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08:34 Expert Advisory Board (public) Task #56168: Advertise the "event risk coverage" budget on the website
Who could I contact to do that?


21:25 Expert Advisory Board (public) Task #53954 (Under Review): Communication about event risk budget
Text is written and sent to a native english speaker and translation specialist for proofreading.


17:23 Budget 2014 Wiki edit: Wiki (#24)
13:44 Budget 2014 Wiki edit: Wiki (#23)
13:42 Budget 2014 Discussion: RE: Security Team
There was a calculation error within the spreadsheet.
Attached the files with the correct numbers.


16:07 Extbase MVC Framework Feature #9818: Write sys_log and sys_history on update, delete and insert
Not for 6.x


20:43 Content Staging Ext:contentstage - new world of edit, review, publish!
Users can finally edit and test on a separate system and publish specific changes on the live system. This includes p...


11:08 Core Feature #19992 (New): Check for Extension Updates: Update Information should be written to sys_log
This is still a needed request. It's still not solved.
09:35 Core Bug #19086: extension manager crashes without warning/error if a em_conf.php has parser error (fu...
It's still an issue in all versions, that everything crashes if there is a parser error in a ext_emconf.php


09:57 Simulate BE user on FE login Bug #51191: Does nothing with typo3 6.1?
We wont test or port it to 6.1 our selves. We'll get it ready for 6.2 in January 2014, but not earlier.
If you'd l...

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