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  • Community Extensions

    Community extensions

    Here, you find many extensions which are developed by the community.

    Nowadays, we encourage everybody to on of the available platforms out there, like GitHub or BitBucket.

    • BMI Calculator

      The body mass index (BMI) or Quetelet index is a value derived from the mass (weight) and height of an individual.

    • Bootstrap Integration for FSC

      We take the best of both worlds to render content using Fluid Styled Content and Twitter Bootstrap. Use this in combination with amazing less to easily style your website.

    • Capshop3

      Capshop3 is a simple shop extension, easy to use with the TYPO3 infrastructure and fully configurable via TypoScript.

    • Clear Processed Images

      The extension adds a link to the clear cache menu (flush caches) for editors and admins, to delete the processed images and clear the frontend cache afterwards.

    • CoolURI Page URLs BE Module

      Extend CoolURI backend module by a list of URLs to the selected page

    • CyberPeace

      CyberPeace allows to block IPs listed in the live-database using .htaccess.
      You can redirect or block IPs found in EXT:toctoc_comments IP block lists.
      You can block unwanted crawlers, spiders or bots and bad IPs found in the TYPO3-syslog as well....

    • DataViewer Extension

      DataViewer is an extension to create different type of records without having to develop new extensions. No knowledge of TCA is required, only fluid templating is necessary.

      This extension renders TCA information with pre-configured fields. All this is quickly configured easy and intuitive by creating fields and assign them to a datatype. It supports all types of fields (INLINE, TEXT, INPUT, RTE ...) to create the backend form for your data, that you need. ...

    • DRC News Comment

      This extension allows user to post comment on particular news, rate the comments, reply to the comments, searching comments and sorting of comments. There are various typoscript settings available to manage the extension.There is also one user friendly backend module is available to manage comments. This extension is compatible only with News system Extension....

    • DynCSS compass

      Package to compile scss-files using composer-library.

    • Extbase Validation with TypoScript

      The PxValidation extension enables the possibility to define different validation configuration in
      your TypoScript for each Extbase-Controller-Action without touching the affected extension itself. This makes it easy to change the default validation behaviour of vendor extensions without changing their code. But the greatest benefit is that it opens the option to declare multiple variants of validation rules within one page tree....

    • Extension Integrity Check

      Monitors the changes of your TYPO3 CMS extension files

      You can find the repository and its issue tracker at GitHub

    • Feed Importer

      Extension to import news from feeds (e.g. RSS2, Atom, etc). Fast and simple configuration which is quite similar to configuration rss2_import

    • Feed Reader

      Extension to fetch items from multiple feeds (RSS2 and Atom) and show them on the website

    • Fluid: Website Template

      A smart foundation to start with your website. Supports all Bootstrap Elements. Make your TYPO3 Responsive using SCSS, Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate and jQuery.

    • FSC Layout Wrap

      Add layout class to the outermost tag of every content element.

    • FSC Responsive Media

      Render FSC Text Media CE in a responsive way.

    • gForum

      A simple forum for Typo3 6.2.xx - 7.6.xx.

    • GS Favicon for Bootstrap Package

      GS Favicon allows you to use favicons generated at with the Bootstrap Package. The package will alter the setup field for you and with the constant editor in the template you are able to define the favicons path as well as the "msapplication-TileColor" and "theme-color" tags. Make sure you include the extension to your template after the Bootstrap Package....

    • Guest Book

      Simple and smart Guestbook with name, email, phone, www, title, message. Everything will be manage through typoscript.

    • hubic

      This extension lets you connect as many hubiC account as you want with TYPO3. You can manage the accounts in a TYPO3 backend module.

    • IwImmo

      IwImmo bietet die Möglichkeit, den Immobilienobjektbestand von Immoweltvertragskunden individuell auf deren TYPO3-Webpräsenz darzustellen. (Suchformulare, Objektlisten, Merkerlisten, Detailseiten mit Anfrageformulare)

    • Minifier for TYPO3

      Extends TYPO3's compressor for JS and CSS with minifier. This may save you up to 60% of default compressed file size. Full composer support.

    • mnoGoSearch Full-Text Search

      Integration of full-text search engine "mnoGoSearch" in TYPO3 using Extbase and Fluid

    • Ajax Map

      Ajax Map is an extension for the TYPO3 CMS. It allows to show a map with locations. Display can be filtered interactivly by type, region and categories. Categories are shown and selected in a tree view. The map view is highly configurable. Regions are defined by KML files. They are displayed as map overlays an can be switched on/off in frontend....

    • +AOE Linkhandler Configurator

      Extend the AOE link handler with this configurator! Configure the AOE linkhandler supported by userinterfaces. Don't edit page TSconfig any longer.

    • AOE IPauth

      Authenticate fronted users, based on their IP address

    • Appointment Scheduler

      Appointment scheduler allows FE users to schedule / list / manage appointments in an admin-created agenda/calendar. Agenda's are created in BE, including user-defined appointment types, configurable email notifications and calendar requests.

      Each appointment type can be configured flexibly through a great number of time- and day-based condition-settings, custom form fields with or without validation, and more....

    • ARM Google Map

      jQuery based Google map for TYPO3 6.x and above. Uses Google Map API v3 and do not require API Key for usage. Dynamically determines position on map based on address, option to set width, height, zoom of map canvas. Option to create multiple maps on same page via the container id settings...

    • Asdis

      Asset Distribution.

      This Repository is outdated.
      We moved to

    • Auto Group

      Allows you to assign or remove usergroups automatically to or from feusers, when your conditions are met.

      This allows for automatically assigning or removing (access)rights from feusers by usergroups. A typical use for this would be for unlocking a site's protected (by usergroup) pages/functionality gradually or by input of a code, like in a game-, point- or time-based system....

    • Auto grouping sitemap and menu
      What does it do?
      • autositemap groups the first four menus in first four div tags and all other menus in a fivth div tag.
      • Menus in the first four columns has a depth of three levels by default.
      • Menus in the fifth column has a depth of two levels by default....
    • Backend user roles

      Use backend user groups as switchable roles

      You can find the repository and its issue tracker at GitHub

    • Badges for FE users

      Assign badges to frontend users. Listing of FE users, filtering by badges and A to Z list. Used on for Certified Integrators.

    • Batch Mailer

      Mail transport that catches all outgoing mails and sends them later via a Scheduler task.

    • BeNews


      Shows information in the backend

      Sponsor the project


    • betatext text commenting

      betatext is a participation tool, originally designed for the green parliamentary group in the German federal Parliament. It allows to comment text on spot and to agree or disagree with existing comments. Its purpose is to add some "wisdom of the crowd" to not yet final ideas or concepts and to give feedback on the further process. ...

    • bgm hreflang

      An extension to add hreflang meta tags.

      Page translations are added automatically as hreflang tags.
      Editors can configure other pages in the page properties which should be added as hreflang tags.


    • bib

      Bibliography Management - Fork from tx_sevenpack

    • BMI Calculator

      BMI Calculator, with backend statistics.

    • bxSlider

      bxSlider ★ TYPO3 Slider Plugin with various settings ★ Responsive jQuery Content Slider

    • cal base location grid view

      List-based view for calendar base (cal): Show a grid by event dates and locations. It is intended especially for use in calendars that have a larger number of events per day, distributed over multiple different locations.

    • Calendar Base +Browser

      TypoScript templates for calendar base and browser - TYPO3 without PHP

    • Calendarize

      Smart and flexible Calendar for every ExtBase Model :)


    • Camaliga

      A powerful and modern extbase carousel/gallery/map/list extension that can use the TYPO3 categories. You can use different jQuery-plugins.

    • Catalogue Raisonné

      TYPO3 Extension for a catalogue raisonné of works of a composer.

    • Clean /typo3temp directory

      Delete all files and folders in /typo3temp and clears the TYPO3-Cache. Simple install and add to the scheduler.

    • CMIS

      Content Management Interoperability Services

      Quoting Wikipedia:

      "Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) is an open standard that allows different content management systems to inter-operate over the Internet.[1] Specifically, CMIS defines an abstraction layer for controlling diverse document management systems and repositories using web protocols. CMIS defines a domain model plus Web Services and Restful AtomPub (RFC5023) bindings that can be used by applications. OASIS, a web standards consortium, approved CMIS as an OASIS Specification on May 1, 2010.[2] CMIS 1.1 began its public review draft state (as of Sept 2012) at OASIS.[3]...

    • Configure Website

      Website configuration for be users; Contains a Constant editor

    • Contacts

      This extension can handle contact data and relations. It adds tables for contacts, companies and each of them can have multiple addresses.

      It have some frontend plugins for List, Show and Teaser contacts and companies. It allows you, do add geo information to addresses and display them on different maps....

    • Content Designer

      Quick and easy create new Content Elements, page properties, or just disable Drag and Drop of Elements. Just with TypoScript or Flexforms. Useful examples, like google maps, youtube, etc already included.

    • Create Page Tree Wizard

      Wizard that will create a page tree for you. Feed it with a space indented tree structure of the desired pages and the pages will be created for you.

    • Crowd

      TYPO3 Crowd Extension to allow sync of FE users with Atlassian Crowd and FE login by Crowd Auth.

    • Crowd Auth

      TYPO3 FE login auth service to be used with TYPO3 Crowd Extension to allow login of FE users through Atlassian Crowd Account.

    • Custom login skin

      Change the backend login screen with an own style

    • DAT User Management by SOAP

      Interface for authenticate, login and administer frontend users by the DAT SOAP server. It is a base for developing fe_user authentication by other SOAP servers.

    • Database Sequencer

      With this extension you can ensure different unique keys for the configured tables (e.g.: pages, tt_content)

    • Golb - Blog The Page Way

      Collection of simple plugins to create blogs based on your page tree.

    • HipChat

      The »Atlassian HipChat Notification & API Services« provides an API to the HipChat Rest-Webservices (v1). It should replace the login emails sent by the TYPO3 Install-Tool, the TYPO3 Backend on logins or the cumulated login error notifications. The public API could be also used to provide HipChat notifications in your own extension....

    • HybridAuth

      HybridAuth is an extension to authenticate frontend users against a social provider (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn) mostly via OAuth.
      It uses HybridAuth ( as an abstract api to social apis and identities providers such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Google....

    • JCC Appointment Module

      Extension provides a Appointment module based on the JCC Software API

    • Job Fair

      A simple job market based on Extbase and Fluid

    • K23 Image Crop

      Simply crop Images in File Module. Admin can set multiple presets with preview overlay and resizing for cropping. Overlay can be merged to the cropped image.

    • Liga64

      Get Tables from

    • Linkvalidator for TemplaVoila!

      This extensions provides the ability to use the TYPO3 linkvalidator with TemplaVoila! content elements.

    • Login limit

      This extension allows to protect backend and/or frontend login against brute-force attacks.
      If a configured number of failed login attempts with one and the same IP and/or username is reached, further logins are prohibited for this IP and/or username.


    • Magnific Popup - Hook Examples

      This extension provides some working examples for hooks in EXT:jh_magnificpopup. Please see documentatio,n documentation of EXT:jh_magnificpopup (Chapter Development) and have a look at the commented code of this extension.

    • Mail encryption for TYPO3 form handlers

      This extension gives you the basic possibility to send PGP encrypted mail messages with your favorite form handler using either PEAR Crypt_PG or PECL GnuPG encryption library.
      Current version supports TYPO3 Form, formhandler and powermail.

    • Mask

      Mask is an Extension for creating and managing pagefields and contentelements. Content is always stored in Databasetables, not in Flexforms.

      Read our news on Facebook:
      Download our code on Github or report issues there:

    • MB Image Gallery

      Shows simply less images out of folders in a gallery with lightbox sk_fancybox

    • Memcached Diagnosis

      Displays some statistics in the BE about the memcached-servers being used in the caching-framework.

    • MetaSEO - TYPO3 SEO Enhancements

      TYPO3 MetaSEO Extension


      - Indexed Google-Sitemap (TXT- and XML-Sitemap) for all Extensions (pibase, extbase)
      - Metatags
      - Canonical-URL (automatically)
      - Pagetitle manipulations...

    • MK A/B Testing

      This extensions offers a plugin to perform A/B testing of content elements.
      You can configure a pool of content elements to be shown and how many content elements should be shown at a time. The elements are evenly shown. A user gets the same elements shown every time he visits the page again till the configured expire time is met. ...

    • MK DAM2FAL

      This extension migrates your Dam-data into FAL. MKDAM2FAL is a fork of the we_dam2fal Extension with additional features.

      on github:

      CAUTION! Please add new issues on github and not longer here.

    • MK Forms

      Die Extension MKFORMS ermöglicht es relativ einfach HTML-Formulare für das Frontend zu erstellen. Das komplette Formular wird dabei in einer XML-Datei beschrieben.

      on github:

      CAUTION! Please add new issues on github and not longer here....

    • MK Lib

      This is a library of classes, functions and features, that are useful. It is mainly
      used by other extensions like mktools or mkabtesting.

      If you develop with the rn_base extension, this library will offer useful enhancements.

      Feel free to use it, too....

    • MK Log

      Keep track of developer logs. Provides automatic email notify about important errors.

      on github:

      CAUTION! Please add new issues on github and not longer here.

    • MK Mailer

      In einer Plattform müssen häufig E-Mails an verschiedene Nutzer geschickt werden.
      Bei kleineren Portalen ist das kein Problem. Wenn jedoch in kurzer Zeit sehr
      viele Mails verschickt werden, kommen die Server schnell an ihre Grenze.
      Aus diesem Grund werden z.b. die Newsletter von direct_mail häppchenweise in...


      Currently the PHPIDS detects all sorts of XSS, SQL Injection, header injection, directory traversal, RFE/LFI, DoS and LDAP attacks. Through special conversion algorithms the PHPIDS is even able to detect heavily obfuscated attacks.

      on github:

    • MK Sanitizedparameters

      Sanitize $_REQUEST, $_POST and $_GET before the processing of TYPO3 in backend or frontend starts. Take a look into the documentation how to add your own rules or see which one exist.

      on github:

    • MK Tools

      MK Tools ist eine Bibliothek von Funktionalitäten, welche universell einsetzbar sind.

      Einzelne Funktionalitäten müssen über den Extension-Manager aktiviert werden.

      Folgende Features zählen u.a. dazu:

      • Content Replacer, mit welchem einfach CDNs für Bilder in typo3temp etc. genutzt werden können...
    • MOOX Bootstrap Responsive

      MOOX Bootstrap Responsive (moox_core)

      MOOX Bootstrap Responsive is the Core-Extension for MOOX. MOOX is a set of Extensions for the TYPO3 CMS. While this TYPO3 Extension provides Responsive Page-Layouts and Content Elements using Bootstrap, it also can be easily extended by other MOOX-Extensions like News & Blog, jQuery Effects and more....

    • MOOX Mailer

      moox_mailer is a robust framework for sending any mailable TYPO3-content with 3 steps as newsletter or alternatively automate the complete process of sending mails. In short: a easy-to-use newsletter tool but also an mail-framework for intranet applications, as moox_mailer knows interest profiles as well as fe_user access rights. moox_mailer comes with moox_address and moox_feuser. See

    • MOOX News & Blog System

      MOOX News & Blog is a fork of Ext:news from Georg Ringer (thanks a lot for this great work!). We forked, because we wanted Bootstrap-optimized Output (yes, you need moox_core to run moox_news) and we improved the backend.

    • NetBrothers Downloader

      NetBrothers Downloader provides a frontend plugin for managing download with categories and counter.

      You will collect your downloadables file in a storage and allocate categories to every file.

      You can either show a single file or a list of all files allocated to one category....

    • NN Address

      Alternative to tt_address based extbase/fluid. For one contact you can add multiple addresses, mails, numbers and can extend fields with Flexform.

      First alpha version for TYPO3 8 LTS:

    • Ecomments

      Ecomments allows website users to leave comments on pages or single articles.

    • Event Calender

      This extension is used to display events in a specified area with the help of Google map. The extension allows to enter the events from the back-end and front end. Also detailed view of each event is possible using this extension. The events can be categorized into regions based on there geographical location. The plug-in provides option to filter events based on region in the map....

    • FAL AWS CF Support

      AWS CloudFront support for the FAL

    • FAL AWS S3 Driver

      A FAL driver for AWS Simple Storage Service support in TYPO3 using the AWS PHP SDK 2

    • FAL Dropbox Driver

      Dropbox driver for the File Abstraction Layer

    • FAL Rackspace Cloud Files

      Rackspace Cloud Files Driver support for the TYPO3 File Abstraction Layer (FAL)

    • Feature Flags for TYPO3

      Feature Flags for TYPO3 extensions and content elements

      Repository moved to Github:

    • FeManager - TYPO3 Frontend User Registration

      TYPO3 Extension femanager to register and manage fe_users
      This extension is an alternative solution to sr_feuser_register and all similar extension.
      In addition femanager brings a lot of features to your CMS.

      What's the status for TYPO3 8?
      There is a "develop" branch on github where you can find some refactorings....

    • Formhandler Backend

      Formhandler is a very flexibel form handling tool. Due to it's flexibility, it is hard to integrate a backend GUI. Instead of a GUI, the "formhandler backend" provides a mechanism to build file and typoscript templates from scratch.

      This makes it possible to quickly generate the base of a working form, which thereafter can be configured in detail. Or, it will be possible to let a user edit parts of a predefined form without requesting programming knowledge....

    • Frontend Media

      Media Frontend allows logged in visitors of the website to manage files through the frontend. They can be added, removed, altered and shared with other users. A plugin allows to show individual files or file collections.

      Frontend Media is in early alpha status and not recommended for usage in productive systems! Any feedback or contribution is welcome....

    • Frontend User Profile & Registration

      Frontend user register, login & profile editing

    • Fluid-Template-Manager (FTM)

      The Fluid Template Manager (short FTM) is a TYPO3-Backendmodul, which allows you to create quick and easily TYPO3 Fluid based Templates. The main target is to create always a well formed and standardized Template/Theme structure, that allows a better maintainability and export/import of subparts....

    • Galleria Plugin for TYPO3

      This plugin adds jQuery Galleria ( plugin for TYPO3 6.x. The previous dmf_galleria got rewritten with the flux flexform provider as required dependency. The main features got overworked and now you can add:
      - Images
      - Folders (recursive)...

    • geckoboard

      Extension to provide statistical data as push notifications for geckoboard

    • Happy Feet Footnotes

      Repository moved to Github:

      Please report any issues using GitHub.

    • HTTP 301 Redirect For Dummies

      A "service" that handles the HTTP response status code 301 Moved Permanently, used for permanent redirection, based on actual page with the purpose of avoiding duplicate content (SEO optimizing), it also resolves RealURL duplicate content issues.

    • Hyphenator for TYPO3

      What does it do?

      This extension adds text-hyphenation possibilities to TYPO3. Hyphenation can be done in two ways:

      • By using a ViewHelper in FLUID-Templates
      • By using a stdWrap property

      Additionally, a static template is included to easily enable hyphenation for content elements rendered by css_styled_content....

    • Image Resizer

      this is an extension that creates a backend module for resizing images

    • Immowelt Extbase API

      DE: Die Extension “Immowelt Extbase API” (iwextbase) stellt – wie der Name vermuten lässt – auf Basis des Extbase Frameworks (4.7) die API des Immobilienportals “Immowelt” ( zur Verfügung. Sie verfügt derzeit über eine Listenansicht, Detailansicht inkl. Anfrageformular sowie einen Teaser zur Anzeige des neuesten Objekts. Die Filter der Listenansicht sind einfache Listenelemente (ul/li) und via jQuery als Selectbox dargestellt, lässt sich selbstverständlich alles in den einzelnen Fluid Templates anpassen und erweitern. jQuery kann über die Extension eingebunden werden....

    • ITS pdf Generator

      Extension for generating pdf files using Phantomjs.
      This exentsion also works on password protected content.
      Ready for TYPO3 6.2

    • Klicktrieb Frontend Filemanager

      Up- and download files via Frontend.

    • KSS Responsive Gumby Template

      This extension is a default setup inclusive a responsive framework (gumby). Many settings are easily changeable via the backend constants editor.
      Any support on improving this template is highly appreciated.
      The intention of this extension is to start fast and easily with a new project....

    • Magnific Popup

      Please use GitHub to inspect code, submit issues and pull requests:

    • MediaViewHelper for kt_fefm

      Extends ViewHelper to render Mediafiles with kt_fefm Templates.

    • Metadata and content analysis service

      This extension detects and extracts metadata and text (EXIF / IPTC / XMP / ...) from potentially thousand different file types (such as MS Word/Powerpoint/Excel documents and PDF) and bring them automatically and natively to TYPO3 when uploading assets.

    • mfc_author

      - add google author tag at the bottom of a page (normal page and tx_news detail site) if an author was set

      - additional fields for author (image, short description, mail, ....)

    • mksearch

      Generic highly adjustable and extendable search engine framework, using Zend Lucene or Apache Solr. But support for other search engines like elastic search etc. can be provided easily.

      on github:


    • Mobile Helper

      Provide typoscript-functions to check if the website is called by a mobile device.

    • Monoslideshow

      Monoslideshow is a Flash® slideshow to view your images and videos in a web page.
      This Extension implements Monoslideshow as a plugin.

    • Embed Content in tt_news

      Embeds content from YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo etc into your tt_news records

      This plugin is sponsored by Netimage A/S

    • Events

      Manage events,show them in teasers, list and single views.

    • File Manager

      Category-based frontend file manager for uploading, viewing and managing files. Includes TCA for backend management as well.

      The project's first stable releases date from 2011 as there was no publicly available extbase-extension that featured frontend file management, let alone category-based....

    • Flip it! - Resources

      SWF source code for the extension Flip it!

    • HWT Resubmission

      Resubmission handling of contents in backend.

    • Importr

      Importr is an highly extendable and configurable data to database import service.

      For issues and further information please visit:

    • Jokers Mobile

      The project is about showing content based on the devices like tab,mobile,retina . Mobile detection is done using the code from project.
      Changing the display of content using Cookie based featured has been added ....

    • Karussell: a jQuery gallery

      A very flexible jQuery gallery that uses as default the jQuery plugin jCarousel. Not only images can be used for carousels and galleries.

    • News Fal

      Adds a FAL image field to news for further FE usage. Supports media extension.

      Created with the aim to integrate this functionality into original News extension in TYPO3 6.2 LTS.

    • Nittygritty

      A small collection of plugins and view helpers for improved semantics, SEO and social network integration.

    • Operations

      Manage firefighter operations. Show list and single View in Frontend with relations to used resources, vehicles or assistance from other institutions. For overview of locations google map views are included. It's possible to use this extension for other types of operations too, but the main goal is using this extension on websites of fire departments....

    • Overlay-Box

      Supplies a simple Plugin. A Box will be included with an RTE-Textarea and Link-fields.
      The user can choose, if he wants to follow a link or does not want to see the box again, or if he
      wants to see it again later.
      A cookie will be set. The cookie remembers if the user does want to see the box again or not....

    • Minify

      An extension for minifying and merging JS and CSS for the frontend using the Google Minify project.

    • Org - booking

      Extends the Organiser with a booking system for

    • Pages Tree icons

      Manage TYPO3 Pages treeview icons in SVG format.

    • Paginate

      Pagination extension provides the pagination for the all records.

    • Patenschaften

      The "Patenschaften" extension provides a system for managing sponsorships between students and alumni. Sometimes also called mentoring programs. The current version of the extension relies on certain fields that are specific to that contain the structure to identify persons as students / alumni. ...

    • pdf viewer

      Display a pdf as image(s) at your website

      Please use GitHub to report issues, ask for support or contribute:

    • Personalized Direct Mail Subscription

      Adds a plugin for personalized subscription to direct mail newsletters (collecting subscriptions in the tt_address table and compatible to fe_users with sr_feuser_register)

      I highly recommend using this extension instead:

    • PHPIDS nextGen

      PHPIDS for TYPO3 CMS 4.5.x up to 6.1.x.

