug #42801: New FlowSession session class is broken
@Karsten: Did you activate FlowSession handling in your Caches.yaml like described here?

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