Bug #28184

Unable to create database if entity contains member "read"

Added by Michael Klapper over 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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 * @scope prototype
 * @entity
class MyModel {

     * @var boolean
    protected $read = false;    

Error message

$ ./flow3 typo3.flow3:doctrine:create

Uncaught Exception in FLOW3 #42000: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'read TINYINT(1) DEFAULT NULL, author VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT NULL, datetime DATETIM' at line 1
thrown in file Packages/Framework/Doctrine/Classes/DBAL/Connection.php
in line 618

#0 TYPO3\FLOW3\Error\DebugExceptionHandler::echoExceptionCli()

#1 TYPO3\FLOW3\Error\AbstractExceptionHandler::handleException()

When i rename the member from "$read;" into "$wasRead" every thing works as expected.


Updated by Alexander Berl almost 10 years ago

The error is in the SQL CREATE/ALTER query, where the column names should get quoted with ` or prefixed with the table identifier to prevent them from matching to keywords (like READ).

See http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/reserved-words.html

The bug is within Doctrine but I could not find a matching issue in the issue tracker (http://www.doctrine-project.org/jira/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?) with a quick search.


Updated by Karsten Dambekalns almost 10 years ago

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The solution that is also recommended by the Doctrine people is to not use reserved words. You can specify another column name for a field using


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