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13:05 Core Bug #23364: TCEFORM.tt_content.media.config.maxitems doesn't work correctly
Hi, the problem does still exists in 4.5.30


11:21 Core Bug #23255: Menu 'special.updated' with beginAtLevel = 1 works not as expected
Hi, the Problem is in 4.5.30 still present. I've at the moment no possiblity to check this in 6.1.
Btw. "beginAtLe...


10:23 WEC Map Feature #51222: Overlapping markers
Sorry for my late response ... Now it works like a charm!
Thanks for this


16:49 WEC Map Feature #51222: Overlapping markers
I would like to test your map object reference but got an exception after installing the latest trunk version (see sc...


11:02 WEC Map Feature #51222: Overlapping markers
Hi Jan, is there an advantage to use the addMarkerHook instead of the markerHook for the geo coordinates manipulation?


12:33 WEC Map Feature #51222: Overlapping markers
@Jan: I've used successfully the markerHook to manipulate the $params['markerObj']->latitude / $params['markerObj']->...


09:16 WEC Map Feature #51222: Overlapping markers
Hello Jan, thanks for your incredible fast work. The enable option is a good idea.


10:56 WEC Map Feature #51222: Overlapping markers
Should be a question: It's possible to integrate this Javascript in wec_map or is there an other way to solve this pr...
10:01 WEC Map Feature #51222 (Resolved): Overlapping markers
Problem with mutliple adresses on the same location are the overlapping markers. So only the marker with the highest ...


17:32 Calendar Base Bug #49069 (Closed): Syntax error in documentation part "15.15. TypoScript Reference: setup"
Property dontListenToFlex-form- must changed to dontListenToFlex+Form+!

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