    • PITS Google CSE

      The best ever search engine now for your website..
      With Google Custom Search, add a search box to your homepage to help people find what they need on your website with the same technology that drives google search.. Tadaa !!!

    • Placement Service

      Manage and publish job opportunities and applications.

      Placement Service aims to be a complete and comfortable tool for managing any kind of job offers and applications.
      The source code can be found under

      Please use the issue tracker under for suggestions, feature request and error reports....

    • pm Todo

      ToDo App

      Eine Full-Responsive Todo-App (gebaut mit Twitters Bootstrap 3). Läuft in TYPO3 CMS ab Version 6.2 bis 7.6.x.

      Die einzigste Voraussetzung für den Betrieb des Plugins ist Bootstrap. jQuery bringt die Extension schon mit. Kann aber jederzeit mit TypoScript überschrieben werden....

    • Positioner

      The extension can help to build comics in an easy way.

    • Publication database

      Providing a database for mainly scientific publications with a XML export functionality to Crossref.

    • pwComments captcha

      Adds a captcha to the comments-form of EXT:pw_comments. Supports EXT:captcha and EXT:sr_freecap.

    • pwComments plugin

      Actually pwComments could be added to a page by TypoScript, only. This extension is an attempt to make pwComments available as a plugin, to add it as a normal content element.

      Due to limitations in flexforms and missing time, it's actually not possible to configure pwComments inside the content element....

    • Qm BackendLayout

      This extension adds a new FAL field into backend_layout records and, if installed, gridelements' backend layout records. It allows the BE user to select an HTML template file to render the content of the page using TypoScript's FLUIDTEMPLATE cObject.

    • QR-Codes

      Create QR-Codes in different formats: vCard, URL, phone number, email, or free text. Release it via frontend-plugin, typoscript or create qr-codes directly from tt_address entries and include it by a tt_address marker in your template.

    • CMP3 - Cross Media Publishing for TYPO3

      Cross Media Publishing for TYPO3

      INACTIVE PROJECT! CMP3 is no longer actively maintained.
      You can find the downloads at

      Please contact us at for any inquiries.


    • CMP3 Demo

      This is an extension which demonstrates the possibilities of CMP3.

      INACTIVE PROJECT! CMP3 is no longer actively maintained.
      You can find the downloads at

      Please contact us at for any inquiries....

    • CoreUpdate

      This extension checks for core updates and will lateron allow to directly update the TYPO3 core with some clicks :D

      Flattr this project

    • Dynamic CSS

      This extension aims to be a wrapper for a dynamic css extensions

      it will cover less, sass, scss and other ;D

    • Feedback

      An extension which combines ratings and comments in a new and easy way.

      Impressions taken from: Features:
      • Comments on pages, content elements and news...
    • IndexedSearch crawler for tt_news

      Adds a simple crawler for indexed_search specialized for tt_news.

    • IndexedSearch crawler for tt_news incl rendered content

      Is build up on indexedsearch_ttnews_crawler and renderes the bodytext of each news before putting it into indexed_search. Using this you can also index your content organized in other tables like rgnewsce does.

    • MailChimp Subscribe

      Provides a simple subscription form for MailChimp lists.

      Please note that EXT:mailchimp_subscribe is currently under active development. All downloadable/installable packages are to be considered development snapshots. Extension is provided as-is....

    • Mobile devices detection

      This extension helps to detect visitor’s mobile device class (if that’s tablet or mobile device like smartphone). The main idea of creating of this extension was a possibility to have rendering for mobile devices different from rendering for tablets and different for desktops rendering....

    • OLC Flights

      This extension displays gliding, paragliding and hanggliding flight statistics on your
      homepage. For example a list of recent flights including pilot and aircraft name,
      traveled distance, duration, average speed and more. It could be interesting for
      aviation clubs, to show the latest competition flights and also the club's best flight of...

    • Organiser +References

      Extend your Organiser with references. Organiser +References is provided with a references database, the TCA (backend forms), TypoScript-templates and HTML-templates.

    • 1-Click-Login

      For enabled users a 1-Click-Login link is shown at the Backend login screen to log in via OpenID.

      Have a look at the TYPO3 Podcast about oneclicklogin!

    • 360 degrees shots

      Implements the plugin jQuery-reel for adding 360 degrees shot animation.

    • 360° image rotation

      Inserts a plugin to display multiple photos in a 360° image rotation view.

    • 4-3-feature-example

      Demonstrates the features of TYPO3 v4.3

    • 404 Handler

      404 content page without redirection. Works with multilanguage, multidomain, multi page types(TypeNum)

    • 404 sponsoring

      Sponsor charity with your 404 page. Please visit for more information.

    • A Google Maps GLayer

      Extends rggooglemap with Google Maps class "GLayer". This class instantiates a predefined "layer" overlay consisting of a collection of related items. Usefull to implement Wikipedia or other informations.

    • A Google Maps GPolygon

      Extends rggooglemap with Google Maps class "GPolygon". As Areas ore Zones. This is very similar to a GPolyline, except that you can additionally specify a fill color and opacity. Requires EXT:rggooglemap_gpolyline.

    • A Google Maps GPolyline

      Extends rggooglemap with Google Maps class "GPolyline". This is a map overlay that draws a polyline on the map. Usefull to visualize tracks or routes.

    • A-Z Keyword List

      Extracts all keywords from the pages keyword field and displays a list of keywords and links the page title to the keyword related page.

    • Accessibility Glossary

      A glossary associated with automatical conversion of all abbreviations and acronyms in the special tags for accessibility issues.

    • ad: Google Maps

      =!= This extension is deprecated
      =!= and will not be supported in future!

      Google Maps for TYPO3. Lego-based and powerful extension with all configurable options of Google Maps API V3. Including a MapDrawer to set markers, polylines and polygons and a plugin to integrate on a page. Based on extbase and fluid v1.2.1....

    • ad: Google Maps Plugin Addresses

      =!= This extension is deprecated
      =!= and will not be supported in future!

      Extends the extension ad: Google Maps (ad_google_maps) with a coordinates provider for tt_address and tt_address_group.

      Report bugs and feature request in ad_google_maps...

    • ad: Google Maps Plugin Frontend Users

      =!= This extension is deprecated
      =!= and will not be supported in future!

      Extends the extension ad: Google Maps (ad_google_maps) with a coordinates provider for fe_users and fe_groups.

      Report bugs and feature request in ad_google_maps...

    • ad: Google Maps Plugin KML-Layer

      =!= This extension is deprecated
      =!= and will not be supported in future!

      Extends the extension ad: Google Maps (ad_google_maps) with a KML layer.

      Report bugs and feature request in ad_google_maps...

    • ad: Google Maps Plugin Poly-Layer

      =!= This extension is deprecated
      =!= and will not be supported in future!

      Extends the extension ad: Google Maps (ad_google_maps) with a polyline and polygon layer.

      Report bugs and feature request in ad_google_maps...

    • ad: Templavoila Cycle

      =!= This extension is deprecated
      =!= and will not be supported in future!

      This Extension extends Templavoila Framework with the jQuery Cycle Plugin ( NOTE: Tested only for templavoila_framework! But should work with templavoila also. Please test and response ;)...

    • ad: Templavoila Tabs

      =!= This extension is deprecated
      =!= and will not be supported in future!

      This extension extends Templavoila Framework with jQuery-Tabs. NOTE: Tested only for templavoila_framework! But should work with templavoila also. Please test and response ;)...

    • Additional TCA Forms

      Provides additional TCA Forms for the backend

    • Additional Templavoila Sysfolder

      Additional sysfolder for templates

    • Addons to tt_products

      Additional example templates and icons for the tt_products shop system version 2.8.0+. It contains example shop templates for multiple languages. You may adapt the translations to your needs.

    • Address visualization with Google Maps and tt_address

      With the extension st_address_map you are able to show addresses out of tt_address in Google Maps. Further it is possible to show the addresses in a list.


    • AddThis Social Sharing

      Add the AddThis Buttons on a Typo3 Page.

      Repository moved to Github:

    • Admin message

      Admin message is an extension that can be used for administrators to send instant messages to individual TYPO3 backend users or entire user groups.

      A short demonstration video can be found here :

      Admin message utilizes the Aware Framework extension, which can be found here :...

    • Adminer

      Lightweight database tool for the TYPO3 backend.

      Please report bugs of Adminer itself on the Adminer website . This forge project is about integrating Adminer in the TYPO3 backend.

    • Adv. cal partner integration

      This extension is about to deliver some advanced features to tighten the integration between calendar base (cal) and partner framework (partner) extensions.

      Basic scope is to provide tree input views based on relations between locations, provide event filtering based on locations and show different levels of details in a certain calendar view....

    • Advanced Address-List

      A new address-extension which makes use of the new IRRE-features.

    • Advanced FORM object

      This extension is a test-bed of improvements to the FORM object. Hopefully all improvements will be used in the new FORM object planned for 4.3.

    • Advanced sitemaps

      An advanced sitemap extension with the following features:

      • Generate a full sitemap with just some simple configurations in your TYPO3 back-end
      • Configuration through DB records ensures easy management and setup. No TypoScript knowledge is required....
    • Advanced Template Engine

      An advanced, easy to use template engine based on TYPO3's marker templates.

    • ajado inline gallery

      A simple gallery content element where the image are enlarged inline. Images switch back to thumbnail size with another click.

    • Ajax Chat

      A rich featured Ajax-based chat for TYPO3:
      User chat and moderated chat, session logging and publishing, private chat rooms, private messages, commands etc.

    • Ajax FE login

      Extends felogin with ajax functionality. You have to use the extended template felogin.html from this extension

    • Ajax mail subscription

      Adds a plugin for subscription to direct mail newsletters

    • AJAX Search Engine

      Versatile usable search engine based on AJAX functionality, not only for use with IndexedSearch.

    • Ajax Sitemap (kn_sitemap)

      Ajax based sitemap, which can handle very large pagetrees.


    • Ajax Tabbed Google Search

      Advanced tabbed ajax based google search.

    • AJAX user login

      Use a separate call to determine if a user is logged in and show the status on pages throughout your website. Lets you serve a cached version of a page without USER_INT object to show information of the current fe_user.

      Provides some basic functionality to subscribe users, forgot password, close account etc....

    • Ajaxifier for TYPO3

      With this, it will (somewhen in the future) be possible to ajaxify an existing TYPO3 Website.

    • Akismet for TIMTAB

      Akismet Spam Blocking for TIMTAB

    • Alias for tt_content

      Adds a unique field called 'Alias' to tt_content elements.

    • Alpha sitemap

      This extensions adds a new menu-type which sorts pages by alphabet with a alphabetical menu

    • Alternate selector (Tag Pack)

      Displays the fulll list of tags with checkboxes for selection, instead of the traditional selector.

    • Alumni List

      Alumni list for schools, etc.

    • AND Shadowbox

      Very flexible gallery for images, multimedia and content-elements with DAM support based on shadowbox by Michael J. I. Jackson.

    • AOE advanced realurl path

      enables flexible path generation

    • AOE Advanced TYPO3 Tables

      Enables rowspan / colspan in normal table elements

    • Apache Nutch for TYPO3

      Apache Nutch - Webcrawler for TYPO3 Solr

      Nutch adds spidering of external websites to Solr.

      Nutch builds on Apache Lucene, Tika and Solr, adding web-specifics, such as a crawler, a link-graph database, parsers for HTML and other document formats.

    • Apache Solr for TYPO3 CMS

      We have moved to Github

      Please open any new issues and PRs on GitHub.
      The forge wiki is only kept active until all documentation has been migrated to rst.
      You can find the new documentation on

    • Apache Solr MediaWiki Indexer

      Apache Solr MediaWiki Indexer

    • Apache Solr Redmine Indexer

      A scheduler task to index Redmine data into Solr.

      Currently indexes project data only. See manual.txt, and especially known_issues.txt

    • Apache Tika for TYPO3

      “Apache Tika is a toolkit for detecting and extracting metadata and structured text content from various documents using existing parser libraries.” ~source:

      All in all Tika knows about 1200 file formats and can read about half of them. ...

    • AST Flash

      This plugin provides a new record type "Flash" with the Adobe detection routines (v1.6) for most platforms and Flash versions. It features file references, XML parameters and files as well as direct access from other extensions.

      In the near future the extension should be include support for SWFobject as an alternative flash detection!...

    • Atom Feed Publisher

      Publish Atom feeds of content from your TYPO3 site.

    • Auth Against TYPO3

      Providing a Webservice for Authentication against TYPO3 User, useful for external Systems to Authenticate. E.g. Mediawiki

    • Auto-generated baseUrl

      Automatically generates constants with conditions to get baseUrl for multi-domain installations.

    • Autocomplete for indexed_search

      Multilingual autocomplete for indexed search. It uses autocomplete function of jQuery UI or scriptaculous

    • Automatic Country-To-Language Mapping (GeoIP)

      Detects the IP address location, based on the GeoIP, and then chooses the right language configured via TSconfig.

    • Awareness Framework

      Aware is an awareness and notification framework for TYPO3

      What does it do?

      • A framework for sharing and distributing events throughout a TYPO3 installation
      • It enables sharing of customized events from the backend scripts to frontend javascript clients and visa versa...
    • AwStats

      ICS AwStats is development is back and i discontinue this fork.

    • Back-link content element

      Adds a new content element which writes a back-link. Multiple languages are supported, link text can be customized via TS.

    • Backend Cache using Zend Data Cache

      A caching backend which stores cache entries by using Zend Data Cache

    • Backend Changelog bar

      This extension provides a changelog bar for the typo3 backend. Choose between puting the changelog in a txt file or in the database. You can add, delete and update changelog entries.

    • Backend Cookies

      This extension allows to handle backend session cookies and sets them for view domains that are different to the backend domain.

      Repository moved to Github:

    • Backend demonstration

      EXT:bedemo allows your editors to use the have a look at the configuration of pages and records TYPO3 Backend, but prevents them to save any changes.

      This is helpfull, if you e.g. have a demo site in your installation, for which your editors can see the FE output and should should be able to see, how the pages are configured in BE....

    • Backend User Administration

      This extensions aims to replace the v4 beuser management extensions with a scalable easy to use extbase/fluid based backend module to list, compare and manage Backend Users and Backend User Groups.

      Download current state of work here:

    • Google Maps API Extbase

      Extbase Version of go_maps_ap. Simply instert a google map Version 3, jQuery, MooTools, Calculate Route, Image for Markers, Style Maps, KML,...

    • Log Backend Module

      Log Backend Module for new Logging API

    • Ballroom Dancing Example

      A demo extension for ExtBase that lists dances, figures and suggested songs.

      Code Features:

      • IRRE with intermediate table (no MM)
      • custom view helper: <join each="{list}" as="{item}" by="{separator}" />
      • single table inheritance: "audio" and "text" are "media"...
    • Barcode Generator

      Generates standard barcodes without 3rd party libraries.

      Make sure to read README file

      Example of use

    • Basic site setup

      A basic website setup to install all dependencies and create a main site structure.

      - TV data structure
      - etc.

    • BB Language Select

      Provides an easy to use language selection with three sets of flags.

      RealURL and SimulateStatic compatible.

    • beautyOfCode SyntaxHighlighter

      This plugin provides state-of-the-art syntax highlighting by using SyntaxHighlighting by Alex Gorbatchev or Prism.

      Repo at GitHub:

      Please report new issues at GitHub:

    • Better Contact

      Secure Contact form with solid Spam protection. Input can be checked for length, allowed and disallowed signs and with Regular Expressions. Attackers can be locked if they try to send a lot of mails back-to-back. Admin can get detailed Spam notifications....

    • Better Downloads for tt_news

      Introduces a new marker for easier styling of files attached to tt_news records. If DAM is enabled and dam_tt_news is installed all fields of the dam records will be availible.

    • Better Flexforms

      Exclude static flexform fields made by extensions like normal table fields in backend group configuration or via TSConfig.

    • Better Tabs

      More logical tabs and better naming & grouping for records.

    • BFV widget

      This extension provides a simple plugin to display the BFV (Bayerischer Fußball-Verband) widget; this way you can show the latest results, current table and upcoming matches of your football team from Bavaria.

      NOTE: Code is not hosted here in Forge, but on Github:

    • BibTex Publications

      BibTex Publication Database tool. Features: list and single citation view, fe import from BibTex files, search; Display: citation in custom or APA style; fe links to: pdf download, BibTex, DOI, PMID, ArXiv; Export: batch/single BibTex files, openURL COinS....

    • binumohan


    • bitsGallery

      This extension provides you the jquery galleries galleryview 2.0 and galleria 1.0b. The extensions uses the lib/div MVC framework. You can easily select different controllers for different galleries via flexform. Also you can easily extend the extension by defining your own controllers. ...

    • bitsoffice

      Imports and Displays Open Office Writer documents. This version extends the rlmp_officeimport from Robert Lemke. It render the backend pagetree depending on the headings in your document. Each heading section will render a page with a text element in the backend page tree...

    • Blog

      This project will be kickstartet soon and should be a simple blog based on extbase. The extension is a kind of a tutorial or show off how extbase technics can be implemented in real life.

    • Blogs

      Complete blogging system, allows backend users to create categories and articles. Some key features:

      • List, single and archive views
      • Listview features various filters: tag, category, month/year
      • Pagination
      • Tagging / Tagcloud
      • Comments (supports sr_freecap)...
    • Book Review

      Displays Books and reviews

    • Booklets - Brochure Ordering

      A simple booklets ordering mechanism (list view, single view, download option, basket view, checkout). Based on the MemoList API.

    • Bootstrap Styled Content

      CSS Styled Content was yesterday - Today we take the best of both worlds to render styled content using Twitter Bootstrap. Use this in combination with amazingless to easily style your website.

    • Bridge Lib

      Crossmedia Publishing Library for TYPO3.

    • Bridge XML Rendering

      Extension to render TYPO3 pages as XML with the TYPO3 Frontend

    • Bridgle Lib Ext Js Gui

      Ext JS Gui for bridge_lib (Crossmedia Publishing)

    • Browser: TYPO3 without PHP

      Develop TYPO3 without PHP! The TYPO3-Browser enables you, to develop TYPO3 extensions without an own plugin. You will be 8 times faster!


      The TYPO3-Browser provides among others:

      • list and single views
      • page browser, index browser (a-z), record browser...
    • cab language link

      Extends the typolink functionality to make it possible to link to an explicitly language of a page via TYPO3 typolink popup.

    • Cache Cleaner

      Automation tool for clearing up old entries in cache tables.

      Obsolete since TYPO3 CMS 4.6. Use Scheduler "Table garbage collector" task instead.

    • Cache Expire

      XCLASS tslib_fe so that in the page cache respects starttime and endtime of tt_content elements on that page.

      The function tslib_fe->setPageCacheContent is replaced by this extension.

      The extension gets the expire-timestamp which is configured by TypoScript etc. ...

    • Cache Expires for tt_content

      This extensions cares about the cache expire timestamp.

      Without this extension the starttime and stoptime of content elements having no influence about the time, how long the page is being cached.

      Normally the page is cached for 24 hours - but if one content element should be started or stopped within these 24 hours it will not work....

    • Cache Management Extension

      Provides management of the page caching for high traffic websites.

    • cacheinfo

      Adds X-Cache debug / control header (useable with varnish)
      Enables cookie sending only for logged in state

    • cal base day description

      Did you ever wanted cal base to show a small, date describing text? Such as public holiday names, special anniversary names, or the christian descriptions of sundays, add other liturgical texts?

      This extension allows you to do so!

    • Calendar Display

      Display resource booking in a calendar and list view

    • Calendar using extbase

      A Simple calendar using Extbase.

    • Call for Papers

      This extension collect abstracts for a "call for papers", with categories, then be-users can evaluate abstract.

      A FE module to submit abstract, title, description, authors name, email and many other fields.

      A BE module to evaluate abstracts.

      An access system to assign be-users to single or multiple categories....

    • Captcha View Helper

      Captcha for Extbase/fluid Forms.

      Repository moved to Github:

    • Caretaker


      Please don't use this repository and bugtracker anymore. We switched to github instead. You can find the new repositories at

      For more extensions (like the "addons"), check:

    • Cart



      Cart is a small but powerful extension which "solely" adds a shopping cart to your TYPO3 installation.
      The extension allows you to create coupons, products with or without variants, special prices....

    • CAS Reservation

      Manage hourly reservations for sport rooms or classrooms. Users make demands to book a room for a given time period. Those demands are then approved/refused by an administrator. E-mail notification, billing and payment managed too.

      This extension includes :...

    • Categories

      Simple category-extension for use with other extensions.
      You can create a list of categories and show it on the frontpage. If you click on a category, it will send the category-id to a specified link (so your own extension can receive it).

    • Categorization

      Categorize all your records and display only those you want.

      Select the categories you want to display at page level. This selects only records with matching categories.

    • cb_indexedsearch_autocomplete

      Extends the builtin Indexed Search searchform with an autocomplete feature as seen on Google Suggest and a variety of other places.

    • ccco_shoutbox

      its my first extension with extbase. i hope to make connections with other beginners to learn.

    • cdnfiles

      Replace local file references with CDN files

    • cenoshop

      A shop system that integrates into typo3 in the same spirit as tt_news.
      Basically, define products as items in the backend, add plugins in the front end to display them.
      Front End approach:
      This shop system has no control over the page structure, you define it as you wish. ...

    • cHash Tools

      Collection of tools to modify/handle the cHash parameter correctly.

    • Checklists

      Create generic checklists in the BE, instantiate them for specific projects and fill them out in the FE

    • Christof Hagedorn

      Easy to use stylesheets for backend-users. Includes a colorpicker. Available CSS Selectors in backend can be predefined.

    • Christoph Fuchs

      ZORA (Zurich Open Repository and Archive) provides open and worldwide access to the research and scholarly output of the University of Zurich. It is based upon Eprints, developed at the University of Southhampton. This extension allows you to create queries (BE) and list the results via the frontend plugin.....

    • Chrome Extension: Clear Caches

      Extension for Google Chrome browser. Shows icon in address bar to clear TYPO3 cache directly out of Google Chrome. Requires just valid backend session.

      You'll find the chrome extension in Chrome Web Store...

    • Chrome Extension: Fast TYPO3 Backend switch

      This Chrome extension duplicates the current tab and launches the TYPO3 backend.

    • Cinema

      Provides an easy and flexible way to manage a Cinema-Website.

      It depends on EXT:tmd_movie and helps you to publish your cinemas programm. Booking is possible and the EXT may be connected to different Cinema-Software like or a simple DB/E-Mail driven booking system....

    • Cleaner

      Cleaner provides scheduler tasks helping you keeping your TYPO3 instance clean.

      A git repository is available at for cloning.

    • Clear Cache Request

      Enables clearing page cache from a frontend HTTP request

    • Clear TYPO3-cache

      extension with cli-script and scheduler-task which clears the TYPO3-cache

    • Cli Cleaner

      Automation tool for clearing up TYPO3 cache and indexed_search index. For use with lowlevel cleaner.

    • cliinstall

      This CLI script adds the possibility to update the table definitions and purge the cache.

      Available commands

      List database modifications
      php PATH_site/typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh cliinstall dbCompare

      Just lists all possible database modifications...

    • Closure Compiler

      Compiles JavaScript

      Uses Google Closure Compiler

    • CloudFlare Client


      Download this extension off TER:


      Implementation of the CloudFlare Client Interface API for TYPO3:

      • Clear cache for current or arbitrary domains when invoking "Clear all caches"...
    • COA_GO

      This extension improves caching of content objects in TYPO3 so it can increase time rendering of page and overall performance of your site.

