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13:20 wt_spamshield Feature #57645 (New): Compatibility with TYPO3 CMS 6.2
Make wt_spamshield compatible with TYPO3 CMS 6.2.


00:19 wt_spamshield Suggestion #53618 (Resolved): Documentation on honeypot.inputname is misleading
The problem is documented now.


23:31 wt_spamshield Suggestion #57523 (Resolved): Remove fields from global settings in extension manager
When installing wt_spamshield one can configure a dozen fields. We should remove some of these fields since they are ...
20:43 wt_spamshield Feature #57516 (New): Akismet check for default mailform (tx_form)
Please check if it's possible to have an Akismet for tx_form.
20:39 wt_spamshield Feature #57513 (New): Include checks for formhandler
Many people ask us to integrate wt_spamshield with formhandler. Let's check if this is possible and which checks can ...
20:35 wt_spamshield Feature #57512 (Resolved): Include checks for pbsurvey
Let's add a validation for pbsurvey. The following checks should be possible:
* link check
* honeypot check
* se...
20:32 wt_spamshield Feature #5131 (New): Errors in ve_guestbook
Let's check this again and see if we can fix this ticket.
20:30 wt_spamshield Feature #5974 (Rejected): Back-Link after Powermail-Form
This is obsolete since there's powermail 2.x including a totally different validation method.
20:29 wt_spamshield Feature #9702 (New): String Blacklist
20:26 wt_spamshield Feature #11079 (On Hold): Save Akismet-rejected comment as hidden comment

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