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20:36 External Import Task #58038 (New): Release version 2.3.0
20:32 External Import Bug #56820: Servertimeout when doing an import of 700 records
Hi Sebastian,
I think I totally missed this bug report, sorry.
It's true that it could be a good feature, but i...
19:52 External Import Bug #58020: Compatibility with TYPO3 CMS 6.2
The styling of the configuration display must be adapted. Similar adaptation was already done for the svconnector tes...
14:51 External Import Bug #58020 (Accepted): Compatibility with TYPO3 CMS 6.2
Yes, I already saw this but did not have time to tackle it until now. I think it's because one JS resource from the C...


21:13 Core Bug #51069: Updating extension changes load order
I'm sorry but priority is not the same as dependencies.
My use case is the following: I generally store all my cus...
19:33 Connector Services - XML/RSS Feed Bug #57531 (Resolved): Avoid double-encoding when converting to PHP array
Applied in changeset commit:ac0edecab2ab620216c55746218470d6a949ff02.
19:16 Connector Services - XML/RSS Feed Revision ac0edeca: [BUGFIX] Avoid double-encoding when converting to array
The original fix was not the right one. The double encoding is due
to SimpleXML already handling the encoding. The pr...


08:59 Official Doc Extension Template Task #57973 (Resolved): Update README.rst
Applied in changeset commit:75a9f657c49d9af193b146fd8742e19ee66e11f1.
08:09 Documentation Wiki edit: TeamMeetings (#94)
07:57 Official Doc Extension Template Revision 75a9f657: [TASK] Improve README file
The content of the README file can be improved.
Furthermore it needs to be adapted to the recent changes
in the manua...

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