      COA_GO fills the gap between full cached COA and COA_INT that is rendered each time the page is delivered to user browser. COA_GO renders its content only once and then if TYPO3 requests COA_GO again the content is fetched from cache (db,file, file with ajax) each time unless the cache period expires....

    • Code highlight for tt_news

      Makes you able to put highlighted code into a tt_news item. With special tags you can put the code also in the RTE of a tt_news item.

    • Code Snippets

      A simple extension that allows you to place code snippets as content elements. The resulting plugin is available as totally new content element. Ideal for usage with for example t3blog. Syntax highlighting is done by GeSHi, with some tuning for TypoScript syntax highlighting....

    • ComicGalerie

      The Comic-Gallery is a simple Extension to display Comics like does. If you do not yet, please take a look there first.

      An Editor is able to upload an image, give it a headline and a descriptiontext. Ordering works with date fields, an Editor is able to set publishing dates, the newest publishing date will be the first showed....

    • Comments Backend Module

      Adds a Backend Module for the Commenting system Extension to edit the comments.

    • Comments Plus

      A Plugin for Page / Blog comments that's based on Extbase and features Spam protection.

    • Comments: fe_user connector

      Connecting Dimitrys comments extension to fe_users table using some hooks.

    • Comments: jQuery code

      This extension enhances EXT:comments.

      It removes the default JavaScript code of the new comment form and places it at the end of the body tag (using page.includeJsFooter).

    • Comments: report bad comment

      Adds a link to each comment to report that comment is bad. When a visitor clicks the link, he/she is transferred to the page with the form, where visitor can type why the comment is bad. Upon submitting the administrator gets a notification by e-mail with comment text, visitors name/e-mail and text. Also a link to the page with comment is available....

    • commerce

      Urgent warning. The repository and issue tracker was migrated to GIT and can be found in

    • Commerce add articles to basket

      New template marker to add an article to the basket instead of using the total quantity. Simply replace ###QTY_INPUT by ###ADD_INPUT in your template.

    • Commerce advanced products


      Extend the product and article with functions to set e.g. the Price and the item-nr for all Articles in the product and extend them with Attribute Prices or Aticle Number extensions

    • Commerce Coupons

      Provides coupons or vouchers for the commerce extension. You can create coupons with money amount, percent amount, or also give an extra article for free or with a special price. You can set a minimum order amount or set a maximum coupon amount (for percent coupons). It is also possible to include or exclude categories for each coupon....

    • Commerce DAM connector

      Extends the commerce extension with the possibility to use DAM for images.

    • Commerce first category

      This extension selects the first category if none is selected. Optionally it's selects the first sub category if available.

    • Commerce Importer

      Backend module to import a csv file with articles into commerce.

    • Commerce minimum order quantity for articles

      Define a minimum order quantity for each article. For setup instructions see README.txt.

    • Commerce Search

      Searchform for a product/article search in the commerce extension. Userdefined output through templates.

    • Commerce SEO fields

      Add meta tags title, keywords and description to commerce categories and products. Backend module to edit SEO fields.

    • Commerce Translation Status

      Gives you an overview on the commerce categories and products translation status.

    • Commerce_EXT

      The extension provides new features to TYPO3Commerce, Simple stock handling, Payment reminder and Invoices as PDF.
      This work allows the Shop administrator to manipulate, create and edit Articles and to download an invoice as PDF, set orders as p...

    • commonTS
      a Typoscript Libary with common Setups ready to use to speedup sitebulding process.
      core elements are
      • XHTML Transitional and utf-8 (ohter XHTML standards might come as well)
      • css support via classes / ids
      • search engine friendly code
    • condition notusergroup

      Condition notusergroup
      Creates a Condition which checks
      if the current user is not in a list of Specified usergroups

    • Config, Metatag & SEO Features

      This extension provides you with an editable set of all the important 'config' parameters including multilanguage settings, adds additional metatag fields to the page module and provides global settings for some of them (those who make sense to be filled globaly). ...

    • Contacts list

      Display a list of contacts, e.g. of sales offices. The list is searchable by ZIP code and by country.

    • container

      Dependency Injection Container for 4.3

    • Content Access

      The extension dw_content_access sets individual user or group access for each single content element. That means you can simply control which user or group is allowed to edit, hide, move or delete content elements. This extension works also with TemplaVoila....

    • Content Access Per User

      Extends the content element access configuration. The extension enables you to restrict content element access on the website to single and multiple frontend users.

    • Content elements overview

      This extension is not developed anymore. Please use the excellent "additional_reports" instead.

    • Content Parser

      This package parses your content to tag, replace and link specific terms. It can be configured to auto-generate a glossary, a bibliography, a list of addresses and many more.

    • Content Replacer

      This extension parses your content and replaces keywords in special span tags or custom non-html wraps with a defined replacement. It supports workspaces, multilanguage, categories, wildcard terms, RTE insertion and stdWrap properties on the replacement text....

    • Content Sliding

      This extension allows you to expand/collapse any kind of content elements combined with a editor-friendly implementation. It's based on mooTools or jQuery. If you choose mooTools, you require the "more" package "Fx.Slide".

      Thanks to domainFACTORY who has allowed me to release the extension into the TER....

    • Content Table

      Using this extension you can insert tables as content elements into some of your content columns, using either traditional templating or TemplaVoila. When editing such tables you can set a lot of restrictions for your editors, like which colors cells will have or which class or style specific rows, columns or cells should have....

    • Content with PageBrowser

      Separate the content of a page with pagebrowser. Shows content of current page and current column or from sys folder.

    • Contrast Switch

      Contrast Switch for web accessible websites. This plugin loads an additional stylesheet and stores the status in the user session.

    • cooluri

      I have moved from SVN to Git -

    • coolURI: Clear cache

      Adds a clear cache button for coolURI in the back-end clear cache menu.

    • Core API

      Checkout the repository at github:

    • CoverFlow for content

      CoverFlow application which offer a slideshow for pics used in any content. Based on ImageFlow, MooFlow or ContentFlow. It offers to use content from any tables by extensions (e.g. tt_news, fe_users, tt_content, etc.) and images from your system (fileadmin, uploads & DAM). All items kan be mixed and sorted. Items inkludes text and links, as defined in backend. Several settings for view kan be defined....

    • crawler

      Common crawler extension for TYPO3
      Used for staticpub / indexed_search and many more


      The crawler extension moved to GitHub:

      All existing issues have been migrated to the GitHub Issue Tracker:

    • Crop and Square Thumbnails

      Add the possibility to set fixed aspect ratios for images in "text/wImage" and "Image". You can also change the cropping for every Image.

      Project moved to Github:

    • Cross Google Adsense

      Insert a Google AdSense where you want (typoscript, tt_content)

    • CSS styled Filelinks

      CSS based, XHTML and accessibility compliant implementation of the "FILELINKS" cObject.

    • CSS to inline converter

      E-mail clients have a very limited support of CSS. In most cases, they don't support linked stylesheets. Inline stylesheets are often not supported as well. Inline styles are better understood.

      This utility, based on Emogrifier, will “automagically transmogrify your HTML by parsing your CSS and inserting your CSS definitions into tags within your HTML based on your CSS selectors”....

    • CSV Display

      Displays CSV Data In Frontend using a table, using css for styling, even odd or every colum / row individual.

      ability to autolink mail or http adresses.

    • curlcontent

      gets external content by curl an displays it as pagecontent.

    • DAM Amazon S3 upload

      With this extension you could upload your DAM files to amazon S3

    • DAM Assetsets

      GUI to form, describe and store groups of assets

    • DAM Download Plugin

      This extension provides a frontend plugin to display dam records i.e. for downloads.

    • DAM Lightbox

      Show DAM images with the metadata of your choice within a templateable lightbox.

    • DAM Scheduler

      Contains a Scheduler (former Gabriel) Task to reindex your DAM. This is useful if you upload new media files via FTP or SSH without the knowledge of TYPO3.
      The extension simply replaces the use of dam_cron

    • Dam tt_news

      Adds DAM for tt_news image and media.
      Disable original media fields in News.

    • Dance-Club

      You can manage the members of a dance-club. You can built dance-couples and track their tournament-results.

    • Data Display Engine

      Display data coming from a Data Provider in the FE, using TypoScript for templating. Acts as a Data Consumer for the Display Controller.

      Obsolete. Moved to Github for archiving:

    • Date Selector Library

      Provides a DHTML configurable calendar as a date selector. This is a library for usage in your own PHP scripts.

    • DB Integration

      This extension allows to generate queries (with a little sql knowledge), search forms and insert forms to generic databases through a wizard. The results visualization is template-based and fully configurable via TS. The extension uses ADOdb and supports xajax....

    • Direct Mail HTML view

      Adds a link to the newsletter to show a personalized version in the web browser.

    • Direct Mail Salutation

      Specify different salutations depending on the gender.

    • Google Analytics

      Add google analytics code to your website. It uses asynchronous tracking and easy configuration with TS constants.

    • Google Site Search

      This is a small Google Site Search Extension, based on Extbase and Fluid.

      The goal, is to have a small extension which allows for an easy setup of a Google Site Search (not to be confused with Google Custom Search) (More information about GSS:

    • HTML to PDF

      Creates a pdf version of the webpages. Includes static TS for templavoila. Needs wkhtmltopdf (webkit engine) binary on the server.

    • HTML5 Media fallback

      Use HTML5 video and audio element in IE and older browsers. Contains MediaElement.js from

    • JW Player as media element

      Use JW Player ( in the media element as swf (flash) player. It supports H.264 (.mp4, .mov, .f4v), FLV (.flv), 3GPP (.3gp, .3g2), AAC (.aac, .m4a), MP3 (.mp3). Please see documentation for installation instructions.

    • LogWriter for FirePHP

      Extends the Logging API with an FirePHP LogWriter. Allows to send log records via FirePHP to FireBug.

      This extension depends on the Logging API of TYPO3 6.0.

    • Magento category menu

      Use magento category menu in TYPO3

    • Markets/Countries inside TYPO3

      This acts as an additional layer to allow to display pages/content elements based on the chosen market. This allows you to define pages that are only visible to the swiss market.

    • delete_staticfile_by_3party

      delete static files by 3rd-party-extensions. In this version it is deleting only static files, which were generated by nc_staticfilecache. It is a team play with ttnewscache.

    • Deployment

      This is an umbrella project for the general topic of deployment of TYPO3v4/6 projects.
      Have a look at the Wiki:

    • Deprecation Helper

      During the time of the TYPO3 Core Development several functions and methods get changed, marked as deprecated and finally removed.

      This extension helps developers to use one development branch that still still works for multiple TYPO3 releases.


    • dev/null robots.txt

      Generate robots.txt on a per domain base.

      Configuration for different robots per domain is possible. All configuration from within backend.

    • dev/null webmasters

      Webmaster tools authentication package.

      Supports both meta tag and file verification. The mode file verification requires cooluri or realURL.

    • Developer Garden Conference Call Extension

      Conferences can be launched immediately (ad hoc conferences)
      Conferences can be planned up to 365 days in advance
      Conferences can be set up in series
      Moderator role with special rights: Participants can be added, removed, and put on mute during the conference via a web service...

    • Developer Garden Send SMS Extension

      Create and send text messages in your own website. Features: support for mobile and fixed networks (Germany and abroad), up to 765 characters, up to 1000 recipients, Flash SMS option, statistics of usage, using of real phone numbers as return address

    • Developer library

      Provides new functions used by CPS-IT (cps_) extensions. May also be useful to any other extension developer. See manual for more information.

    • df_tabs

      Create tab based content elements easily and flexible with configurable mouseover handling, animations and autoplay features! It's based upon mootools or jquery - your choice!

      Thanks to domainFACTORY for letting me contribute this code to the community....

    • DIGITAGE | Slideshow

      A flexible slideshow with nice fading effect. Requires Mootools 1.2+ (included).

    • Direct Mail Companion

      This extension helps you maintain your Direct Mail subscriber records. It can remove whitespace and quotes around e-mail addresses, delete records with an invalid or empty e-mail address and remove duplicates.

    • External Providers for Direct Mail

      Adds support for external providers to Direct Mail. This extension extends the types of recipient lists handled by Direct Mail with an entry for parameterized custom lists. These custom lists are prepared by user functions and may easily reuse your own business logic....

    • Direct Request

      Extension the fake an HTTP request and perform a direct request to the frontend triggered by the backend

      Repository moved to Github:

    • Directory

      The next generation of mh_branchenbuch based on Extbase and Fluid.

      Visit the repo for more informations

    • Doctrine

      Doctrine integration for TYPO3. See the Wiki page Doctrine for more information.

    • Documents

      Documents/files archive, list, searching, download files, download statistics

    • Domain check

      A domain check frontend plugin. It uses ajax to prevent page reloads. The design is template based.

    • Donations

      This extension makes it possible to collect donations from your web site. This can be either general donations or geared towards a specific project. The extension lets you define a list of projects (list and detail views are provided by the FE plugin) and associate donations to them....

    • DR Wiki - TYPO3 Wiki

      dr_wiki is an (almost) MediaWiki compliant wiki extension for TYPO3. The user documentation of this extension is publicly available at Furthermore, a user and developers forum can be acessed at

    • Dragdrop

      Lets you drag and drop content elements in the backend page view (even across several columns).

    • Dropbox API

      Connect to your Dropbox account from TYPO3.

      At the moment, a simple form provided by a frontend plugin allows you to send files to any directory of your dropbox account.

      What could be great is being able to have a directory inside fileadmin that would be "mapped" to some Dropbox folder. At least I guess it could be cool....

    • Dynamic Column display

      This back-end extension will add new feature which a nice feature we liked in Apple's iTunes or Mozilla Thunderbird is the fast way to add / remove columns by clicking at a small icon at the top-right corner of the record table, or just by right clicking on the table header. ...

    • Dynamic Content Elements (DCE)

      Creates dynamic content elements. It is an alternative to flexible content elements (FCE) but without need of TemplaVoila (TV).

      If you like the dce extension, feel free to donate some funds to support further development.
      *Click here to donate*...

    • Dynamic Metadata

      Generate keywords and title in different ways.

    • Easy route planner

      a simple route planner - Google Maps

    • Easylogin with OpenID, OAuth, etc.

      Do you know facebook connect? Easylogin is even better because it works not only with facebook but also with Google, Yahoo, myOpenID, twitter, and all other providers that offer OpenID or OAuth. It also integrates the common felogin (Username/Password)

    • EfA Font Size

      JavaScript font resizing tool based on the script from Einfach für Alle (

    • eGov API

      BEWARE: Development of this extension has stalled

      In the digital age, businesses and citizens must be able to request an administrative authorization, or an extract from an official register electronically. Thanks to the project "Reference eGov CH", they can view all relevant information online round around the clock and complete the order via Internet or mobile phone. The administration better responds to current requirements and customer needs, helping to reduce bureaucracy and increasing the attractiveness of the Swiss economy....

    • Email Address Subscription

      A TYPO3 plugin to display a list of languages to select from. Clicking on a language links to the corresponding version of the page.

      Moved to

    • email2powermail


    • Entree Authentication

      Entree & TYPO3 single sign on

    • EPiServer to TYPO3

      Convert and move page data/structure from EPiServer CMS to TYPO3.

    • ESAPI for TYPO3

      This project aims to bring OWASP's ESAPI into TYPO3 world.

      ESAPI (The OWASP Enterprise Security API) is a free, open source, web application security control library that makes it easier for programmers to write lower-risk applications.

      Further readings:...

    • Essential Dots DAM category sort

      Adds ability to sort media records in categories.

    • Essential Dots DAM gallery

      Gallery based on dam and ed_damcatsort extensions.

    • Etherpad Content Element

      Let you configure an etherpad as content element with different access rules.

    • Event browser

      The eventbrowser creates a editable browser for mbl_newsevent. It simply inserts a set of links to browse to the previous month and to the next month. I created this extension because the browser included in mbl_newsevent caused errors in all my websites....

    • evo_nginx_boost

      The Evo_nginx_boost plugin allows us to cache pages generated in TYPO3 using memcache. Speed up TYPO3 up to 200-400 times!
      See for more info.

    • Exiftool

      Use exiftool for extracting meta-data.

      Via TypoScript you can define in which field the meta-data should be stored.

      1. in Page-TS-Config of your media folder
        tx_exiftool_sv1.exiftoolparams = -S
        tx_exiftool_sv1.match { # field from dam = output from exiftool...
    • Export to Word

      An extension that exports a page (and subpages) to a word document.

    • Export tt_products to Magento

      Export products and customers from tt_products to Magento.

      Categories can be mapped and all other fields can be taken to e.g. custom attribute fields.

    • EXT:webdav based on SabreDav


      Enables webdav sharing for TYPO3

      Mount your fileadmin mountpoints as network share on your pc

      Sponsor the project


    • Extbase DAM access

      Easy access to the domain model of the main DAM table.

    • Extbase Pager

      This utility extension provides a very configurable pager ViewHelper and a (static) class to prepare queries and arrays easily for the pager.

      You find the documentation in the Readme.txt

    • Extbase Persistence Rework

      We want to re-work the extbase persistence, without creating too much mess in the current implementation. We'll try to do the development in an external extension and eventually merge it as it reaches stable state.

      Also this extension-based approach will lead extbase to make the persistence much more extensible....

    • Extbase Solr Storage Backend

      A storage backend that enables extbase extensions to use a Apache Solr server for object retrieval.

    • Extbase Webservices

      This project should enable extbase extensions to easily become or consume a webservice. Current development focuses on the server implementation.

      Following feautures will be developed until version 1.0:
      • Auto WSDL generation including XSD generation from Domain Models...
    • Extended Links


      Please get in touch with Extension Coordination Team if you want to take it over.

      "Extended Links" lets you post-process generated links (file, mailto, internal and external) to enrich them with additional information such as a type icon (PDF, DOC, ...) for links to a file or a mailbox icon for mailto links. Last modification date or size of a file to download may easily be appended as well....

    • Extended TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd

      Extend TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd width some userfull options like using of aliases, clearing whole branches, clearing pages on the ground of their content etc.

      on github:

      CAUTION! Please add new issues on github and not longer here....

    • Extended webdav extension (gsoc 2011)

      A semi-fork/improvements to the webdav extension to make it be able edit/display db mounts from a typo3 installation over webdav.

    • extensible sitemap

      Generate a sitemap xml file for use by search engines like google. It is extensible, so you can easily link pages generated by your own extensions.

      Distribution in TER

      Official Git Repository...

    • Extension Generator

      The SAV Library Extension Generator makes it possible to directly build extensions without any PHP coding, thanks to simple configuration parameters using the “Kickstarter” as an extension editor.

      The SAV Library Extension Generator includes:

      • Creation of multiple views of the data including forms,...
    • Extension zu EZB und DBIS

      Diese Extension ist von Avonis im Auftrag der Staats- und Universitaetsbibliothek Hamburg entwickelt worden. Mit ihr lassen sich Ergebnisse aus den Informationssystemen EZB und DBIS der Universitaet Regensburg direkt in das TYPO3-System einbinden.

    • External Import

      This backend module can be used to import data from external sources into TYPO3 tables extended with special definitions in the TCA and connector services.

      Project moved to GitHub:

    • extjs

      Brings the extjs-javascript libraries into typo3.

      Can be used with jsmanager.

    • extracache

      Repository moved to Github:

      Extra functionality for the nc_staticfilecache-Extension:

      - Modify statically cached content before sending it to the client
      - Cache pages for different FE-user-groups
      - Cache pages even if the URL contain GET-params (extension can cache and/or ignore GET-params)...
    • Facebook Comments for news

      DEPRECATED! Don't install it. Use Facebook Comments Box with tt_news extension. Comments will be published to the Facebook profile pages.

    • Facebook Connect

      Allows Frontend user login using Facebook Connnect.

    • Facebook OpenGraph

      Adds meta-tags to your site to help Facebook recognize the right information if someone shares or likes your site.

    • Facebook plugin

      Show Facebook posts on your website

    • Facebook Social Plugins

      Implements the Facebook Social Plugins

    • Facebook: Social Plugins

      All social plugins from Facebook: Activity Feed, Comments, Facepile, Like Button, Like Box, Live Stream, Login Button and Recommendations. All with the JavaScript SDK. Just install the plugin and add the plugin to a content element.

    • FacebookConnect - The Amazing Way

      Connect your Frontend User Login / Registration to Facebook Connect.

    • Faceted Search

      Flexible, fast and easy to integrate Faceted Search for TYPO3 CMS.

      Please use the issue tracker on Github for reporting bugs and feature requests:

      ke_search sourcecode for version 2.X (supports fluid templates) is hosted on

    • FAL Amazon S3 Driver

      Adds Amazon S3 Driver support to the File Abstraction Layer of TYPO3 4.7

    • FAL Indexing

      Extension that allows sophisticated indexing configurations and comes with a indexing module.

      This was extracted from the maing File Abstraction Layer that does the actual indexing.

    • Fancybox 2.0 - The Amazing Way

      Include jQuery Fancybox in your site with a few clicks.

    • fdfx_beimage

      Enables server based Backend image manipulation and processing like cropping, scaling and rotating. Works also with DAM.

    • FE Address edit

      Edit and List Addresses from tt_address in Frontend. Works with extbase/fluid.

    • FE Edit for multicolumn

      Adds Frontend Edit Support to Elements within Multicolumn Containers

    • FE IP-Authentication

      This extension allows you to authenticate a FE-User against a list of allow and/or deny IP adresses. Those black- and white-lists enable you to let only visitors log in into your website if their address matches a specific IP or IP range. The extension is very configurable using the extension manager, you can set in which order the allow/deny settings are checked and what the default behaviour is, when no IPs are set....

    • FE IP-Autologin

      This extension works together with fe_ipauth and allows you to automatically log in a user depending on the IP or IP range from which he is visiting your site. In the same was as fe_ipauth this extension is developed to be performant and also work on systems with lot of users and different IPs for them. All IP entries are cached in an table. The extensions is based upon the "cc_iplogin_fe" but most of its code and the caching mechanism is completly new. IPv6 addresses are also supported....

    • FE Login Debugger

      Displays debugging information for tracking down FE user login issues.

    • FE User Management

      User registration and edit plugin, fully configurable, custom validators, autologin, double-opt-in, admin approval, IRRE configuration, resend activation mail, redirect features, support for md5/salted md5 extensions, support for salesforce. More to come!...

    • FeedForward

      The Feed Forward extension enables TYPO3 based websites to display RSS or Atom feeds from remote sites. These feeds are not stored in TYPO3 and are there fore not manageable. By implementing this extension you are able to define one or more remote feeds that are loaded sequentially. The items that are received from the feeds will be sorted by publish date....

    • FEUser - BELogin

      Shows a new "CMS LogIn" button to frontend users to switch to editing mode (BE-login) if they are allowed to.

    • Feuserloginsystem

      The extension feuserloginsystem tries to combine a variety of functionalities of similar extensions like there are “newloginbox “, “arotea_loginbox “, “beko_improved_login “ or “loginbox_macmade”. The reason I am doing this is pretty simple. No matter what existing extension I used to install, there was always some kind of functionality missing. That's why I have started devoloping this extension. ...

    • feusermanagement


    • file based DataStructures

      Simple extension allowing you to outsource TemplaVoila data structures to the file system (for easier versioning & collaborating)

    • File Explorer

      The File Explorer is a frontend and backend filemanagement extension. This extension contains read and write permissions for secure filemanagement. The frontend usability is increased by a modern GUI and a multiple-file upload via flash (that is currently broken unfortunately). The system features up- and downloading of zip compressed files and folders....

    • File Explorer Check

      Checks the consistency of file explorer and lets you fix files that are not in database or vice versa.

    • File handling

      Extbase domain models for files (and categories and selections and ...), following the DAM tables (but it could also be FAL if you change the Typoscript mapping ;-)).

