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00:30 Core Bug #21924 (Resolved): suggest wizard does not work properly with TCA fields of type "select"
Applied in changeset commit:b427ae1086a6041a69ba2466c4860c4c70a70d17.


23:42 Core Revision b427ae10: [BUGFIX] Get suggest wizard working with renderMode=checkbox
In case a select field with renderMode "checkbox" is used together with
the suggest wizard, clicking the suggestions ...


00:57 Core Bug #33956 (Closed): FAL is not yet compatible with the tceform placeholder feature


09:30 Core Bug #31295 (Resolved): t3lib_beFunc::thumbCode doesn't respect "file_refernce" types
Applied in changeset commit:3693037c741cd191f0232170c958dcd2d477b95a.
08:57 Core Revision 3693037c: [BUGFIX] Handle file_references properly in t3lib_befunc::thumbCode
Group fields with internal_type "file_reference" reference the files
directly. The filepaths don't need any additiona...


13:15 purge Bug #44232 (Accepted): Real URL bug while detecting language
13:07 purge Bug #42819 (Needs Feedback): Require_once of interface backend_cacheActionsHook
Looks more like an issue with the Core autoloader. Can you please elaborate a bit more?


08:02 TemplaVoila Bug #48174 (Under Review): width of textarea
07:56 TemplaVoila Bug #44807 (Under Review): tv_createSortable: javascript error in dragdrop.js
07:54 TemplaVoila Bug #46912 (Closed): Creating a new page not possible when not using TV page module (no permissio...
Please read the manual - that's a TSConfig setting which you should use in such situations.

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