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10:01 Core Bug #53632 (Resolved): Install Tool: Show titles of failed image tests
"Test image formats" tries to convert different media types to JPG. If one of these conversions fails, you will get a...


15:34 Documentation Feature #51954 (Closed): Add documentation for the Categorization API.
In TYPO3 6.0 a generic Categorization API was introduced which is missing official documentation. This is what we hav...


16:39 Core Bug #51921 (Resolved): Only 1 category field per table possible
Since the CategoryRegistry was refactored between 6.0 and 6.1 it's not possible anymore to have more than one categor...


10:30 Documentation Feature #49807 (New): Access extConf in displayCond
Write documentation for as soon as there is a patch.
10:14 Core Feature #49805 (New): Access extConf in displayCond
The displayCond directive allows to disable/enable a tceform field or flexform field based on various conditions.


17:30 Core Feature #46124 (Resolved): IRRE: Provide default values for created records
Applied in changeset commit:7340fb2bfdcd55c5bcdef6aa099950521c04c3d0.
17:14 Core Revision 7340fb2b: [FEATURE] IRRE: Provide default values for created records
This change introduces a new TCA option to configure 'inline' fields:
'foreign_record_defaults' gives you the possibi...


12:49 Media Management Feature #48872 (Resolved): Remember the user's media module view configuration
Using the vidi powered media module the user can configure the number of records and what columns he/she wants to see...
11:56 Media Management Bug #48869 (Resolved): Image usage is not registered when used in RTE
I have an Image asset and I use it in 2 Content Elements. First I created a text w image element and attached it as i...


23:05 TYPO3.Fluid Bug #47363 (Under Review): Error Classes are only set for form fields in object context
Fluid won't set error classes for form fields when they are not in object context ("property" attribute is not set).

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