      Gallery view

      List view



    • File List

      This plugin allows to generate a list of files that are stored in the database, or in a folder in- or outside the document root directory of typo3 to ensure a secure data storage.

    • File List

      This extension provides a frontend plugin which shows a list of files and folders in a specified directory on the file system (comparable to Apache's directory listing).
      You can sort the files in this directory over the backend by name, size or create date. Also frontend users may, if you want, sort over the frontend-plugin. The files will be sorted by name as default....

    • File Page

      This extension provides an alternative to the filelist. Featuring secure downloads, hidden file names, easy installation and more. keywords: security, protection, access control, restriction, file list.

    • File search tool

      I developped this extension years ago. I don't know if something like that exists today. My dream is that one fay you could find any page or any file using a little ajax search box on the bottom of the BE tree...the one existing now does not search on files. ...

    • Filelinks DAM usage

      Modifies the content type "Filelinks" for usage of the DAM. Need the CSS styles Filelinks extension.

    • fire debug

      Using's firebug extension to display debug information out of TYPO3

    • fire devlog

      Using Firefox firebug extension firephp to display devlog entries in your browser

    • Fire Fighter Manager

      Display typically things of a fire department like accidents, type of accidents, cars and a link to a gallery or something else.

    • fkuwebslice

      Takes a content element and wraps it in a webslice container.

    • Flash Ajax Video Player

      Easy to use implementation of the open source Flash JavaScript player "FAVideo".
      More information:

      Feel free to participate!

    • Flash Player Integration

      This plugin inserts a Flash movie (swf) on pages using the SWFObject method. The extension is based on rb_flashobject, but now includes the latest SWFObject version with static and dynamic publishing and provides flexible solutions for dynamic and alternative content....

    • Flex

      Flexible Fluid Content Elements

    • Flexform based IFrame

      Inserts an IFRAME to display content of another URL inside the page. Totally configurable using either flexform or typoscript. Includes option to resize the the iframe to match the height of the content.

      If you like this extension, please rate it.

    • Flexible content element

      You can create a customized content element.
      TYPO3 gives some content, but you can't customize the content render without typoscript.
      You can create a simple or complex html template and insert your content element using markers.

    • Flexible content elements

      Create full custom content elements WITHOUT templavoila or writing extensions. Define a table structure and simply edit your list items in the "list" view as usual. Fully integrated in TYPO3 and Extbase.

    • Flickr Images

      An ExtBase/Fluid extension that displays flickr images from sets or by searching public images. Uses tags provided in the flexform, or tags from some single record (configured via TypoScript) or from the page's keywords.

    • flickr Set

      Display photos from flickr sets.

    • Fluid Debugging ViewHelpers

      ViewHelpers that help debugging your templates.

    • Fluid layout

      Combine your FLUIDTEMPLATE with a backend_layout and give your editors the possibility to choose a FLUIDTEMPLATE

    • Fluid mailer

      Provides an easy-to-use integration for sending mails with Extbase using Fluid templates.

    • Fluid Microsite

      Microsite to present Fluid and to share code like ports, adapters & view helpers.
      See Wiki-tab for more details.

    • Fluid Paginate

      Smarter Pagination View Helper for many pages.

    • Fluid pibase

      Extend your pi based extension to use the awesome fluid template engine.

      Implementation hints available in README.txt

    • Fluid Recommendation

      Extension to provide recommendations on your website.

    • Force 404 language

      Sets GET-parameter for language id even when realurl throws 404 error. Calls TYPO3 $TYPO3_CONF_VARS[FE][pageNotFound_handling] afterwards.

    • format TYPO3 Tools

      Tools for your TYPO3 installation
      Currently only one tool: regularly checks the size of the TYPO3 database. On exceeding a certain size, a mail is sent. Please, ask for free support in TYPO3 mailing lists or contact the maintainer for paid support.

    • Formhandler

      This project is no longer maintained and no further public releases are planned.

      No further support will be given.

      Feel free to fork the git repository:

    • Formhandler Payment

      Payment library for formhandler Extension

    • FormhandlerGui

      This extension aims to be the GUI that formhandler is missing. Therefore it will come with a submodule in tools where you can create forms and fields. In the formhandler plugin you can then select and use this forms as predefined.

    • Formidable

      Formidable is an open source application framework based on TYPO3.
      It features smart template engine, many form widgets, ajax and events handling, XHTML valid code and accessibility thanks to the unobtrusive-js technique.
      It is usable as pure TypoScript cObj, inside front end plugins or even in the TYPO3 backend....

    • FORMidable DB m:m data handler

      This extension provides a data handler for FORMidable that can handle m:m relations.

    • FPDF

      This extension ports the FPDF library to TYPO3:

      It also includes the add-on FPDI which allows the import of existing PDF documents:

      Please include fpdf as composer dependency which is the best way to go now....

    • Framed YouTube

      This extention makes use of the Zend Api to retrieve user playlists, a playlist, and a singleView of a movie.

      SingleView options are adding ratings, sharing, adding to favorites, adding comments and video responses.

      There is a manager that will be able to update and delete videos. Upload your own movies, adding information to them and so on....

    • Fre!

      Homepage of my german fraternity K.D.St.V. Fredericia im CV zu Bamberg

    • freeCap CAPTCHA

      A TYPO3 integration of freeCap CAPTCHA.

      Moved to

    • freecap_read

      Quickfix for sr_freecap for more readability. Only for sr_freecap vers. 1.1.0.

    • Freesh Events

      Flexible eventmanagement extension with some views (list,single,last,next,newest), fields for online-ticketshops, googlemaps and some other things.

    • Frontend change password

      Allows a frontend user to change his own password

    • Frontend Dashboard

      A dashboard/personal page for frontend users

    • Frontend News

      Frontend news submitter with RTE support (htmlArea RTE) and upload capabilities. Supports CAPTCHA (captcha, sr_freecap), DAM references (dam_ttnews) and date selector (date2cal).

    • Frontend Shibboleth Protection

      FE users will be authenticated and user data will be updated via shibboleth

    • Frontend Treeview

      Create easy a treeview for your frontend extension

      For more information check the WIKI

    • Frontend Upload

      File upload capabilities brougth to frontend users

    • fr_portfolio

      Displays a portfolio of projects e.g. websites you have created. Filter by client or category.

    • FULLTEXT for indexed_search

      This project is no longer supported. If anyone wants to work on it and take the lead please use the issue tracker to contact me

      Provides support for Full-Text MySQL search. Allows great performance improvements if using MySQL >= 4

    • Galleria

      This extension includes JQuery's 'Galleria' plugin for your TYPO3 project. It comes with many features and is easy to integrate. Here the keyfeatures:

      - multiple folder selection
      - DAM integration
      - Picasa plugin
      - Flickr plugin
      - lightbox
      - many many options......

    • Gallery2

      Includes Gallery2 in TYPO3-Frontend and TYPO3-Backend.

    • Geko Typo3 Framework

      Geko is "ultra simple" Typo3 MVC framework that uses Doctrine ORM/DBAL and Smarty Template Engine. Framework is designed to simplify building of classical Typo3 FE plugins (pi*).

    • General data display

      This plugin can be used to display any categorizable data. It creates a link list out of your titles and categories which points to detail views of your defined data fields.
      The administration of datasets is possible for both: Allowed BE user and/or configured FE user. ...

    • Generic Domain Models

      This extension provides Generic Domain Models. These Generic Domain Models are intended to be the building blocks of an Extension/Package. It#s planned to implement a set of domain models based on good open standards like

      - OASIS CIQ 3.0 for persons, organizations, addresses...

    • Generic Gallery

      One gallery to rule them all. The last gallery ext you will ever need. Template driven for use with any kind of gallery scripts.

    • Generic Layar Service Provider

      Provides a Layar Service Provider for custom configurable layer Content Source. Layar is an augmented reality engine for last generation mobile phones. See for more information about Layar.

    • Generic Mailer

      Generic mail extension to be used from within other extensions in all contextes.

    • Geolocate

      With this extension you get informations about the geo location of the current visitor based on his ip.

    • German Bank Identifier Codes

      Database with german bank identifier codes and the associated bank names. With the option to update by your self.

    • German date format: feuser_reg

      This extension provides the German date format for sr_feuser_register.

    • Gestion de membres

      Cette extension permet la gestion des membres d'un laboratoire

    • Gestion des publications

      Cette extension permet la gestion des publications du laboratoire

    • Gestion des thèses

      Cette extension permet de gérer les thèses du laboratoire.

    • Get values from FlexForms

      Library to help retrieve values from FlexForms. Contains a user function readily usable within TypoScript.

    • GetCaches

      Provides simple access to available clear cache processes from remote, if valid backend session exists.

    • GH Accordion

      Simple accordion for content elements based on Prototype / Scriptaculous.

    • GH Change Font Size

      Small menu to decrease, reset and increase a numerical value, normaly fontsize, via CSS. Ajax functionality is used to avoid reloading the page.

    • GH Disclaimer Redirect

      Redirect to a disclaimer page if the disclaimer has not been accepted before

    • GH List Subscribe

      Frontend plugin providing a subscription form for external mailing lists. Works with at least GNU/Mailman and ezmlm.

    • GH Multi Tag

      This extension enables "A better Tag Cloud" (vge_tagcloud) to show results based on more than one tag.

    • GH Random Content

      This frontend plugin shows random content element(s) from selected page(s). It is based on onet_randomcontent, but provides more flexibility.

    • Gimme Five!

      GimmeFive is a backport of some aspects of FLOW3. It can help to close the gap between today and the day TYPO3 5.0.0 is released.

    • gkh RSS Import

      Imports a RSS feed and show the content on a FE page.

    • Glider

      Inserts a glider with content elements. A demo can be found here:

    • Glossar der UB Kaiserslautern

      Das Plugin stellt das Informationskompetenzglossar der UB Kaiserslautern zur Verfügung.

    • GMap 3

      Generic Google Maps plugin.

    • Google Analytics

      This Plugin will add the Google Analytics Code to your site automagically. Mobile Tracking Code supported.

    • Google Calendar

      Includes the jQuery Plugin FullCalendar, which generates a skinable Calendar with different views (month, week, day, week list, day list) from Google Calendar XML Feed(s).

    • Google Maps

      Just another Google Maps Implementation Extension for TYPO3. Complete localization in german, english and french.

    • Google Maps API

      An extension for your own google map with costumized markers and to show a route.

    • Google Pagespeed

      Development happens on Bitbucket.

      Reports bugs or feature requests here in forge

    • Google plus

      Get your recent activities and updates from Google Plus when logged in as a fe_user.

    • Google Plus One for tt_news

      Google Plus One for tt_news.
      Just add Marker ###GOOGLEPLUSONE### in your tt_news Template

    • Google sitemap

      Google sitemap implementation that avoid typical errors by other similar extensions (like double domain name in the sitemap). Starting from version 1.2.0 it is possible for other extensions to supply maps to dd_googlesitemap.

      Source code:

    • Gorillary Gallery

      Gallery extension which allows you to add meta info to each image by making use of inline records for each gallery

    • gov_masterconfig

      Master configuration for governmental websites

      This will be the base for a couple of extensions to set up (governmental) websites. I`m aware that there are already several extensions to configure / start TYPO3-sites:

      • cbstarter
      • t3s
      • abcstarter...
    • groupdelegation


    • GSA Admin (pt_gsaadmin)

      TYPO3 backend interfaces for administrating GSA Shop data without ERP system (backend modules for the standalone version of the pt_gsashop extension)

    • GSA Article List

      Displays article lists for GSA Shop (pt_gsashop)

    • GSA Categories

      Category module for GSA Shop (pt_gsashop). Adds categories support for GSA Shop and enables GSA Shop to manage categories as a graph.

    • GSA Dunning (pt_gsadunning)

      CLI based dunning addition for the General Shop Applications (GSA) extensions

    • GSA Shop (pt_gsashop)

      PHP5 Web Shop System. This extension is the core of the "General Shop Applications" (GSA) extension family. GSA Shop is based on a data layer compatible to the German ERP system "GS AUFTRAG Professional" and allows optional usage combined with the ERP.

    • GSA Socket (pt_gsasocket)

      GSA Socket provides access to the additional (non TYPO3) GSA database tables required by GSA Shop (pt_gsashop) and all extensions of the 'General Shop Applications' (GSA) category.

    • GSA Standalone Database

      Minimal MySQL database to run GSA Shop and the "General Shop Applications" (GSA) Extensions as a TYPO3 standalone version (without ERP system).

    • GSA Stock (pt_gsastock)

      Extends GSA Shop extension by a stock handling. This extension is still experimental and it's not recommended to use it in productive environments!

    • GSA User Registration

      Frontend user and customer registration for GSA Shop and all extensions of the "General Shop Applications" (GSA) category, based on a data layer compatible to the German ERP system "GS AUFTRAG Professional".

    • heads list

      a list of heads pictures with a link to the detail page.

    • High Performance Plugin System

      Addon for lib/div based development, which implements full rightsmanagement based on Access Control Lists (ACL), wich allows to create, retrieve, update, delete and browse/filter any TCA based TYPO3 content. CRUD is very fast and allows to get dynamic content without performance problems. it using the caching system of 4.3 and it is also compatible to lower versions. CRUD works with an 'marker parser system' - not like an normal plugin. The markers, set by admin of the website, were parsed to cached TYPO3 sites. The dynamic content is then given to the markers of the cached site....

    • Home

      Halli Hallo...!

    • hr_vbulletin_connect

      It syncronize the user table of vBulletin and the fe_users of TYPO3 and allows single sign on.
      The main System is TYPO3.

    • HTML Import

      This extension allow you to recursively import a directory of static HTML into Typo3. It will include options for standard HTML and Dreamweaver template HTML, but currently is only programmed to handle Dreamweaver template files.

    • HTML5 Boilerplate

      This extension incorporates HTML5 Boilerplate into TYPO3 and then some. It gives you a great starting point for your TYPO3 site. Also included are most of the files you will find in the standard html5 boilerplate.
      Read more about the original HTML5 Boilerplate project here:

    • HTML5 Media tags

      Use HTML5 video and audio tags in the media element.

    • Hut-Manager

      Gives informations about hut's or cottages

    • Hype

      Kickoff base extension for a collection of modern extensions using Extbase and Fluid targeting mainly TYPO3 4.4.

    • Hype Grid

      CSS grid system for crafting responsive websites.

    • Hyves Feed user feeds. Your profile must be public or the extension wont work.

    • ICE Pack

      Individual Content Elements using IRRE

    • ICS AWStats

      Includes the AWStats logfile analyzer as a backend module. This is a modified version of cc_awstats to support cron, reverse DNS lookups, ics_web_awstats and ics_beuser_awstats.

    • ID: Salesforce

      This extension allows synchronization of data between remote Salesforce data objects and existing MySQL database tables.

    • Igbinary

      Igbinary is a drop in replacement for the standard php serializer. Instead of
      time and space consuming textual representation, igbinary stores php data
      structures in a compact binary form. Savings are significant when using
      memcached or similar memory based storages for serialized data....

    • Image Flow Gallery

      Coverflow Engine for Typo3 with Gallery options and more.

    • Image gallery

      An image gallery based on extbase, fluid, jQuery and the Galleria gallery.

      More details »

    • Image Gallery

      Das Plugin zeigt ein wählbares Vorschaubild eines Bilderordners auf dem Server.
      Ein Button kann ebenfalls auf das Bild gelegt werden - auf Klick öffnet sich eine Lightbox und zeigt die im Ordner auf dem Server hinterlegten Bilder in einer Lightbox Gallerie an....

    • Image Lightbox v2

      Nice image feature for frontend. Also if you click on a picture, it will open in a animated JavaScript window and the whole background will be in a grey colour.

    • Image Processing via Imagick

      Resize FE and BE images with Imagick PHP extension. Useful on servers where exec() function is disabled.

    • Image with Multimedia

      Image and Imagetext with Multimedia

      You can mix up Images and f.e. *.swf files in one Content-Element.

      You find some Documentation in the readme-file and some in the wiki:

    • image-text editview

      integrate a nice editview for image texts (caption, altText, titleText)

    • Imagemap Wizard

      What's this extension about?

      The Imagemap Wizard extension provides an easy and well integrated way to create imagemaps within TYPO3.

      What's delivered with this extension?

      After you installed the Imagemap Wizard extension you'll find a new "imagemap" content element with a rich, modern, jQuery driven user interface which provides the necessary options to create HTML imagemaps within seconds. It has full support for localization, versioning, workspaces, flexforms, typolink extensions (e.g. the linkhandler) and the TYPO3 reference index. It is integrated into the regular content element creation workflow like every other content element and due to a XCLASS free integration it's also very upgrade-friendly and has only few dependencies on the underlying TYPO3 (currently it's running stable within all TYPO3 versions between 3.8.1 to 4.5). ...

    • Import Manager

      A tool to manage the CSV import(/export in future) files.

    • Improved FE login security

      Blocks brute-force password guessing attempts for front-end login (independent from login extension or authentication method)

    • in2rss

      RSS from any table like tt_content etc...

    • Incident Handling System

      The Incident Handling System aims to ease the work of handling and publishing security issues in extensions and the TYPO3 Core

    • Indexed Search mmforum hook

      Adds indexing of mmforum posts to indexedsearch

    • Infinite Scroll Gallery

      Infinite Scroll Gallery

      Display images as you scroll - This project was moved to Github

    • InfoBlock

      Adds an text field to every content element to be displayed anlongside the original content.

    • Inventory

      This is just a very basic example for an extension based on Extbase and Fluid. It is taken from the book "Zukunftssichere TYPO3-Extensions mit Extbase und Fluid".

    • IP-range for Admins/Be-user

      restrict admin or BE-user logins to IP-range

      Configuration is done in localconf.php

      for admins:
      $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['BE']['adminAuth']['ipRange'] = ',';

      for other BE-user:
      $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['BE']['userAuth']['ipRange'] = ','; ...

    • iPhone Routing

      When a iPhone opens your website this Extension will lead it to a chosen site.

    • irfaq - Modern FAQ

      FAQ plugin with dynamic (fold out) or static view which will merge and improve functionality of EXT:faq and EXT:faq_plus into a modern looking faq.

    • IRRE element for tt_news

      Use tt_content element for tt_news records.

      Uses the RECORDS function from cObj, in order to respect your TypoScript settings

    • IRRE Tutorial

      Shows how Inline Relational Record Editing could be used to build a structure of hotel, offers and prices differently. Use the "IRRE Tutorial" module to get a quickstart by installing some IRRE sample data.

    • Flip PDFs

      Embed and display your generated Flip-Flash-PDFs on any TYPO3-Page

    • ITAW Gigdisplayer

      Being a musician placing detailed information about your next gig is a must.
      This extension helps you putting up all relevant details about your next gig, including a flyer (if available) and automatic generated history function.

    • IVW Pixel

      This extension inserts the IVW pixel at first in the body. The type, code and comment can be insert in the page settings. If non are found the tree gets search recursiv upwards. Empty values are then filled with values from TypoScript.

    • IVW Tags

      burnabit IVW Tags allows you to add IVW tracking code to pages.

      IVW (Informationsgemeinschaft zur Feststellung der Verbreitung von Werbeträgern) is an organization founded by members of the German advertisement industry. It's purpose is to collect and provide accurate data on ad displays in radio, tv, print and online media....

    • Jasmine

      Jasmine integration for JavaScript testing. Works basically like the phpunit package.

    • Javascript and CSS Optimizer

      Implements hooks for the PageRenderer to compress Javascript and CSS file that a bundled to one single file.
      This extensions helps to reduce the number of cuncurrent HTTP requests when loading a document in the browser.

      The PageRenderer was integrated into TYPO3 4.3.0 first....

    • Javascript Language Labels

      Creates language labels for javascript from extension locallang files.

    • Javascript Localization

      Provides ExtJS javascript localization support through the TYPO3.getLL function.
      For labels to be availiable through javascript locallang files need to be loaded through the tx_jslang->addLL function.

      Please refer to the following extensions for example uses of Jslang :...

    • JavaScript-Tester

      A little fe plugin that generates an <noscript>-tag which is shown when JavaScript is disabled in the users browser.

    • jb_realurl_regeneration

      Let's you delete all RealURL records and create new ones. It's useful after renaming pages.
      Since RealURL (2010) this extension is not really useful as the URL is decoded for pages. But you can use it for tt_news and tt_products.

      The initial version of the plugin was made by Jan Bednarik....

    • Jetts

      This plugin is aimed to be a smart replacement for “automaketemplate”. It does not pretend to be a "modern" nor "futuristic" templating system, it's just designed for efficiency
      Just like automaketemplate, it automatically inserts subparts in an HTML file, but it also does much more :...

    • Job Market

      Job market is a catalogue with job offers. It has list and single views optimised for jobs. Views, the a-z-browser, the page-browser, the search, social bookmarks and a lot of other stuff can configured by the Browser plugin with the mouse. Search engine optimisation (SMO) and localisation is supported....

    • joliprint button

      The Joliprint button allows your users to print a page in a nice style or export it to pdf. See for more infos.

    • jpCarousel

      This extension provides an animated carousel based on jQuery.carouFredSel. Plz use Github to improve or extend the code.

    • jpFaq

      Easy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) plugin.
      With multiple categories, rich text answers and search form.
      Made with Extbase en jQuery.

      jpFAQ 8.5 supports TYPO3 7.6 - 8.5.x

    • jQuery autocomplete

      Multilingual autocomplete for indexed search based on jQuery.

    • jQuery Colorbox

      The extension includes the jQuery ColorBox for images, which is a nice-looking alternative for the allknown Lightbox.

    • jQuery Content Tools

      jQuery Content Tools (e.g. Tabs and Accordion) based on jQuery UI.

    • jQuery Lightbox

      The extension includes the jQuery Lightbox for images.

    • JQuery Mobile fluid templates

      Create mobile web pages with the JQuery Mobile UI. Contains a set of fluid/fed templates. Includes support for phonegap.

      Note: This is work in progress as a part of a bigger project Mobile App Factory. At the moment there is only one a few elements.

    • jQuery.popeye

      jQuery.popeye - an inline lightbox alternative. See

    • jQueryMobile

      Include jQueryMobile as Touch-Optimized Web Framework for Smartphones & Tablets <>

    • JW Player

      JW Player Frontent Plugin based on extbase.


    • Kaltura Video Platform

      Integration between TYPO3 and Kaltura. Kaltura is the world's first Open Source Online Video Platform, providing both enterprise level commercial software and services, fully supported and maintained by Kaltura, as well as free open-source community supported solutions, for video publishing, management, syndication and monetization....

    • KB Page Icon

      Allows to set different icons for each page in the BE page-tree browser.

    • kb_config

      This extension is an empty extension, only making sense as configuration container for use with the "kb_kickstarter" extension.

    • kb_display

      The kb_display extension allows you to show listings or detail views of any table which is properly configured as TYPO3 TCA table. So it is a general data display extension which will take off the duty from you to write stupid "_pi1" listing plugins.


    • kb_imageedit

      This extension allows you to modify images directly on your server using the TYPO3 interface and ImageMagick (GraphicsMagick) for image manipulations. Effects like "scale", "crop", "rotate", "blur", "shear", etc. are available.

    • kb_kickstarter

      This extension allows you to easily create new tables and all their fields, so TYPO3 can handle them.

      Usually when you want to have new tables for your own extensions, you can create them using either the extension kickstarter, or set up the tca.php, ext_tables.php and ext_tables.sql manually. Using this extension, you can simply create new TCA-Tables by creating a few records which define the table structure....

    • KDE vfs

      Provide a xml rpc interface for the kde modul kio_typo3.
      It also provide a interface for the kate plugin: kate_typoscript_dev.

    • ke DomPDF

      Use the DomPDF-Lib to get your pages in PDF

    • Kerio Mailserver Integration

      Untill Kerio provides a better API for there mailservers, no development will take place

      Integration against Kerio Mailserver ( - ex. maillist editing

    • ke_contacts

      Manage your tt_address contacts in the frontend.

