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10:54 The project Bug #56079: Open Graph Meta Tags don't seem to be respected on facebook
Replace with attached


13:23 Core Bug #57805 (Accepted): SQL-ERROR: Specified key was too long
In the upgrade process from 6.0 to 6.2 I get this error...


11:34 Core Task #57140 (New): Instruction for distribution install
On the distribution packages page create some text what actually happens when a distribution is installed. Especially...
11:31 Core Task #57139 (Resolved): Styling for the distribution packages page
On the page for installable distributions there is no clear separation between the packages. Please create a visible ...


17:40 TYPO3 6.2 Projects (+) Wiki edit: Wiki (#36)
17:39 TYPO3 6.2 Projects (+) Wiki edit: Wiki (#35)
17:38 TYPO3 6.2 Projects (+) Wiki edit: Wiki (#34)


14:19 The project Bug #56044 (Closed): news page This Week in TYPO3
By popular demand I have created a 'This Week in TYPO3' category and a page (id=763) that should show the news from t...


12:45 The project Bug #53554 (Closed): contact form gets spammed
the contact form does not have spam protection. some 10 mails a day come in as spam
12:44 The project Bug #46633 (Closed): Donation form gets spammed

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