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17:02 Core Bug #57907 (Closed): Install Tool: Wrong link to system requirements
The »Welcome« page in the Install Tool has a broken link to system requirements.
Current link in Install Tool: htt...


21:27 TypoScript Reference (TSref) Task #55971: Link to the description of "case" properties
Ah, Thank you!


11:47 Core Feature #51990: Allow overriding pageNotFound_handling by TypoScript
This is a good idea, because it would clearly simplify the way for integrators to set up error pages for different do...


18:47 TypoScript Reference (TSref) Task #55971 (Resolved): Link to the description of "case" properties
The datatype of the case-property says „case“ only: http://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/TyposcriptReference/Functions/Stdw...
18:13 Formhandler Bug #53638: DifferentDB Finisher
Nice! Just a quick note for people stumbling upon this ticket in a google search: the used adodb-execute-method does ...


17:08 Core APIs Feature #54846 (Resolved): Add link to reST introduction in documentation guide
Xavier Perseguers wrote a nice, comprehensible introduction to reST:


15:41 Core Task #39347: Remove page hit statistics
Clemens Riccabona wrote:
> please make a system extension which re-enables writing log-files in well documented and w...


10:06 Formhandler Feature #34316: Create Scheduler Tasks to clear log data
Hey Reinhard,
please reopen this ticket. TYPO3 offers a table garbage collection task by default since 4.6. To add t...


16:20 Direct Mail Bug #52077: CSV-Import
I encountered the same problem, see bugtrace attached (admin user, TYPO3 6.0.10, one default storage, error occurs wh...


15:59 Formhandler Bug #52628: Alternative condition-Feature in Finisher_DB
Ahh, of course. I totally forgot that »disable« does support cObj. Working as desired. Thank you once again Reinhard....

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