      Manage your private or company contacts. Comment contacts, set relations to other [[]] extensions. Part of keworks ([[]]).


      • create organizations or persons...
    • ke_forum

      Forum with basic functions, simple configuration

    • ke_forum_notifications

      Extends ke_forum with daily notifications about new posts

    • ke_questionnaire (RE-BAKE)

      Easily creating any type of questionnaire, survey, poll, quiz or eLearning. The results may at any time evaluated and displayed graphically. See further information - also about the premium version - at

      German online documentation:...

    • ke_Userregister

      Registration and profile editing for frontend users

    • kickstarter

      Use the kickstarter to create a the base for a new extension.

    • KIWI Gig Lister

      Lists gigs of your band. Listview, singleview with GoogleMaps integration and teaser box included.

    • KIWI Popup

      opens an image as lightbox-popup when loading a page (once a session)

    • Kurz Fields

      This extension adds the fields "office number" ("Dienststellennummer") and "personnel number" ("Personalnummer") to fe_users and provides an adapted HTML template for sr_feuser_register.

    • L10N Server

      The TYPO3 Translation Server Project is a Google Summer of Code 2009 Project.

      The project's goal is to create a localization server so that everyone can join in to help translate labels in the TYPO3 core and TYPO3 extensions.

      GSoC student: Andriy Kushnarov (akushnarov)...

    • Language File Editor

      This module serves several functions for editing of language files. Translators, extension authors and simple users are supported with special functions for each of them.

      Following functions are implemented in this module:

      • Formats: PHP and XML
      • enhanced insert types (textarea, enhanced textarea, wysiwig)...
    • Language Selection

      A plugin to display a list of languages to select from. Clicking on a language links to the corresponding translation of the page.

      Moved to

    • Language selector

      Plugin to select the language.

    • Language switch

      Div/Lib try on switching languages

    • Library (based on extbase)

      Basic library extension, based on tt_news, which uses extbase/mvc_extjs/ExtJs. Has categorization and remote sorting/paging.

      Proof of concept. Works only with latest view branch of mvc_extjs.

    • Library for FE-Plugins (Div)

      SG Div: usefull lowlevel functions. Used by sg_zfelib and sg_zlib. On completition of sg_zlib, this will be merged to sg_zlib and become obsolete.

    • Library for Frontend Plugins

      Library for Frontend plugins with FeUser-Editing.
      This is / will be a refactored/extended version of sg_zfelib.
      When stable, then sg_zfelib will become obsolete.

    • Lightcase

      Present various media types with Lightcase, the smart and flexible Lightbox Plugin.

    • Linkchecker

      A backend module that lets you check all kinds of links found on your TYPO3 website.

    • Linkedin

      Linkedin javascript API for frontend integration

    • Linklist

      Linklist with subcategories

    • List Categorized Pages

      Provides a content element that shows a list of categorized pages and page meta information like abstract, description, images (from attached files) etc. depends on toi_category 0.4.0

    • List generator (pt_list)

      Generic and powerful list generator with support for various filters

    • list reloaded

      Rebuilding the list modul with a modern OOP architecture - using fluid and extbase

    • Listmodule Advanced

      Enhances the list module with useful features.

      Features done:

      • an addiotional edit-in-popup-icon which opens a record directly from the list in a popup (without taking the detour of opening the record first and then hitting the popu button)
      • a multi-paste-icon for pasting a record more then one time at a step. Useful if you like to insert many records in one step (I know you can also take phpmyadmin also, but this is more comfortable)...
    • LO Backendhelper

      An extension kickstarted for T3DD12 Backend Configuration workshop. Only to be used with TYPO3 Vers. 4.5 for now.
      Displays Database fieldnames after each label and raw values. Visible in Backendforms and Database Advanced Search so far

    • LO T3Blog template-based

      Changes the TypoScript of the T3Blog in order to enable template-based styling.
      Offers a kubrik styling as example. Additional features are offered like breadcrumbs etc.

    • Loadbalanced Downloads

      This extension provides the functionallity to replace the occurance of a certain string and to replace it with the path to another webserver where a copy of the fileadmin-folder lies.
      Possibilty to use up to three servers, chosen by random.

    • local company search and view

      Creates a list of companies sorted by category or ZIP-Code.
      Search for ZIP, company name or category.
      Build for presentation of a partner network at a typo3 webpage.

      The users should be able to search for partners against parameters like zip code a company is working or located on, category (services of the partner company) or others. ...

    • Locking Admin

      Purpose & current situation:

      TYPO3 implements a "weak advisory record locking". That means whenever a TCE form edits a record it is marked as locked. But this locking is only shown as a warning to the user (the exclamation mark in the pagetree and the yellow field in the pagerecord with the warningtext). Neither the UI nor the API (TCE main) use this locking....

    • Log Example

      Showcase extension to demonstrate the new Logging API in TYPO3 6.x

      Quick Install Guide

      Get the code from git using:

      git clone git://

      1. Activate extension in Extension Manager
      2. Add the "Log Example" plugin to a page...
    • Logical Form

      A form that makes it possible to evaluate user values in an easy way.

    • loginusertrack

      Tracks Frontend users and shows login statistics in Backend

    • LogWriter for E-Mail

      Extends the Logging API with an E-Mail LogWriter. Allows to send log records via E-Mail.

      This extension depends on the Logging API of TYPO3 6.0.

    • lonewsaddress

      Enables TT_News for RgGooglemap, adds additional markers for adress output.

    • Lotus Notes Basis

      Manages the authentification of fe_users and T3 requests to a Lotus Notes server.

    • Lotus Notes News

      Shows news which are provided by a Lotus Notes server.

    • Lotus Notes Search

      Provides a search through content given from Lotus Notes server.

    • Lowlevel tasks

      Use at own risk!

      This extensions brings some lowlevel scripts to the scheduler

      - Update refindex.
      - Cleanup your records and files.
      - Send you entries from the sysLog table via eMail (log as XML-file attached)

      Keep attention in using the lowlevel tools, you might get deleted to much records & files from your environment!...

    • Lucene Workshop Extension

      This extension was created as part of a workshop article for the german magazine T3N. It realizes a search basing on lucene using the native Indexed Search Indexer. Its very experimental and not being thought to be used in a live environment.

    • LumoNet ImmoScout Expose

      TYPO3 extension which uses the XML-based API from to display a realty's exposé in the frontend.

      NOTE: Code is not hosted here in Forge, but on Github:

    • LumoNet PHP Include

      TYPO3 extension to include complete external PHP solutions (e.g. message boards or image galleries) into TYPO3.

      NOTE: Code is not hosted here in Forge, but on Github:

    • Lunch Menu System

      feel free to join and contribute:)

    • Magazine Style Images

      Provides a new content element with nice layout alternatives to the classic image and text/w image elements. Implementation of the awesome "Automatic Magazine Layout" script by Harvey Kane published on "A List Apart".

    • Magento
      integrates Magento in TYPO3
      • Backend of Magento in BE
      • FE-Plugin for render Products
      • API for Magento calls
    • Magento Auto Signon

      Will automatically signon a TYPO3 fe_user to a corresponding Magento shop (both Magento and TYPO3 must share the same domain)

    • mail2news

      Import messages from specified e-mail account into tt_news records. Imports multiple attached images and file-attachments and allows you to set a news category to store the messages. Runs with a cronjob, or if you run TYPO3 4.3 or higher, you can use scheduler to trigger the import....

    • Mailform

      Simple wizard interface to create mailforms. It supports a multi col system, multiple pages, database storage, very good choice of field elements, an add-on platform for third developer, a very usable form wizard and a lot more.
      It targets on user who cannot use TypoScript or Templates. So its only necessary to set it up once by a web-page developer and your client can adapt its contents by himself....

    • Mailform new generation

      This extension essentially makes typo3 standard mailform accessible with server checks, and fancy layout on fields with errors. The main reason for developing it was the assumption that the javascript-based form checking was a very bad idea in the default form object. It also adds an automatic reply option with configurable reply message on a form-to-form basis (new fields to tt_content). The sent messages (normal form mail and automatic message) are templatable via a template file....

    • Mailformplus MVC

      Mailformplus MVC has moved to a new location!

      It is now called 'formhandler'.

      Have a look at

    • Maintenance

      Transfer your TYPO3 instance into maintenance mode with one click :)

      TYPO3 offers the opportunity to switch your while installation into maintenance mode. In this time it is possible to do bigger update operations without user interactions. The responding settings are "DevIpMask", "pageUnavailable_handling", "pageUnavailable_handling_statheader" and "adminOnly". To enable it you must change some settings via Install Tool....

    • Mantis Connector


      This extension allows you to connect TYPO3 to a Mantis bug tracker.

    • Map of User Profile Images

      This extension generates a large image of small user profile images out of the database table fe_users.
      The canvas size, size of small user images, bg color and spacing are completely configurable.

    • March 8: The worker's women framework for TV!

      March 8: The worker's women framework for Templavoila! is a framework based on the work of Ron Hall and Busy Noggin Framework but it is adapted on my own problems at work with designers and other workmates. It has about 16 diferent page templates and about 17 FCE. It is beta now and it needs manual and to clean some code. Also it changes CSC and some default CE like Media element. Other sugar is included....

    • Marketplace

      Integrate a classified ads market into your Typo3-Website

      It will be made with extbase and fluid

    • MathGuard

      MathGuard captcha for TYPO3. Visit

    • mbi_products_categories

      Works under TYPO3 versions 4.x
      Future versions of mbi_products_categories work under TYPO3 6.0 - 6.2. They are available for sponsors from

    • Media Center

      Flash based Media Center using the JW FLV Player to display multiple media files with an integrated playlist. Supports several video, audio and image files (flv, youtube, mp3, jpg, png, gif). Fully configurable, multiple plugins on one page, uses swfobject for flash detection and expressinstall to download new flash versions....

    • Mediabox

      John Einselen's great mediaboxAdvanced 1.2.4 for Typo3. Based on Lightbox, Slimbox, and the Mootools javascript library, it is a modal overlay that can handle images, videos, animations, social video sites, twitter media links, inline elements, and external pages with ease....

    • Member Infosheets

      Display member-infosheets for your organization, club,...

    • MemoList

      Low-Level API extension to access the users' data stored in the user record (when logged in) or in the fe_user session.

    • Menu Balancer

      Balances a list of menu items into a given number of subsets (e.g. columns)

    • Message Queue

      First implementation of a Message Queue in TYPO3.

      See also

    • Meta Fe Edit

      Front end editing module for any structure.

      Handles List, edit, create mode.


      PDF, XLS, CSV automatic output

    • Metadata in TS


      Lets you extract metadata from different file formats using TypoScript.

    • mfc_canonical

      The extension works with simulate static and realurl domains. Therefore you can give a certain page an individual canonical tag.

    • mh_branchenbuch

      Easy to use and very powerfull extension for Company Directories and much other ... very flexible

    • mh_simplegallery

      Cool and simple galery!

    • Microsoft Web App

      TYPO3 available as Microsoft Web App @ Microsoft Web App Gallery (

      Big thanks to Pierre, Steve and Ashay (from Microsoft) for providing a test environment!

      Interested in this project, please join!

    • miniCRM

      Customer Relationship Management and TYPO3. Nonsence!
      But I really want it ;)

    • MM Birthdaygreeting

      Shows a birthdaymessage if the currently logged in user has his birthday

    • MM Clean filelink

      If a description exists for a file then the description is linked instead the filename

    • MM DAM ChangeInfo

      Collects informations about changed files in the DAM-Table

    • MM DAM FileList

      Dowload files from DAM,Gallery from DAM, Templatebased layouts,FLEX settings, ZIP files online, little statistic about dowloaded files

    • MM ECL - ExtensionClassLibrary

      aseclasses for Extensions. Mainly use bei the mm_ extensions

    • MM Property Manager

      Manages properties

    • MM ReferenceList

      Shows a list of referce-projects

    • mm_forum Import module

      This extension provides a new and clean interface to import data from a variety of sources, like phpBB v3 or CHC Forum into the mm_forum extension.

    • mm_forum post anonymizer

      Allows users to anonymize their postings

    • mm_forum_blog

      Blog comments with mm_forum for t3blog.

    • mm_forum_comments

      With mm_forum_comments you can display comments on each TYPO3 page.

    • mm_forum_news

      With mm_forum_news you can create mm_forum posts for your news automatically. You can also use the mm_forum_comments plugin to display them on your page with the tt_news plugin (single view).

    • mnoGoSearch: URL Parameters

      Allows additional values inside the URL parameters for records. By default, only {field:uid} is replaced. This small extension will extend the original mnogosearch extension and add the possibility to add any field from the record table to the URL parameters....

    • Mobile App Factory

      Turn Typo3 into a development tool for HTML5 based mobile apps with Mobile App Factory. Create mobile apps for Android, IOS and other mobile platforms supported by Project creation and management is all done in the Typo3 backend, via the Mobile App Factory module....

    • Mobile Redirect

      The forge account is abandoned. Please use my Github account ( for any bugs etc.

    • modernpackage


    • Moneylib

      This little code library lets you display monetary values correctly by using data from the static info tables.

    • Mooslide - a mootools ticker

      This extension utilizes "mooslide", a mootools extension class which implements a convenient animated slideshow/ticker. everything is highly configurable via the flexform (and typoscript if wanted).
      To start: simply insert this plugin on a page, select some content elements as source (and fine tune parameters if you like) and your slideshow/ticker is running. ...

    • Mootools image slider

      Implements the mootools based slideshow from Aeron Glemann (see Integrates smoothly into text with image and image contents. Works on its own or in conjunction with t3mootools. Runs with mootools V1.2.1.

    • Most popuplar news with maxAge

      This extension extends nc_ttnews_mostpopular to show only news from the past X days.

    • Mouse Over Effects for Images

      Adds mouse over effects to the image content element: Image effects like brighter or darker become mouse over highlight effects. Also, completely different images can be added as overlay images which are displayed until mouse over

    • Movie Database (tmd_movie)

      This EXT is a simple Extention to manage a movie collection. It is the part of a the tmd_cinema project.

      NOTE: You will not allwas find a running EXT in SVN, sometimes only a current snapshot is uploaded. If you are interested, drop me a line and you will recive the latest Extentions. ...

    • MP3 Audio Player API

      This extension provides an api for other extensions to display a mp3 flash audio player.
      The flash player is a standalone version of the "Audio Player Wordpress plugin" of

    • MS Ajax Content Loader

      Load any record from tt_content with ajax

    • MT System Szablon [MT Tempalte System]

      Template System using templavoila. Easy start you don't need special skills (Startup is very low).

      [Polish] Prosty i szybki system zarządzania szablonami, używa templavoila jednak oparty jest bardziej na pracy z plikiem HTML niż z mapowaniem danego pliku (manualnej pracy)....

    • Multicolumn for the page module


      This extension is obsolete, see

      This extension is reanimated and maintained by CPS-IT GmbH. You can find the repository and its issue tracker at GitHub...

    • Multidomain Publishing

      Manage content for multiple domains in a single pagetree.

      Example usecases are:

      1. mobile versions
      2. white-label
      3. microsites

      Mutidomain publishing extends the acess-tab of backend records and adds the option to control the visibility across the configured domains....

    • Multimedia DAM usage

      Modify the content type "Multimedia" for usage of the DAM.

    • Multimedia gallery based on adgallery

      Multimedia gallery based on adgallery

    • Multimedia w/Fallback

      MULTIMEDIA cObject
      Custom controls or prefabricated controls

    • Multishop

      Typo3 Multishop is an E-Commerce plugin for the Typo3 CMS which supports front-end editing and multiple webshops within the same pagetree.

    • musicview on your homepage

    • MVC + ExtJS


      This extension provides base and helper classes to fill the gap developing frontend plugins and backend modules with Extbase and Fluid (MVC) combined with ExtJS.

      Don't miss our sample plugins and modules provided by extension MVC + ExtJS samples...

    • MVC + ExtJS samples


      This extension provides a few basic frontend plugins and backend modules showing how to use Extbase and Fluid (MVC) combined with ExtJS. You will have to install extension mvc_extjs too....

    • MVC Base

      This extension provides some lightweight but powerful classes for extension developers to help them realize their extension with the mvc design pattern.

    • MVC News Example

      Demo Extension based on the "mvc" extension.
      - Usage of controller / view
      - Model based on the domain persitence concept
      - example presentationmodel
      - Usage of the predefined pagination
      - Usage of the simple form model concept

    • MW Imagemap

      Create imagemaps

    • mwcsv

      Turns CSV files into nicely formatted html tables

    • My quiz and poll

      An advanced quiz with a lot of features (e.g. highscore list, multi-page, multi-lingual, jokers) which can be used as a quiz, questionnaire, survey, poll, rating or psychological test.

    • My TYPO3

      This extension lets you easily add your own agency section block in "About TYPO3":

      This extension was successfully tested with TYPO3 4.5 LTS and TYPO3 4.6-dev (aka GIT master).

    • MySQL Profiler

      Simple MySQl profiler for TYPO3

      • Enable Profiling for FE or BE.
      • Get DB-logs for every Query which matches the configured table mask.
      • Show Informations about used time for each table and query.
      • Show Used indices for the queries.

      ATTENTION: This will cause extra DB-load do'nt use this on production servers....

    • NAViTiA Library

      Library to access NAViTiA API.
      NAViTiA is an information system for transportation created by Canal TP.

    • nc_cu3er

      Fully integration of the amazing cu3ber.
      It's for an older version than the current (wich you'll find here:, but still fancy ;)

      Full Documentation:

    • Nested Content Elements


      This extension allows to create content elements which act as containers for other elements. This allows to create a nested content element structure. Like assortment boxes for your content elements.

      So this extension is somehow a rivaling extension to "gridelements" or the flexible content elements (FCE) of the "fluidcontent" or "templavoila" extensions....

    • Netresearch Easy Workspace

      Provides a new workspace management frontend that is easier to use than the original one - it is based on pages, not single content elements.

      It also features easy review email composition, selectable reviewer and review message templates.

    • News 2 Direct Mail

      Automatically sends tt_news record as direct_mail.
      All you have to do is create a single view of the news as Newsletter and check a check box in the tt_news record.

    • News 404

      Adds 404 page not found handling to tt_news entries instead of message: no news id given. Works with day, month, year and id of news. Works fine with realurl, too.

    • News Events

      The News Event extension adds event information to normal News (tt_news) articles. You can also connect the events with an event registration system of your choice and display price info. It is ideal for you who only want a simple list of events which are also posted as news articles....

    • News RSS Importer
      imports rss feeds to tt_news
      • tt_news >= 3.0.1
      • TYPO3 >= 4.3.0
    • News to events

      Adds basic event characteristics to tt_news. Including participant,seat and application managment.

    • News to Facebook Integration

      Publish news from tt_news in TYPO3 to Facebook wall.

      Repository / issue tracking / wiki hosted on

    • News- Blogsystem

      News-, Blogsystem (build with extbase and fluid).

      This extension is a study-work.

    • news2forum

      Allows you to automaticly create a forum post (mm_forum) when you add a new news (tt_news) to your website

    • Newscalendar

      A calendar extension for tt_news.

    • Newsletter

      A TYPO3 extension to send any pages as newsletter to several recipients at once.

      Originally based on TC Directmail, the mailing engine was almost entirely rewritten but most features were preserved. We now use SwiftMailer (from TYPO3 core). And it aims to improve the user experience and works out of the box....

    • Newsletter Subscription

      A newsletter subscription module which creates tt_address records and takes care of fe_user records as well. Tested with "direct_mail" only.

      See Manual for Tutorial / details

    • Newsletter Subscription

      Newsletter Subscription Module based on Extbase.

    • Newsletter via news (tt_news)

      Create newsletters based on news (tt_news). Compiles several news items into one newsletter. Individual newsletters based on subscription to tt_news categories. FE plug-in for subscription sign-up. Newsletters in plain text or HTML. Support for cronjobs.

    • Nexus

      With nexus you can drag and drop a excel or word file into the RTE.
      After the upload the file will be parsed and outputted as HTML, e.g. an excel file goes into a table HTML structure and a word file will be displayed as text with only the necessary styles and HTML tags....

    • Nivo Slider

      The most awesome jQuery image slider integrated into TYPO3.

    • NNTP-Reader

      Read newslists and display on website

    • Nova Shadowbox

      Use Mickael J. I. Jackson shadowbox 2.0 into typo3

    • Netresearch Content Delivery Network Helper

      Support for content delivery networks.

      This extension will replace links to static files like CSS, JavaScript, images, videos a. s. o. to be loaded from a CDN.

    • nsvpingbacks

      The extension nsvpingbacks enables TYPO3 sites to receive pingbacks from other sites. Admins and editors can manage pingbacks and approve or disapprove them individually. Nsvpingbacks works together with other extensions like tt_news and thus is especially suited for blogs based on TYPO3....

    • Number as Username

      Extents sr_feuser_register. A configurable number as a fe_user username is generated. It can be used together with normal registration.

    • nwt_replacer

      Replaces markers or regex-patterns - registered via TS or static call - in content.

    • NxExtbasePdf

      Provides an extended Fluid TemplateView that can render a LaTeX template as PDF file.

    • oblady debug

      This extension is a fork of the well known “cc_debug”. It has a beautified and re-factored source code, it's highly configurable and it includes some extra behaviors.
      Developers may use it to debug data by several means (classic debug popup, firebug, firephp and more)....

    • ODS commerce delivery

      With this extension you can enter a delivery prices for each country. See README.txt for instructions.

    • Official Twitter tweet button

      Put the official twitter tweet button on single pages or all pages

    • One-time FE Account

      This extension allows users to create a one-time FE account to which they will be automatically logged in. The users do not need to enter a user name or password. So this login can be used only one time.

    • Online Processes

      This extension aims to provide a framework for managing online processes using a MVC pattern with a service-based architecture.

    • Online Vital Statistics

      Example of online process (see extension Online Processes) providing an order form for vital statistics certificates (birth, death, marriage).

    • Open Graph Object

      This Extension turns your pages into Open graph objects. It configures automatically all the Open Graph meta tags you need in your html header.

      Please add the following information to your HTML Tag: "xmlns:og=""

      This can be done with "config.htmlTag_setParams = ..." in your ts....

    • OpenStreetMap

      Add an interactive OpenStreetMap map to your website. Can also show other OpenLayers compatible maps.

    • Organiser - responsive TYPO3 for the lobbies and the organisers
      Publish your news and events with Organiser! 
      Organiser provides a lot of features for handle 
      news, events, staff, headquarters, locations 
      and a calendar. Sell your tickets with the 
      integrated shop! Pick HTML templates and 
      TypoScript configurations with the mouse! ...
    • Organiser +Repertoire

      Extend your Organiser with a Repertoire. Organiser +Repertoire is provided with a database for repertoire, the TCA (backend forms), TypoScript-templates and HTML-templates.

    • Organiser +Workshops

      Extend your Organiser with Workshops. Organiser +Workshop is provided with a workshop database, the TCA (backend forms), TypoScript-templates and HTML-templates.

    • Organiser Installer - TYPO3 for the lobbies and the organisers

      The installer installs TYPO3 Organiser. It installs the extension with sample records and - if you like - with a Template. Installation is out of the box. It is a one click installation.

    • PAE Media Library

      his plugin aims to provide a frontend view for video, audio and image medias stored into the DAM, thus the name media library. HOWEVER so far, the media library part has not been developed (!) because we needed first a good video / MP3 player based on the DAM, something which was not existing for Typo3 yet....

    • Page Bookmark

      This extension can add/delete TYPO3 FE-Pages to a Bookmarklist. The pages saved with additional get parameter - for example you can bookmark tt_news or every other pages + data sets in TYPO FE.

      save automaticly the bookmarklist for FE-User in session if you are loged in ....

    • Page Comments

      Comment extension not only for Pages, can be bind to any record. Nested comments are possible.
      Example with news-integration

    • Page module CSS

      Costumization example for the Page module of TYPO3 4.4

    • Page path

      Provides API to other extensions to create a path to the Frontend page from Backend. For example, it can generate from page id=123 and tt_news record id=456.

      Issue tracker:

    • Page Teaser (with Fluid)

      Extension to create dynamic teasers, with data from page properties and its content elements. Professor Web Teaser based on Extbase and Fluid Template Engine.

      Visit pw_teaser in TER

    • Page tree tools

      Page tree tools for TYPO3 4.5.x and above

    • Pagebrowser

      Quickly insert paginations (prev/next menus) in sections of your website

    • Pagehits: History

      Extends the pagehits extension and fills a new field in fe_user with a history of visited pages.

    • Pages categorization

      This extension allows to relate pages with categories from tt_news_cat table.

      Moreover, it provides a function to get the news related with the categories of the current page and another function that returns the categories of the current page.

      With these functions you could use this extension combined with tt_news plugins. You can categorize a page with some tt_news categories and then you can show only the news that match with the page categories on tt_news plugins....

    • Pagewizard

      Create new page trees with an easy-to-use step by step wizard. New page trees are cloned from predefined page trees which of course can hold content elements.

      The code now lives here:

    • Partner Management

      This extension offers the possibility to manage partners (persons and organisations) including their relationships and an unlimited number of contact information (e.g. phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.).

      Please note that this extension is not developed actively any more. I will provide bugfixes but no new features are planned....

      • Party Frontend View

        This extension is the 'View' layer of the framework. It contains the view- and controller functions. It can be used to display party-data in the Frontend, but it also contains all the rendering methods e.g. to render an address in a country-specific way.

    • PAS3

      PAS3, or Personal Ad System for TYPO3, is an online print production engine that helps users create high-quality, individual print advertisements, brochures, forms, pricelists and even webpages within a fixed format. Perfect for dealer- or franchise organisations, saving them (you!) time and money....

    • Password Expiry and Reset

      Checks password for expiry upon login and sends user to a password change form in case of an expired password.

    • Password Manager

      Backend module to store, manage and retrieve arbitrary passwords. Passwords are stored encrypted. Passwords are organized in groups an multiple backend users can be assigned to groups.

    • passwords for mm_forum threads

      Allows user to set passwords for threads of mmforum

    • Payment Transactor API

      This is a basic API to develop extensions which connect to different payment transaction gateways.

    • Paymentlib for Commerce

      This is a plugin for the commerce ( ) extension that allows you to use any paymentlib in the shop. The extension is feature complete ( ie. it works ) but there is room for improvement in some area...

    • Paymentlib for commerce

      paymentlib support for commerce

    • PayPal seminars integration

      This extension adds "add to card" PayPal buttons to the "my events" list of the seminars extension in a very quick-and-dirty way.

    • paypal2commerce

      Paypal Express-Checkout for commerce

    • pChart charting library integration

      Integration of the pChart charting library. For more details see

      This project is currently stopped. Some time after starting this project I stumbled on problems with pChart and switched to PHPlot instead. I have no plan to continue on this. If you're interested in pursuing this integration, contact me, I'm willing to hand over the project to someone else....

    • PDF Archiv

      List church letters or other documents with actual view and archive.

    • PDF Controller 3

      Offer a TYPO3 page for PDF download. Individual layout with background PDF file. Extra first page is possible. PDF Controller supports TYPO3 sessions and can used on restricted pages. The PDF Controller can handle responsive backend layouts and responsive grid elements - ready-for-use together with TYPO3 Start. The PDF engine is TCPDF....

    • PDF Viewer

      displays pdf documents

    • pear mail

      Sends mails over SMTP server with authentication. XCLASS extension for t3lib_htmlmail. Sends mails with pear mail lib instead of PHP's mail() function

    • Pedantic

      Run select extensions in strict mode. Choose whether notices, warnings and/or strict errors should be reported. Obeys devIPmask. This is a developer tool.

    • Peimic's RealURL Configuration

      Pre-configured RealURL for many extensions and multiple websites.

    • Perfect Lightbox

      Click-enlarge images with PROTACULOUS/LIGHTBOX or MOOTOOLS/SLIMBOX in Typo3. Single images, imagesets, presentation mode and slideshow supported. Options can be set for each content-element. No XCLASS, just typoscript. Valid html. Flexible configuration.

    • Performance graphs for TYPO3

      This extensions measures the memory consumption over time and displays everything in a nice svg graph

    • Personalize content

      Personalize content based on different criteras. For example a logged in or logged out user, or a user who bought a specific product.

    • Phamlp


      dynamic css creation based on TS and SASS and SCSS

      Sponsor the project


    • Phonegap

      Fluid viewhelpers for Phonegap.

      Note: This is work in progress as a part of a bigger project Mobile App Factory. At the moment there is only one view helper for compass.

    • photo gallery

      Photo gallery for web essential

    • photocompetition


    • PHP Quick Profiler

      PHP Quick Profiler for Extension Developers

      Quick guide:

      checkout trunk
      checkout tags/php_profiler_example

      Install both extensions (ExtKey: php_profiler, php_profiler_example)
      Insert a new content element type "insert plugin", choose "PHP Quick Profiler" and clear cache....

    • PHPlot Integration

      Integration of the PHPlot charting library. See

    • phpMyAdmin

      TYPO3 7-LTS compatibility

      Please use version 5.1 x -

      Please use Github repository as main repo. SVN is deprecated!


      Third party phpMyAdmin administration module. TYPO3 preconfigures phpMyAdmin to the current database and restricts access to admin-users only....

    • PHPUnit CLI interface

      Adds option to invoke integrated test on multiple TYPO3 extensions while maintaining support for all of the existing PHPUnit features.

    • Picasaweb Integrator

      This extension inserts a picasaweb gallery ( by using the Picasa Web Albums Data API. Define username and you will get a list of all public galleries, view of album and detail.

    • pit_googlemaps

      pit_googlemaps is an extension / plugin for Typo3 to show a Google map. The special is: you can insert more than one marker. A Sidebar can also displayed if you want, where your marker are listen.

    • Piwik


      Adds Piwik JS-Code ( to your pages

      Please use the tracker on github for adding your ISSUES:

      Bugtracker and code repository

    • Piwikintegration in TYPO3


      Uses EXT:piwik to inserts Data in the HTML header and gives BE-Users the right to see the data for their sites. Autoupdate of Piwik will work as TYPO3-Admin!
      Future releases will depend on the extension piwik, that makes it possible to include piwik as external app....

    • Plaintext Library

      Creates a plain text version of the webpages. Includes static TS for direct_mail with templavoila. Uses html2text class from Based on svo_tvplaintext from Sacha Vorbeck.

    • Plugin cache analyzer

      BE module to analyze cache entries of 4.3 caching framework. Primarily used as a development helper of ext:enetcache

    • Plugin cache engine

      Provides an interface to cache plugin content elements based on 4.3 caching framework and above.

    • PlUpload

      This extension brings back the PlUpload feature that was dropped in TYPO3 4.5.0.
      PlUpload will be integrated to the filelist module, each user can select in the user settings which uploader to use.

    • Plupload for FE

      This extension provides an API for using plupload within your own extensions. Basically I've implemented an eID to handle file uploads managed by simple configuration records. You are able to implement whatever is possible with plupload by using TypoScript and template files....

    • Pluploader Frontend

      Integrates Plupload ( to upload multiple files at ones and send an email to a pre defined address with links to this uploaded files.
      Uses HTML5, Gears, Silverlight, Flash, BrowserPlus or normal forms in Frontend with an automatical fallback system....

    • PMK "I hate IE"

      Displays a fake IE "infobar" in Internet Explorer browsers (Similar to the annoying ActiveX infobar) with user defined text and link.

      Could be used to try persuading IE6 users to upgrade.

      Customizable "Hate level", so you can decide which IE versions should display the infobar. On non-IE browsers the script is not loaded....

    • PMK Autokeywords

      Generates META keywords from page/content and tt_news records when page/content/news is created or updated. Supports multiple language sites and TemplaVoila.

      If you like this extension, please rate it.

    • PMK Cat2Menu

      Creates a menuarray from category table like the tt_news and tt_products categories and renders that as a standard TYPO3 multilevel HMENU.

      Supports advanced post/pre-processing of data using build-in hooks. (Hooks example included.)

      If you like this extension, please rate it.

    • PMK Forced Download

      Force a download on links to files. With this extension it's possible to force download of files like images, PDFs, MP3 ect., overriding the browser settings.
      (Normally when you click on a TYPO3 link to a file like an image, the image will open in the browser.) ...

    • PMK Glossary

      Multilanguage autoparse glossary.

      Parses the output HTML and automatically inserts glossary definitions.
      Glossary links opens up a AJAX-based tooltipbox showing the definition. (See screenshot in Wiki section.)

      Supports multiple languages.

      Also includes FE plugin for displaying the entire glossary....

    • PMK Index Search Autocompleter

      AJAX based autocompleter for Indexed Search. Multiple word lookup and other features. All configurable using TypoScript. No XCLASS as it uses hook in Indexed Search.

      Supports Multiple JS frameworks: Mootools, JQuery & Prototype

      Mootools version is based on the Autocompleter 1.1 by Digitarald....

    • PMK MP3 Player

      TYPO3 Flash MP3 Player using the free Wordpress Flash player from 1 Pixel Out.

      If you like this extension, please rate it.

      As ratings are the only way I can see if there's an interest in this extension, updates depends on people rating it. (No ratings = No Updates!)...

    • PMK News Twitter

      Adds Twitter entry when a tt_news record is created or edited.
      Optional link back to singleView page can be added to Twitter post.
      (If you don't want the news posted on Twitter, there's a checkbox named “Don't post on Twitter” on the news record.)

      Extension sponsored by: < >...

    • PMK Shadowbox

      TYPO3 implementation of Michael J. I. Jackson's Shadowbox done using only Typoscript.
      Shadowbox is an online media viewer application (Lightbox clone) that supports all of the web's most popular media publishing formats. Shadowbox is written entirely in JavaScript and CSS and is highly customizable....

    • PMK Slimbox

      PMK SlimBox - Use Lightbox effect instead of TYPO3s standard image click-enlarge. - No XCLASS as all is done using pure Typoscript. - Slimbox is a 4kb visual clone of the popular Lightbox JS by Lokesh Dhakar, written using the ultra compact mootools

      If you like this extension, please rate it.

    • PMK TSVoila

      Provides an alternate TemplaVoila rendering. With this you can render each TV column separately in your Typoscript setup. (Similar to the "old-style" colPos method.)

      If you like this extension, please rate it.

      As ratings are the only way I can see if there's an interest in this extension, updates depends on people rating it. (No ratings = No Updates!)...

    • Popular pages

      Provide a list of the most popular pages

      What does it do?

      • This extension will display a list of most popular pages.
      • The number of visits for each page is stored in the database. There is a system that erease records after a configurable number of days. This helps avoid overloading the database ...
    • PostFinance E-Payment

      This payment module is for the new Swiss PostFinance payment gateway that has been released by PostFinance in November 2008.

      It will be developed as a simple donation facility with no advanced e-commerce functionality in the beginning.

      With the PostFinance account, your customers pay for their purchases directly from their computer or mobile phone. Payments with PostFinance Card or PostFinance e-finance....

    • Postfix

      Manage your Postfix accounts with TYPO3

      TYPO3 Postfix enables to configure MySQL data with TYPO3 forms. The extension delivers an autoresponder and an auto-reply plugin for the webmailer Roundcube.

      It contents a tutorial in German language for admins, who like to configure a teamplay of Postfix, Courier, TYPO3 and Roundcube....

    • Powermail ajax submit

      Send a form with ajax. Depends on prototype. See README.txt for further instructions.

    • Powermail div class

      Use powermail field class in div tag with ###DIVCLASS###. Updated powermal template file included.

    • Powermail Jquery

      NOTE: This extension/patch is no longer needed. The latest powermail already supports jQuery. So let us enjoy :)

      For old versions, you may still use this, I however do not recommend this, instead it is time to update powermail to latest version.

      Description of Powrermail Jquery:...

    • Powermail Limit

      This Extensions adds the possibility to set Time- and Maillimits to Powermail

    • Powermail PDF

      Use a powermail form to fill out an existing pdf file

    • powermail_frontend

      Frontend view of powermail entries

    • powermail_mul

      powermail_mul - This extension is outdated and not supported any more

    • powermail_optin

      Double Optin for powermail

    • powermail_sendpost


    • Presentation Menu

      Frontend presentation menu.

    • Privacy Guard

      This scheduler task cleans your TYPO3 installation to improve the privacy of your customers.

      Bugs / PRs / feature requests:

    • Product Catalog

      multicatalog is a basic Product Catalog Extension which is designed to be very easily extended and customized to fit a variety of needs.

      Easy Extensibility works rocksolid and is documented within the code. The manual is work-in-progress.

      At the moment Version 0.6 is in development which makes the catalog more feature complete and will be the first version which will be documented properly....

    • Project References

      An extbase and fluid based extension to show your projects, for wich customers you realised the projects and the technologies you used in your projects. Has a built in project search.

      Works with dam to manage files and images and works with tt_address to manage contact persons. ...

    • Project Summary

      Project Summary Extension with Simple Front-End Output for a choosen Project. Manage your Projects and Hours spent for a project. Using Flexforms and MM-Tables.

    • protocolCreator

      Simple script to create a protocol mail from forge issues for team meetings.

      How To:
      1.) -> your projects -> issues

      2.) select issues that are discussed (we use 'Target version: xyz' to determine the issues of the meeting)

    • pt_extlist

      Re-Implementation of pt_list using ExtBase Extension Framework. pt_list is a list generator based on pt_mvc.

      Please use Github to get the latest version

      Due to export-problems from SVN to GIT, we are no longer supporting the SVN-Repository on forge. Please use for getting a trunk version of the extension....

    • pt_jqueryui

      Extension for using JQuery UI in Typo3 projects

    • pt_objectstorage

      Lightweight persistence framework for Typo3 database access.

    • pt_xml2pdf

      Extension for rendering PDF files from XML. Uses FPDF to generate PDF.

    • Tools (pt_tools)

      PHP5 toolbox and class library for extension development using PHP 5.1+ and TYPO3 4.0+ (or higher). This library is a dependency for several other pt_* extensions.

    • punycode

      Enables non-latin1 domain handling in TYPO3

    • push2rss_3ds

      automatically builds RSS feed for latest records (any type if configured) in the backend - dynamically generates xml in frontend

    • Questionaire

      Questionaire is an extension to take surveys from the visitors of your website. The results can be exported to a csv-file to analyze in Microsoft Excel or the statistical program SPSS or its open source concurrent PSPP.

    • Queue framework

      Collecting ideas and proofing concepts for a message queue API for background job processing.

      TYPO3v4 Incubator:;h=refs/heads/project-queue

    • Quick Shop – responsive E-Commerce with TYPO3

      Quick Shop is optimised for desktops, tablets and smartphones.
      You are welcome to install Quick Shop with one mouse-click – responsive and ready-to-use.
      Quick Shop is e-commerce for small budget and small-scale enterprises.


    • Quick Shop Installer

      The installer installs Quick Shop and Quick Shop Template. Installation is out of the box. It is a one click installation.

    • Quick Shop Stock

      Advanced handling of Quick Shop products stock, using a powermail hook. After order the number of products in stock will be reduced by the number of ordered products.

    • Quicky

      A wizard to create extension base including files and folders.

    • Qype List

      Adds a List of Qype Reviews to your Site

    • Radial Search (Umkreissuche)

      Radial search (German: Umkreissuche) for your TYPO3 database. Your data must have a latitude and a longitude. The Browser - TYPO3 without PHP - has radial search integrated.

    • Random banners

      Displaying random banners for t3o relaunch.
      Click and display statistics included.
      Scheduler task for sending monthly email reports.

    • Random Files Sorting

      obsolete: option is available in core since TYPO3 7 LTS

      Extends the sorting-property of FilesContentObject (FILES) with the value "rand()" for random sorting

    • Rating AX

      Highly flexible AJAX rating based on extbase/fluid/jquery. Allows multiple ratings within one page. It could be used as a cObj by other extensions or included in every FLUID template using the viewhelper. Each ratingstep could be configured having a name - international localization included....

    • Ratings

      Please open a new issue instead to use for bug reporting any longer...

    • ReadSpeaker

      The Git repository is located here:

    • Readspeaker for TYPO3

      Integrate the readspeaker service to your website. Provides 30+ Languages, 50+ Voices, easy to use

    • RealURL Manag. module-add ex.

      Example how to add new modules to "RealURL Management(realurlmanagement)" extension.

    • RealURL Management

      Allows you to delete and change the URLs created by RealURL. It is useful after site-renaming, if RealURL create a URL that you dont like or if you are done with testing and you want to insert real data.

    • RealURL Patch

      Extends realurl extension with some good features and improvements.

    • RealURL: Clear cache

      Adds cache clearing options for RealURL to the clear cache menu and next to the clear page cache icon.

    • reCAPTCHA

      Wiki + issues can be found / managed on

    • reCAPTCHA for EXT:comments

      This extension extends EXT:comments to use reCAPTCHA (EXT:jm_recaptcha)

    • Record Link

      Add custom link to records like system category or news

    • Records management in a BE module

      This extension add modules to easily manage your records (insert, edit & export) in one place (with different PID).

    • Redirect

      Backend module for managing redirecting url's. This extension provides a backend module for managing redirects for multiple sites and languages. The extension hooks into a preprocess request and checks for redirect records. If a redirect record exist for this specific site execute the redirect....

    • Redirect Linkhandling

      Extremely flexible 404 page error handling.
      Every 404 will be stored in the database. You can configure 301-redirects or regex-rules to handle multiple URLs.

      • Supports multidomain environments
      • different storage pages and typoscript configurations in each domain rootline...
    • Redirect URL

      Redirects the normal id to the Search Engine Friendly link. There is nothing you have to do, just install the extension.

    • Redirector

      Redirects the user to a given page (e.g. after login or logout) or to a login page if a restricted page is accessed.

    • register4cal

      The very popular TYPO3 extension “Calendar Base” (“cal”) provides a nice calendar, showing all types of events in several possible calendar displays. This extension adds a registration functionality to the calender events. Users can register and unregister for events. A maximum number of attendees can be set for events and a waitlist can be used if this number has been reached. ...

    • Relational Link Elements

      Generate relational link elements from pagerecords for the HEAD section of your HTML pages.

    • Relax!

      Demo how to use CouchDB as Datastorage for Extensions

    • Remote Server

      Enable TYPO3 to act as a remote application server for web services calls. BE access restrictions apply.

      Tested until TYPO3 4.5, but not maintained anymore. If this were to be redeveloped, it would greatly benefit from the new bootstrapping introduced in TYPO3 6.0....

    • Remote Survey Project

      This project has been dropped. Refer to the Caretaker project instead: [[]]

    • Reset backend password

      Each backend user with a valid email address can reset his password. This plugin extends the loginpage with a link in the wrong password message. It sends the user an email with an unique link to restore his BE password.

    • Reset CSS

      A Reset CSS based on Chris Meyers Reset CSS.

    • Resize images automatically

      This extension allows you to automatically resize down huge pictures uploaded by your editors.


      • The team from prepared a German screencast to show how to install and configure this extension in your website. Thanks a lot!...
    • Bootstrap responsive images

      Currently, typo3 core only allow to set width of images without any layout relationship.
      This ends up into providing images far larger than client would have needed (think about a picture in a 6 column layout rendered at 1200 / 600 / 300 px while only making 100px). Not only this consume bandwidth, but also energy to downsize images in the browsers....

    • Responsive preview

      This extension makes you able to preview from the backend your responsive website in several sizes.
      It's more an idea than a proper extension. I adapted the official "viewpage" system extension to transform it into something different and modern.
      However, it works only as a system extension and i would like it to be a local extension. Any help is welcome !...

    • Responsive Preview

      Preview your responsive TYPO3 Website in different resolutions in the Backend View and Frontend Preview.

      Just select the resolution in the dropdown and check if your website fits to all devices.

      See Wiki for Screenshots and TSConfig.

    • Responsive Template

      A full responsive Template with one click to install.

      - different backend- and frontend layouts (e.g. 1-, 2-, 3-cols)
      - templating with fluid
      - basic CSS with media queries
      - a simple slider (responsive)
      - complete configuration via the constant editor...

    • REST client

      A client to consume RESTful Web Services

      Typo3 RESTclient extension GIT repository

    • REST client UI

      A backend module to consume RESTful Web Services

      Typo3 RESTclient UI extension GIT repository

    • SAV Library Mvc

      The SAV Library Mvc is a library, based on fluid and extbase for the SAV Library Kickstarter.
      It is used to create extensions without any PHP coding.
      Multiple views of the data including forms with Front End editing facilities can be generated.

    • SB FAQ

      Multilanguage FAQ system based on Extbase/Fluid

    • Set default author/email

      Defaults the author/email fields in pages to the info from the currently logged in user.

    • Shopping Cart for TYPO3 - Order Handler

      The wt_cart_order extension uses some Hooks / Signal Slots to persist the complete cart on order. The backend module allows you to List and Show the orders, changing some states and have some statistics.


    • Shopping Cart for TYPO3 - PayPal

      This extension allows you to use paypal as an payment provider.

    • Shopping Cart for TYPO3 - PDF Generator

      This extension allows you to generate PDFs (Invoice, Delivery note, ...). The extension Hooks into wt_cart, wt_cart_order and allows you to send the PDFs as an email attachment or download them in the backend of the wt_cart_order backend module.


    • Shopping Cart for TYPO3 - Products

      The wt_cart_product Extension adds some tables for products and variants to TYPO3. The extension allows you handling products with an own backend module. The extension has some frontend plugins to List, Show and Teaser the products. The sample TypoScript definition simplify the configuration of wt_cart....

    • Shopware Integration for TYPO3

      px_shopware 1.5.0 (stable)

      Shopware Integration for TYPO3

      This extension connects Shopware with TYPO3 CMS. It retrieves data from shopware REST API and provides many frontend plugins to show or list shopware data like articles, categories, etc on your TYPO3 website....

    • Simple FAQ

      A simple FAQ Extension. Uses IRRE for FAQ articles. Easy to use, no configuration is needed. Adds a new Simple FAQ content element to the common content elements list.

    • Simplegrids

      Simplegrids (simplegrids)

      This extension adds useful gridelements automaticaly after the installation to your TYPO3 system

      The first delivered gridelement is a dynamic grid-system for your content elements. (2-5 colums)

      The grid-system is responsive and works with a 20-column grid-system....

    • Simpleaddress

      This extension offers an simple way for showing an address block with or without a Google Maps and the address location on this map. The address will rendered in vCard format and the whole template is full responsive because it based on Twitter Bootstrap....

    • SimpleCalendar

      Simple Calendar (dm_simplecalendar)

      With this extension you can create appointments and display them in a calendar view.

      The calendar provides year/month/week/day views.

      You can create different calendar plugins which show different categories for appointments or you can create one plugin which displays appointments from many categories....

    • Self Test

      Supplies a plugin for self tests:

      The user can answer some questions,
      choosing one of the provided answer posibilities.

      After answering all questions,
      the result will be shown instantly
      depending on the selected answers.

      Only for TYPO3 version 6.0 and higher...

    • Sitepackage

      The goal is to store as much configuration as possible in an extension to:
      - make it possible to store configuration in a versioning system
      - act as a deployment method (small site, very restrictive environments)

    • Slick - responsive Carousel Slider
      Slick carousel slider by Ken Wheeler:
      • Fully responsive.
      • Scales with its container.
      • Separate settings per breakpoint.
      • Swipe, desktop mouse dragging, infinite looping among others.
      • Slick is ready-for-use with the organiser and tt_news.
    • Social Media Streams

      The Extension "Social Media Streams" can display feeds from social media platforms in the way you like it. Works with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr.

    • Socialshareprivacy for news

      This extension provides a ViewHelper to easily add the socialshareprivacy plugin by to EXT:news.

    • Source Optimization

      Cleanup the HTML output :) The extension cleanup the Putput of the TYPO3 generated HTML via a page renderer hook.

    • Spamshield for Formhandler

      Integrates spam protection from wt_spamshield with formhandler forms.

    • Sphinx Documentation Viewer Plugin

      Seamlessly embeds Sphinx/reStructuredText-based documentation into your TYPO3 website. Instead of publishing your various manual, in-house documents, guides, references, ... solely as PDF, render them as JSON and use this extension to show them as part of your website to enhance the overall user experience and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Lets you merge the chapter structure with the breadcrumb menu and much more. Documentation styles automatically inherit from your corporate design....

    • return mail analysis

      scheduler task for direct_mail return mail analysis without fetchmail installed (ueses php imap functions) based on sl_direct_mail_return

    • rgnewsce

      This extension allows to add any number of any content elements to a news record. So for example you can use text with image, tables, mailforms etc in your news. It can be used in news system that needs high flexibility in content formatting.

      This extension allows also to divide tt_news fields into more tabs and to format standard news text and images using css_styled_content....

    • Rijksoverheid

      Distribution which can be used as a starter kit for Dutch Governmental websites (Rijksoverheid)

    • Robots

      Adds robots controls to the page properties to set robots tag individually for each page.


    • Role Based Access Controll

      Extension implements a Role-Based Access Controll system for Typo3. It's based on ExtBase and comes along with some models you need for RBAC (Role, Privilege, Function,...) and a service for checking which user has access to which functionality on which object. When it's finished, it will bring up a frontend admin widget that can handle all access-related functionality for various extensions....

    • Roles 2

      You can turn every be-group into a role. And then switch between your roles. When you have activated role B, then role A, C and D are "detached". It's like A,C and D are not assigned to the user.
      Because a role is essential a be-group, you can define webmounts, filemounts, which modules and fields should be accessible and more....

    • RoundCorners

      Adds round corners to your content element

    • Route

      Publish your routes with Google Maps or OpenStreetMap! Routes have points of interest (POI). You can categorise and filter both: routes and POI.

    • RPX Login

      Login with the RPX Service to login in typo3 with twitter, facebook opendid and co

    • RS | Advanded TYPO3 Locking

      If you need advanced TYPO3 locking functions, this extension may help you.

      Features TYPO3 with an advanced and rewritten locking.

      TYPO3 offers locking methods are:

      • simple (is_file method)
      • flock (filesystem locking attributes)
      • semaphore (System V IPC Key)...
    • RSS News Feed

      This extension is for handling rss news from external websites.
      Version 1.0 is uploaded inside the trunk folder of repository.

    • rssmanager

      The RSS Manager can help you organize your Newsroom by selecting other RSS-Feed and managing them on your Site. You will be able to customize the Feeds by time, items and much more properties.

    • RTE anchors

      Adds a new tab to RTE link window to create anchors and link to them. This is a newer and better alternative to trk_rteanchors.

      Not maintained!

    • Safe Record Editing

      The Safe Record Editing extension makes editing of records safe by auto-saving drafts and informing users of concurrent editing and record updates.

      A common pit fall in TYPO3, is that backend editors can accidentally save over each others edits, without ever knowing that they did so. This is quite a problem, when you work in an environment with many editors. Safe Record Editing is an attempt to address that problem....

    • Salted pw for sr_feuser_reg.

      This extension modifies sr_feuser_register to work together with the extension t3sec_saltedpw. This is done by xclassing tx_srfeuserregister_data and extending the methods parseIncomingData and parseOutgoingData.

    • Salted user password hashes

      This extension uses Portable PHP password hashing framework for storing salted password hashes for either FE user records or BE user records or both. Furthermore this extension adds new authentication services for FE and BE so that the salted password hashes can be used for authentication....

    • SAV Library Kickstarter

      The SAV Library Kickstarter is a code generator, developed with extbase and fluid, to produce Front End plugins without any PHP coding, thanks to simple configuration parameters and the SAV Library Extension. This extension replaces the features which were added to the conventional kickstarter using the XCLASS method in the sav_library extension....

    • SAV Library Plus

      The SAV Library Plus is the library which is required to run extension generated by means of the SAV Library Kickstarter when the library type “plus” is used, which is now the default. It replaces the old SAV Library which is no more maintained.

      The SAV Library Kickstrater generates extensions without any PHP coding, thanks to simple configuration parameters. It includes:...

    • SB Downloader

      Download system for all kind of files with optional click counter, short description and detail view. Configuration via flexforms and HTML template.

    • SB Folderdownload

      Reads files from a folder and display downloads (with download link)

    • SB Partner

      Management of company partners (distributors,..) - Anzeige von Firmenpartnern (Systempartner, Distributoren)

    • SB Portfolio

      This extension allows you to display samples of your work with accompanying text descriptions. It was intended for myself as an illustrator and web designer, but could be used for photographers, architects, or any other purpose where you need to display samples of work with clients and categories of work....

    • SB Portfolio 2

      An online portfolio manager for illustrators, artists, photographers, filmographers, etc. Features categoriseable items/clients with testimonials, films, tags, images/imagefolders, flickr sets... similar to sb_portfolio, but based on extbase/fluid.

    • Scheduler via HTTP

      This extension allows to invoke the scheduler via HTTP-Request. This approach can be necessary if your webspace-provider offers periodical requests via HTTP only (e.g. on clustered systems) or if your webspace-provider does not provide cronjobs at all and you are advised to use a third-party service which initiates periodical HTTP-Request to your webspace....

    • Scoop.It

      Display topics, posts, and user profiles on your website. Utilises the API and extBase/Fluid.

    • scriptmerger

      This extension minimizes the http requests by concatenating your css and javascript. Furthermore the result can be minified and compressed. This whole process is highly configurable and is partly based on the "minify", "jsminplus" and "jsmin" projects.


    • Scriptmerger Bless

      XCLASS of the scriptmerger Extension, to do something similar as the Bless Plugin ( IE versions 6, 7, 8 & 9 all have a limit on the number of selectors allowed in a single CSS file. Once the limit is reached, IE silently fails and just ignores any further CSS in the file leaving parts of your site totally unstyled....

    • SDU Connect

      Connection to the Dutch database for municipalities

    • Search Engine Optimization

      This is a new project for the new SEO module for the TYPO3 4.x coming up soon!

    • Secure Download

      Display Downloads only with correct code !!!

    • Secure Downloads for FAL

      Adds feUser rights for files. Simply add a new storage and select the "secure download" driver. You can put the files into any directory outside the webroot or into a .htaccess protected directory.
      The files are delivered by a file provider. You can set the rights to storages or files. If you set a usergroup to a page, only members of these group are allowed to download the files from that page....

    • Secured files using mod_rewrite
      Secure your file downloads in TYPO3 with apache2's mod_rewrite.
      The advantages of this method are manyfold:
      • The paths stay the same, there is no token in the URI.
      • There is no PHP involved in delivering the files.
      • File downloads are faster.
      • File downloads are not affected by php's memory limit or other errors....
    • Security Check

      Security Check Backend Modul

    • Seitwert Statistics

      Collects ratings from and shows them in BE and FE.

    • Semantic Templates

      The “Semantic Templates” extension displays HTML templates from a LESS installation in TYPO3 pages.

      LESS is a web application to create HTML templates and fill them with data from the semantic web (linked data: RDF, RDFa; and SPARQL query results).

      You can use it to display data from i.e. the Wikipedia on your TYPO3 page. Your page updates automatically when the data in Wikipedia change, and with LESS you have a central place to manage the layout of your template. Other people can improve your templates or add new ones, ready for you to use....

    • seminars ke_yac connector

      This extension displays events from the "seminars" extension in the ke_yac calendar.

    • seminars/cal redirect

      This extension creates a redirect from cal to onetimeaccount/seminars.

    • ARM Shop

      ARM Shop extension is developed for TYPO3 6.x and above. This extension will provide complete e-commerce features to a TYPO3 website. The extension uses jQuery based jScroll techniques to list more products with Ajax request, jqZoom library for product images. ...

    • Backend Simplifier

      The Backend Simplifier offers the configuration of the eight most commonly used porperties for simplifying the TYPO3 backend by a mouse cklick. User interface is the extension manager. Enable page tree uids, use indvidual page tree icons, activate the extended view and the clipboard and the admin panel for all editors. Extend the cache thunderbolts with one for the system cache....

    • Simple Slider

      Allows to add box of images with text switching between each-others with animation.

    • SEO Basics

      Basic SEO Features in a ready-to-go installation: XML Sitemap, proper title-tag and keyword handling, canonical tag etc.

    • SEO Buddy

      Uses simulatestatic or realurl url to set canonical link tag or do a 301 redirect if page is requested with page id.

    • SEO Dynamic Tag 3

      Search Engine Optimization: Get any value out of the database for the title-tag or the meta-tags e.g.

    • SEO Pack for tt_news

      adds an additional tab called "Meta Data" to tt_news for alias, meta description and browser title. Can be used automatically with "seo basics" or alone with own configuration.
      Allows custom tt_news links from an alias. When not set the alias is generated from the news title....

    • Set FE timezone

      Set the website timezone with typoscript config.timezone

    • Set tt_news archive date automatically

      e.g. to 1.1. of the next week or year.

    • Sevenpack

      A bibliography and publication reference manager

    • Sexy bookmarks for tt_news

      Adds the ###SEXYBOOKMARKS### template marker for tt_news.

    • SF Mailsubscription

      I want to create a high configurable Mailsubscription extension. It will use the new Swiftmailer and will be configurable with flexform and extension constants.
      You can decide if a record will be updated or if a new record will be created. Should it delete a record or should it uncheck the getNewsletterCheckbox only....

    • SF SVG API

      This is a SVG API (Scalable Vector Graphics) based on extbase. Make use of the methods of this API to build the HTML for SVG. After adding extension template you can see some sample results in backend module "tools". Have a look into source code to see how it works....

    • sfpipauth

      Pretty fast IP Authentication Service.

      It's easy to administrate and you are able to have a good overview of your configured login-IPs even if you have ten thousands of fe_users.

      You can use Wildcards as well as subnets for IP-Ranges and assign them to fe_users....

    • sharethis

      Supports social-share-buttons (for e.g. facebook and twitter) from

    • Shibboleth authentication


      This extension provides single sign on (SSO) services for authentication with a shibboleth server. Frontend and backend are supported.


      Documentation is part of the extension code (Sphinx). The newest documentation is frequently rendered to

    • Shop System

      Shop with listing in multiple languages, with order tracking, photo gallery, DAM, product variants, credit card payment and bank accounts, bill, creditpoint, voucher system and gift certificates.
      Read the book "Der TYPO3 Webshop" at ....

    • Shop system by Nikitin S.M.

      Shop bricks by Nikitin S.M.

    • Shop3ox

      Shop system for Typo3

    • Shopr* Entertainment Shopping

      Social Entertainment Shopping Frontend Plugin
      - like groupon or schutzgeld
      - add one product for a defined time
      - registration needed

    • Show commerce article attributes in basket

      Now you could use ###ARTICLE_SELECT_ATTRIBUTES### in shoppingcart or checkoutmail template to display the selected article attributes. For setup instructions see README.txt.

    • Show Item Extended Info

      Extended informations and editing features for selected elements.

    • Simple AJAX Shoutbox

      A very simple ajax shoutbox.

    • Simple Blog

      Simple Blog based on extbase/fluid

    • Simple booking extension

      With this extension you may rent rooms, holiday flats or any item on a per day basis.
      It makes currently only sense for a small amount of items (e.g. Bed & Breakfast) but not for a hotel. Seasonal prices are possible.

    • Simple Downloadcenter

      a very simple download plugin. Making Downloadlinks & Folders all by its own. Just upload, maybe add your styles.

    • Simple YouTube

      Simple YouTube video content element with title and description.

    • Simple Youtube

      Simply add a youtube-video as a responsive content-element. The embedded video is compatible to mobile devices (html5).

    • simpliRobots

      Generates a robots.txt fully configarable by Typoscript. Usefull for multidomain and multilingual sites. Realurl or cooluri is needed.
      Thanks to Simpli Cissimus Werbeatelier ( for their support for this extension.

    • Single-SignOn


      is an Open Source Single Sign-On framework.
      TYPO3 Single Sign-On allows direct access to the Third Party Application (TPA) by securely passing a one-time-token to the browser (via URL). Thus, TPAs may be distributed across the net.


    • sitecats

      Can be used to categorize typo3-sites

    • Sitemanager


      This extensions goal will be to manage many customers in a single TYPO3 installation.
      To achieve this there will be some options to configure in pagets.
      The current stable state is testable as EXT:ks_sitemgr which is pretty stable for now....

    • Sitewards Flash Filter

      Extension for filtering out all flash content by providing an initial GET-parameter (?noflash=1 to activate the filtering or ?noflash=0 to deactivate it).
      The parameter is then stored in the session so that the url stays clean.
      The extension offers a new content element for flash content with a fallback-option. If flash should be filtered out, only the fallback-content is rendered and displayed....

    • SJR Offers

      An extension to manage, search and display recreation offers managed by youth organizations.

    • Skype status button

      add a Skype status button

    • SM - Google Calendar

      uses google calendar.

    • Smallads

      Submit, display and admin smallads (Classified advertisements, Announcements). FE Users can edit and delete ads they have submitted. Picture upload is possible. Easy to install.

      This extension is not actively maintained.

      You can find the repository at...

    • smarty

      This project is hosted on github at

    • Smilie API

      This extension is an approach to centralize smiley handling in a TYPO3 site. The extension consists of one main function which replaces a “smiley string” (e.g. :-) ) with an img tag showing the associated smiley image.

    • SMSKAUFEN Gateway

      Interface to use the SMS gateway provided by SMSKAUFEN with TYPO3

    • Snippets (t3o_snippets, OBSOLETE)

      Snippets with list, details, GeSHi syntax highlighter, submitting and editing via frontend.

      GIT repositories: (older)

      OBSOLETE: This extension is not further developed....

    • Snippets (pastecode)

      Snippet library

    • Snow Flurry

      The TYPO3 extension Snow Flurry uses the form of crystalline water ice (aka snowflakes) to give your website a bit of a winterish atmosphere.

    • snowbabel

      What does it do?

      snowbabel provides an easy and modern way for Extension translation. Target groups are Content Managers and non-technical Backendusers.


      snowbabel is a standalone Extension, there's no need for other Extensions....

    • Snowstorm


    • SOAP echo webservice

      PEAR::SOAP based server with WSDL and methods ping, echoText, echoGermanUmlautText, getXML. You need the pear-Extension to install "SOAP" (switch to "beta"). This echo helps to test SOAP-clients and ESB.

    • Social Bookmarks

      Genarates a Social Bookmark link bar. Each click will be recognized and stored into a db table for a fancy Backend statistic.

    • Social Login to TYPO3

      The extension “sociallogin2t3″ is a social media login tool for logging into the front-end of TYPO3 with social media accounts from Facebook, Hyves, Twitter and LinkedIn based on OAuth authentication. It was developed by Ron Schoellmann and Joost van Berckel for the Dutch trade union CNV (Christelijk Nationaal Vakverbond)....

    • Social Media Widgets
      An extension based on jQuery for social network platforms.
      Widgets are:
      • Twitter
      • Youtube
      • Flickr
      • Facebook
      • RSS Feeds

      This extension is sponsored by D.K.D.

    • Social Network - Recommend link

      With this extension, you are able to recommend your website and news by using social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, YouTube, MeinVz).

    • Social Network share tt_news

      Visitors can share your tt_news article with their social networks. With support! Example:

    • Social Publisher

      Allows to publish any kind of record (tt_news, page etc) to automatically send to Twitter or to a Facebook Activity Stream.

    • Socials for tt_news

      This extensions integrates Georg Ringer's “Socials to rule them all” with tt_news by adding the ###SOCIALS### - Marker to your template.

    • socialshareprivacy for tt_news

      Adds the socialshareprivacy plugin to each tt_news item. Marker: ###SOCIALPRIVACYSHARE###

    • Solr Administration

      With this module you can directly access your solr module, search records with an interface, delete some specifics records and do other operations (with multi core support).

    • Solr Boutique

      Solr Boutique is an example extension that contains of a product data model, a view for single product data records and Typo3 Solr Configuration. It demonstrates the indexing and presenting of product data with the TYPO3 Solr extension. Instead of writing a complex extension with Filtering options for a product catalog you can realize it by simply creating a Template and configuring Solr Typoscript for the list view and faceting. ...

    • SolrPanel

      Solr Index Analysis/Administration Tool

      ALPHA Status - NOT ready for productive use!

    • Sorting News

      tt_news manual sorting

    • Spamshield for TYPO3

      An invisible spamhield using various checks to determine spammers.
      Spamshield targets for two defense lines:
      1. detecting spammers before they fill out a form and block them from the entire web page.
      2. detect spammers in the way they fill out a form and block the form submission....

    • Sphinx Python Documentation Generator

      Installs a full-fledged Sphinx environment within your TYPO3 website. Builds and renders Sphinx/reStructuredText-based projects such as extension manuals, official reference guides or your own in-house documents as HTML/JSON/PDF either from TYPO3 Backend or from command-line, as you prefer. Features a reStructuredText editor with cross-reference browser and syntax highlighting....

    • Spotify

      Search and get playlist for Spotify directly from your website.

    • Sprite

      Create very easy sprites with typoscript.
      See Wiki for documentation.

    • Sprite icon overview

      The extensions is now part of extdeveval.

    • Sprites

      Functions for css sprites generation

    • SR GD Crop & Resize

      Crop and Resize with GD. Usefull when ImageMagick is not available on the hoster. Idea from jb_gd_resize Typo3 extension and Smart Image Resizer script.

    • SRA Library

      Library Management with FE-Users support.

    • Start TYPO3 Responsive

      Start is installing and managing a responsive TYPO3 - optimised for desktops, tablets and smartphones. Provides a dozen ready-to-use backend layouts and some grid-layouts. Template is included for a responsive newsletter. TYPO3 editors are able to create nested layouts. Based on the responsive framework Foundation (Zurb)....

    • Start TYPO3 Responsive Customer

      Controll the design of Start TYPO3 Responsive! and the responsive framework Foundation (Zurb) with a user interface. Start TYPO3 Responsive Customer enables you to configure a lot of CSS properties by a mouse click. Copy Start TYPO3 Responsive Customer, rename it and adapt it to your needs....

    • Static Cities

      Static Cities is a huge Database-Table with cities and communities of germany.
      Data are from and include zips, coordinates, links to the wikipedia-page and much more.

      The Extension is intended being a base for two kinds of extensions:
      1. Extensions using the data like and as addition to the well known static_info_tables....
    • Static Info Tables
      Static Info Tables is a collection of database tables with API which provides data on:
      • territories;
      • countries;
      • country zones (states, provinces, local government areas);
      • languages;
      • and currencies.

      Moved to

    • Static Info Tables (de)

      (de) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries, currencies and so on.

    • Static Info Tables (pl)

      (pl) language pack for the Static Info Tables providing localized names for countries.

      We have moved to Github:

    • Static Info Tables for Extbase

      Provides models and repositories to use the static info tables in Extbase and Fluid.

      This project will not get maintained anymore, because it has been integrated in Static Info Tables Extension.

    • Static Info Tables Manager

      A backend module for maintaining Static Info Tables and generating its language pack extensions.

      This extension is OBSOLETE. Use Static Info Tables 6.0.0+ instead.

    • Static Publish

      Static Publish enables BE users to publish website content to static HTML files.

      Presets (tree depth, languages) can be defined by Page and User TS config. Once defined a publication can be regenerated with a few clicks.

    • Static redirects

      Simply manage (permanent 301) redirects in the list view. The extension supports multidomain sites, count the redirect usage and shows the last referer. UPDATE! imports the records from realurl.

    • Static Sex

      Table of sexual classification by different standards for human and zoological purposes.
      Values refer to the standards and grant for compatibility to any system using these standards too.

    • Static Template for Websites

      This extension has been created from the master template provided by the NRW user group.

    • static_info_tables_cz

      Additional czech fields for static info tables

    • staticpub

      Staticpub Extension for publishing TYPO3 Pages to static files with the help of the crawler

      Repository moved to Github:

    • staticpub page-export

      Export pages (as zip-file) via staticpub and crawler.

      Repository moved to Github:

    • Statistics

      Statistics for TYPO3: pageviews/visits, live visitor tracking and extension statistics. Supports fe_users, languages and page types. Support for tt_news is built in. Easy to adapt to other extensions.

      This extension is not actively maintained.

      You can find the repository at...

    • Stop Duplicate Content

      Forces TYPO3 to use the latest url for any page. This helps to avoid duplicate content.

      You can find the repository and its issue tracker at GitHub

    • Stop words

      Create white lists or black lists of words. Use provided service to filter words in your extension.

    • Stop words for RealURL

      Filter out words from the speaking URLs generated by RealURL based on word length and the stop words service.

    • Store Powermail form in database

      Store Powermail form data in another table. Easy configuration.


      Adds the functionality of into TYPO3 frontend and backend.

    • Structured Data Rendering for TYPO3

      PxSemantic provides an extrem dynamic and highly customizable solution to embed structured data on your website and enrich them with information about your website. The currently supported classes are a subset of the vocabulary defined on and were generated with the schema generator from At the moment we only support json-ld format to encode LinkedData....

    • Student-Office

      This extension is a student-database for managing students. It's based on adv_address and uses the MVC-Architecture with div/lib.

    • Subsitewizard

      TU Ilmenau Projekt

    • subversion support for TYPO3

      "np_subversion" integrates the well-known version control system Subversion seamlessly into TYPO3, the most widely used PHP-based content management system.

      The extension module enables TYPO3 administrators and developers to centrally manage files (Extensions, XHTML/CSS templates, TypoScript configuration, etc.) in Subversion repositories....

    • Supersized - full screen background slideshow

      This extension implements the jquery supersized plugin - full screen background slideshow ( - MIT License / GPL License)

    • Support Chat

      An Ajax based Support chat. FE-Users can chat with BE-Users.

    • Survey

      Successor of the extension Questionaire (pbsurvey) based on Extbase.

    • T3 Socials

      This TYPO3 extension provides an API to communicate with socials networks. So it's possible for example to publish newly created news (or whatever you like) directly into social networks.

      on github:

    • t3ddy - Super cute tabs and accordions


      T3ddy provides comfortable tabs and accordion handling right in TYPO3 page module using the magic of gridelements.


      Check out Wiki for a small instruction to t3ddy.

    • T3Users

      Enhanced frontend user management for TYPO3. User registration, login and management in a single extension. (Most features still under development!)

      on github:

      CAUTION! Please add new issues on github and not longer here....

    • Table Cleaner

      When a record is deleted in TYPO3, most of the times it is not actually deleted. Many tables just set a value of 1 on the 'deleted' field. Some sites can get pretty big and a lot of content is added and removed. This means that some tables will fill up with deleted records....

    • Tagcloud Extension

      Tag cloud is an user friendly extension to generate tag clouds. The tags can be either manually created with links or it can be taken from various fields of existing database tables.

    • Tags for pages

      This extension uses the sys_category as tags for pages. It creates a list of pagelinks with tagged with one or multiple specific tags.

    • tail frontend

      Provides a plugin for "tail" to render contents with fluid.

    • tail – a generic REST client

      Tail is a generic REST client to consume RESTful services which aims to be short and simple.

    • TC Directmail

      Directmail extension with simple to setup and use mailer, and a very extensible recipient configuration.

      Code repository location

    • TemplaVoila Content Slide

      Inherit/Slide content elements to sub-pages by configuring TemplaVoila columns via DS for content sliding.

    • TER Announcer

      Provides a task to send you a mail if an extension-update is available.

    • TidioChat

      Adds TidioChat to a TYPO3 instance.

    • TinyMCE v4 as TYPO3 RTE


      We don't use Forge for the issue tracking anymore. Please, use the following one:

    • TocToc Index Reloaded

      TocToc Index Reloaded reloads and reworks index.php before it's sent by the server to the client.

      The goal of this, on the first level, is to regroup CSS above the </head>-tag and JavaScript above the </body>-tag.
      CSS and JavaScript are brought to the right places in HTML....

    • Trusted Hosts Pattern

      Generate trustedHostsPattern from existing domain records

      You can find the repository and its issue tracker at GitHub

    • tslib_feTCE backport

      This extension brings the deprecated TYPO3 4.x class tslib_feTCE back.

    • Multi-channel contexts

      Multi-channel support for TYPO3: Show and hide pages and content elements based on configurable "contexts".

      Examples for contexts:
      • Screen size < 500px
      • Browser runs on a tablet or mobile phone
      • Location is 15km around a certain place
      • User is from one of certain countries...
    • TYPO3 API compatibility library
      Library to be used by extension developers, to manage the gap between TYPO3 4.x and 6.x by
      • adding methods to deal with different TYPO3 versions
      • adding methods that make TYPO3 API calls dependent on the TYPO3 version

      See Wiki for detailed information...

    • TYPO3 Drivercore Content Element

      Contains a new content element that has an advanced RTE grideditor to edit content in frontend or in backend preview without opening the element. This first version is a just a working prototype, now the contributing starts. Please check out "Frontwise/grid-editor" if you want to contribute....

    • TYPO3 Foundation Framework

      Responsive front-end framework foundation for TYPO3. See

    • TYPO3 Wrapper

      A typoscript route Generator to run into extbase controller actions via typenum. Be able to run every typo3 frontend plugin action via url like newsletter subscription, contact forms, login or other.

    • typo3rtl

      An attempt to create RTL enabled skin for Typo3

    • TypoScript LiveEditor

      TypoScript LiveEditor

      Test your TypoScript with any cObj-data!

      Tell me how you like it to @Gee on twitter!

    • Vimeo Video

      When added, this extensions appears in the `common` tab of the Content Elements Wizard, and, at the same time removes all other content Elements from the (same) tab (header, text, etc.).
      Confirmed by removing the extension. All regular content elements reappear after vimeovideo is removed....

    • Warpstock Europe Events

      This Extension was initially build for the yearly meetings of the OS/2 and eComStation community at Warpstock Europe (WSE)

    • Web>List Actions

      Allows to define which buttons to display for Web>List records based on BE User/Group

    • webcon: Accessible browse results for indexed search

      Alternative for "accessible_is_browse_results". Makes the generated links more configurable (via TypoScript)

    • Wishlist

      This extension makes it possible to maintain wish lists.

    • Workspace Preview Advice

      Displays an advice to the website-visitor if a workspace preview is shown.

    • WRS


    • XLF Editor

      The XLF Editor is a Backend modul and can modify and create XLF language files for loaded extension, which are located under


      and the default language has to be 'en'.

    • XML xPath Parser

      You can load a XML/HTML file or URL and parse it with XPATH or Regular Expressions. Output is possible with Fluid.

    • svo_tvplaintext

      Creates Plaintext-View of TV webpages. Uses html2text class from

    • SWFObject

      Flexible TYPO3 implementation of SWFObject for embeding Flash content into pages. Flash movies can be inserted as content elements, by Typoscript or by PHP.

      For more info on SWFObject check out

    • SWFTOOLS for Linux

      Install SWFTOOLS on a Linux server. You must be root!

    • swfupload for ce

      adds the swfuploader to any file content element

    • Swigmore Institute

      With this extension you can manage different things you need to represent an institute, including publications, staff and job offers

    • Syntaxhighlight

      Generic Syntax Highlighter for TYPO3 based on GeSHi.

      • highlights 101 languages
      • instant copy to system clipboard
      • can be used in RTE
      • plugin preview for page
      • API
    • System Info

      Shows a little server configuration in BE.
      Click on the new info button in TYPO3 toolbar.

      Realy alpha state, so dont look at the code ;-)

    • T3 Admin community

      The goal of this extension is to bring together people that are involved in the T3 project with the end customer administrators in order to provide faster bug reporting and fixing.

      The first step to this goal is a simple messenger for the T3 backend which can be installed for admins. The admin can define his connection information of the pages and so log in to the chat....

    • T3 jQuery

      Provides a shared version of the jQuery Javascript framework for use in other extensions. See class.tx_t3jquery.php for API and usage. Includes BE module for configuring which parts of jQuery UI you want included.

      The latest version is developed on github!...

    • T3 Monkey

      T3 Monkey is an FE plugin that displays an html5 canvas element with output generated from Monkey (

    • T3 Mootools

      Provides a shared version of the Mootools v1.2.2 Javascript framework for use in other extensions. See class.tx_t3mootools.php for API and usage.
      Includes BE module for configuring which parts of Mootools you want included.

      If you like this extension, please rate it.

    • T3 Web Widgets

      Ext JS Web Widgets for TYPO3 4.3+

      delivers widgets like Feeds, Twitter, Flickr, Accordion etc.

    • T3BLOG

      Modular blog extension – easy to install, very flexible and very powerful.

      This extension uses only TypoScript to generate its output. There is no HTML template. But it is very easy to configure. Just have a look in the "TypoScript Object Browser" (Web>Template) for available properties and you will be able to customize the blog for your needs....

    • t3blog uses jQuery

      E.g. the archive widget uses jQuery instead of Mootools (up to version 2.0.0) or Ext JS (version 3.0.0) now.

    • T3BLOG Widget Demo

      Demonstrates how to create a custom t3blog widget. See README.txt inside the extension.

    • t3feblog

      t3feblog provides frontend blogging functionality for T3FEBLOG. It extends T3FEBLOG with new widgets.

      Like its 'parent' this extension uses only TypoScript to generate its output. There is no HTML template. But it is very easy to configure. Most configuration can be made conveniently by using the "Constant Editor" (Web>Template)....

    • t3filelist
      Extends the TYPO3 native filelist with some functions like:
      • if file is renamed all references get renamed too
      • if file is renamed all references get updated to new path
      • same with folders
    • t3flextoolkit

      TYPO3 IDE/Toolkit for Adobe Flex based applications in TYPO3 Includes a mxmlc compiler shell, editor for MXML and ActionScript3 code. Provides AMFPHP/HTTP Service generator that connects to the TYPO3 CMS table content.

    • t3s_jslidernews

      This Extension will display your news-records from tt_news in a slider with seven different styles.
      You must have installed tt_news for this option.
      The Slider also displayed content from the Ctype:text/textpic and a kind of menu from the table pages.
      You can use t3jquery (T3 jQuery support) as well as dam with this Extension....

    • T3X CSS styled content imp.

      This extension improves "css_styled_content" with automatically generated CSS, additional content-rendering and strict XHTML-compliant output, which can be edited with a new styling-mechanism in the backend. Automatically adds captcha functionality to forms if page is unprotected and "captcha" or "sr_freecap" is installed....

    • T3X direct_mail header-patch

      Extends Newsletters sent by direct_mail with additional headers to avoid beeing blacklisted or spamfiltered on receiving mailservers (gmail).

    • T3X Spamassassin

      With this extension you can generates individual rule-sets for spamassassin inside TYPO3.

    • T3X ToolTip

      Replaces keywords in your content with a tooltip text taken from database. You can also grab keywords replacement from any other table e.g. sg_glossary or mr_glossary. Depends on extension titletips.

    • T3X TYPO3 skin

      A modern redesign of the TYPO3-backend with 26 different color-styles and two iconsets. Use this, if you want a handsome and stylish backend.

    • Tabbed Content

      Shows menu and content from selected pages independant from the normal page content, i.e. a sidebar. Selected content is preserved on page switches via the user's session.

    • Tag Pack

      All purpose tagging suite. Use tags for almost any allowed table without having to create new DB fields for each of them. Create multifunctional tag clouds using surf or filter mode together with time based settings, a tag breadcrumb menu and a searchbox

    • TCA/TCE Tutorials and UnitTests

      Shows TCA/TCE Core functions and ships unittests for Core-Features which are only testable with static data.

    • TCAobjects

      Active Record for TYPO3 (including form building with HTML_QuickForm, templating with Smarty and some more features for PHP developers)

    • tcemainhooks

      Usually you need four hook methods and some more logic to hook into tcemain to get informed whenever a record is updated, created or deleted.
      This extension provides a simple interface that informs you on those changes. It provides you with two hooks , one is called before the dataset is written and one that is called afterwards....

    • tc_beuser

      Repository can be found in dkd Github

      Please report issues directly in Github

    • Template for YAML and Templavoila

      Framework for use of CSS-Framework YAML and templavoila.

      Work is derived from extension db_ttv which is not maintained anymore.

    • Template Selector

      Select different templates for each page or tree branch. Easily works with either external html templates or pure TypoScript templates! Modified version based on the Modern Template Building tutorial.

    • Templavoila drag'n drop

      Adds the ability to move arround content elements via drag n drop.

      Note: It's still in alpha state so do not use in production environment!

    • TemplaVoila tools for file based ds and mapping

      Provides t3build provider to:

      • Export DS from records to files (improved static ds wizard on command line)
      • Export mapping to files from command line and via TCEMain-Hook and to load those files when cache is cleared...
    • TEND flickr

      This is highly customizable typo3 front-end plugin that gives administrators the power to display flickr images. It uses Smarty as template engine.

      For more info also visit TEND Flickr at Flickr app garden...

    • TEND YouTube

      tend_youtube is extension that integrates YouTube and Typo3. For integration it uses Zend GData classes and Zend Loader.

      Front-end upload:
      • Users that are logged in can upload videos to YouTube account that is configured with TS....
    • TEND YouTube to tt_news

      This extension enables integration between tt_news and tend_youtube. It gives administrators the power to connect news with YouTube videos (using tend_youtube).

      Please also see: tend_youtube...

    • TEQneers SEO Enhancements (dead -> please use MetaSEO)

      TYPO3 SEO Extension

      There is no more active development in tq_seo, please use MetaSEO

      - Indexed Google-Sitemap (TXT- and XML-Sitemap) for all Extensions (pibase, extbase)
      - Metatags
      - Canonical-URL (automatically)...

    • TEQneers Slideshow

      This project is no more under maintenance

      jQuery Slideshow for Header- and Content-Blocks

    • TER Docs Solr Indexer

      TER Docs Solr Indexer

    • TER Update Task (obsolete)

      Update the TER using a scheduler task called >TER Update<.


    • The Bridge to FLOW3

      This extension is a bridge to FLOW3. It requires a (running) FLOW3 installation in your server. I hope this piece of software is usefull for you to get in touch with the great features an concepts of FLOW3.

      For more Information, visit

    • Themes a theme selector, like known from wordpress

      Enables users to select a theme

      The repository can be found here:

      Please also use the github tracker if you have a github account :D


    • Tidy or HtmLawed easy config

      Tidy or HtmLawed easy configurator

      Configurator for Tidy or HtmLawed.
      Presets defined for easy configuration.
      Can use PHP5 tidy or Typo3 integrated or HtmLawed.

      For detailled configuration options see : for Tidy ...

    • Timekeeping

      Keeps time for working hours.

    • timtab

      TIMTAB is an acronym for "TYPO3 is more than a blog"

      The extension's goal is to provide an extension and ecosystem of accompanying extensions to use TYPO3 as a blogging platform.

    • Tiny Source

      Removes whitespaces in frontend output.

    • tinyMCE

      Just a base for extensions which want to integrate a WYSIWIG editor.


      We don't use Forge for the issue tracking anymore. Please, use the following one:

    • TinyMCE RTE

      Replacement for htmlArea - uses TinyMCE als Rich Text Editor

      Please use tinymce4_rte as a replacement:

    • Tip a friend

      Multilingual, template based "tip-a-friend" with optional captcha.

    • Title Tag Configuration

      Manages the configurable generation of the html tag "title". Fully compatible with TYPO3 4.5 - 6.2

      Current release in TER: Version 0.3.3 (

    • TM Gallery

      Photo gallery that works with DAM records, comments, watermark support.

    • TM PasteBin

      TM PasteBin is a short code URL generator using the PasteBin API.

    • TocToc Comments - AJAX Social Network Components

      AJAX Social Network Components with extension-key 'toctoc_comments' is for comments, reviews and ratings.
      You can also use it for sharing content on social networks like Google+, Twitter, Facebook etc.

      It may be used multiple times on a page - once per content element, or per record (news, products and more)....

    • tollwerk Google Analytics

      Frontend plugin for advanced Google Analytics integration with a wide range of features including pageView and event tracking, custom variables, cross domain tracking, tracking of file downloads and external domains and much more. The extension is built on extbase / fluid and supports the asynchronous tracking code only (ga.js)....

    • tollwerk Lucene search

      Simple and lightweight implementation of the Apache Lucene Index as frontend search solution for TYPO3, built on extbase / fluid, supporting wildcard and fuzzy searches, search term highlighting, indexing of uncached pages, custom search term rewrite hooks and much more without any further software requirements (Java application server, Apache Solr etc.)...

    • Toolbox UTF8

      The "Toolbox UTF8" extension should help TYPO3 system administrators in the process of migration of your database to UTF8.

      This extension is a mash-up of different solutions and ideas for the problems of utf8 migrations.

      It started out as a CLI-script to support large database tables, but has now an BE interface to accomplish the same tasks....

    • Tour Extension

      Upload you GPS Tour data as GPX File. Tracks, routes and waypoints are displayed using Google Maps. An altitude profile can be rendered with Google Charts.

    • tox | Google AJAX Libraries

      The extension makes use of the Google AJAX Libraries API. You are able to include variouse libs (e.g. jQuery, prototype, mootools, dojo ...) via Constant Editor. For more information about libs visit:

    • trade ecommerce

      Easy to use plugin for product display/user registration and checkout via paypal or eway.

    • Translation helper

      Tools to help you do your translation work

    • tree or list message board

      A forum to discuss about topics of database records.
      The Github is located at

    • Troubletickets

      Manage your troubletickets, tasks or todo-lists or use the extension as a bugtracker, helpdesk or project management tool. Assign tickets to users, define observers, receive email notifications and group tickets into categories and projects. Comes with a modern layout and full documentation and is easy to install....

    • Truncate Job

      Scheduler job to truncate tables

      Repository moved to Github:

    • ts_extbaselinks

      A Linkdatabase based on extbase and fluid

    • tt_news Cache Clear by Tag

      Performs the same function as ttnewscache and ttnewscache_clearlike combination, only it works with 4.3 new caching framework.

    • tt_news Cache Clearlike

      This extension deletes obsolete tt_news views in cache_pages table. The information about what to delete comes from extension ttnewscache.

    • tt_news cache expires

      This Extension uses the extension cacheexpire for taking affect on the page-cache expire timestamp. So the expire-timestamp of the page-cache will be set to the next starttime/stoptime of an news record.

      You have to use TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd for new tt_news records anyway, but if you use both, you do not need to set your tt_news plugin to no-cache...

    • tt_news Cache Management

      The bigger news section has your site then more benefits for you after installing this extension as it clears only those caches of tt_news that is really needed.
      So it can significantly lower the overall server usage. Read more...

    • tt_news integration for YAG

      Extension for integrating YAG galleries into tt_news records.

      After installing this gallery, you get a new field "Album UID" inside tt_news records where you can set a yag album to be shown in tt_news records.

      There is a new marker ###YAGGALLERY_ALBUM### that renders the album whereever you want it to be rendered in your tt_news templates....

    • tt_news select configuration

      The extension enables to add an andWhere clause to the SQL query of a tt_news. I.e. it is possible to display tt_news items in dependence on the fe_user ownership.

    • tt_news select configuration

      The extension enables to add an andWhere clause to the SQL query of a tt_news. I.e. it is possible to display tt_news items in dependence on the fe_user ownership.

    • Turnjs

      Try it and you'll love it:
      This Extension create Pages as a turnjs Book...

    • TW RSS Feeds

      Should handle rss feeds from 0.91 and 2.0 format.

    • Tweet and Like button tt_news

      This extension displays Twitters Tweet button and Facebooks Like button on each tt_news item. Markers: ###TWEET### and ###LIKE###

    • Tweet This

      Send tweets from tt_news or t3blog records easily

      Repository moved from the old SVN to GIt on

    • twitter

      Shows last twitter status of a defined user. More features are planned.

    • Twitter bootstrap

      Include Twitter bootstrap in your TYPO3 installation.

    • Twitter plugin

      Show tweets on your website

    • Twitter Search (twittersearch)

      Due to the required OAuth authentication to use the search API of twitter, the idea of this extension is unfortunately obsolete.

      In API v1.1, the Search API requires some form of authentication -- either OAuth 1.0A or app-only auth

    • Two column text with image

      This is a new content type based on "Text with image". Within this content type you have two textfields instead of one.

    • Typo3 / CakePHP

      A website frontend for a site managed with TYPO3, implemented in CakePHP.

      Sometimes using TypoScript to build a website frontend is not an option. Reasons might be that you want to avoid learning this specialized configuration language. Or you might want to combine a TYPO3 backend with an existing frontend implementation, while giving your editorial team a powerful environment to create and manage a magazine style area in your community or social network site. For these cases, we have created a base CakePHP implementation to access the TYPO3 tables "pages" and "tt_content" and display its content in a CakePHP generated frontend. The plan is to continue to work on this basic implementation to include all core TYPO3 formatting options and some popular extensions like tt_news....

    • TYPO3 adapted xaJax

      Enhancement to the xajax extension with specific code needed for extensions under TYPO3. See ECT list.
      This extension shows the debug output if there is a PHP error on the server side. It does not show the page generation error message of TYPO3.

    • TYPO3 agencies

      Extension used on for managing agencies and their corresponding references and projects

    • TYPO3 CiviCRM

      The project is focussing to get an integration or a connection like already existing between Drupal/CiviCRM, Joomla/CiviCRM and WordPress/CiviCRM up and running.

      CiviCRM is a state of the Art CRM focussing on NGOs.

    • TYPO3 CMS in the cloud

      This is an umbrella project which will contain changes/patches to TYPO3 CMS 6.x.
      Its aim is to provide a central approach on how to be able to host TYPO3 in the different cloudbased enviroments such as:

      • Amazon EC2
      • Microsoft Azure
      • Heroku
      • Cloudfoundry...
    • Typo3 Cluster

      A clustering and load balancing system for stand alone typo3 nodes.

      - Each node can act as a full website, every database INSERT or UPDATE  or DELETE is replicated on all the others nodes so the cluster is always in sync.
      - Each cluster node also acts as a load balancer, proxyng the request to the fastest node available...
    • TYPO3 CMS Compatibility Layer
      The target of this extension is to extend compatibility on upgrading to newer TYPO3 CMS releases by
      • re-introducing removed deprecated methods (e.g. in t3lib_div, etc.)
      • introduce a switchable stream wrapper for PHP class files to capture old removed class files (e.g. t3lib/class.t3lib_div.php)...
    • TYPO3 ConfigViewer

      JSON-Services to Explain this TYPO3 Installation on a central Point. Allowed Hosts can see installed Extensions or used TypoScript for ease of Administration or simply as working reference.

    • TYPO3 Design Kit

      Create a website within just a few minutes by importing it from a set of predefined dummy page trees. Combine it with lots of designs available for download at and import and modify them using a sophisticated backend user interface.

    • TYPO3 Developer API

      A Powerful API for your (my ?) TYPO3 developments. No manual but the classes are well documented :-)

    • TYPO3 Facebook extension

      The TYPO3 Facebook extension is a simple tool to add TYPO3 content in you Facebook Application.

      Facebook applications are small programs developed specifically for Facebook profiles. The content of those programs is provided by an external source which could be any website server. ...

    • TYPO3 Feed

      TYPO3 News feeds in your website.

    • TYPO3 Hyphenator

      Adds Hyphenation-Functions to TYPO3. To use this extension simply install it and add the static template "TYPO3 Hyphenation (xrhyphen)" to your root-page. Special thanks to the developers of the phpHyphenator ( and the JavaScript Hyphenator (

    • TYPO3 jQuery interface

      sfjquery is an interface between jQuery and TYPO3. Make use of TS and HTML for templating. Add CSS. So programm what ever you want.

      Learn more about sfjquery in my wiki

    • TYPO3 Media Gallery

      The TYPO3 Media Gallery has been developed as part of the FAL/Media project to demonstrate the features of the new File API as well as serve as a simple media gallery. The development was sponsored by the Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung (BLE)....

    • TYPO3 more scalable

      t3p_scalable is a powerful designed extension with the idea to get a TYPO3 to be able to adapt its architecture in scenarios of heavy load. So with this extension you will be able to use MySQL replication and Memcached in transparently or semi-transparent....

    • Typo3 PHPIDS

      This is the Typo3 implementation of the famous PHPIDS. Currently the PHPIDS detects all sorts of XSS, SQL Injection, header injection, directory traversal, RFE/LFI, DoS and LDAP attacks. Through special conversion algorithms the PHPIDS is even able to detect heavily obfuscated attacks....

    • TYPO3 profiler

      TYPO3 profiler store the slowest queries and parsetimes of page generation. It can help you to optimize your website performance.

    • TYPO3 Registration

      This extension contains a tool of important functions: user registration, user reserved area, back-end user management.

      User registration:
      • login/logout plugin
      • Registration form plugin
      • Update profile/Reserved area plugin


    • TYPO3 ToGo

      Making a standalone TYPO3 available on a flashdrive, using a mobile WAMP-Stack (using server2go).

      see "News" for first release:


      • generates mobile TYPO3 To Go application from existing TYPO3 system
      • content-Database and files can be updated...
    • TYPO3 Update Check

      This extension makes it possible to automatically check for new TYPO3 updates against the sourceforge downloadable files.

    • TYPO3Mind

      TYPO3Mind is an extension for generating mind mapping files from your whole TYPO3 installation. Mind maps helps you to understand how your TYPO3 project has been setup and what the current running status is. Currently you can only export .mm files which can be imported by FreeMind (strongly recommended), Freeplane, XMind, Mindjet, MindManager, etc. TYPO3Mind uses the cool icon from FreeMind. This extension hooks into the tree click menu and in the left pane. The mind map includes many icons and pictures with URIs to your webserver. You have a lot of configuration options. ...

    • TypoGento

      TypoGento is a middleware service that connects the content management system TYPO3 (version 4.2+) and the e-commerce application Magento. This enables companies and organisations to seemlessly include feature-rich shopping possibilities into their web site. It was initially developed by the German web development agency Flagbit....

    • typogorum - DMS/ECM - agorum

      typogorum is a typo3 extension for integrating the document management and enterprise content management system agorum core. Show up documents for intranet or extranets within typo3 directly out of agorum core.

      typogorum ist eine Typo3 Extension, die es erlaubt verschiedene Dokumentenbereiche direkt aus dem DMS agorum core in Typo3 zu integrieren. ...

    • Typoscript Blog

      A simple blog with categories and archive (almost) completely in typoscript!

    • Typoscript CE

      process any typoscript in a CE

    • TypoScript Check

      Checking TypoScript while processing it as good as possible. Still this is a proof of concept, but could evolve into a helpful tool for finding bugs in your TypoScript code or spotting unclean code.

      page.10 = TEXT
      page.10 {
          value = HELLO WORLD...
    • Unit tests for tt_news

      This extension contains some unit tests for tt_news for the tutorial at the T3CON08.

    • Universal page browser

      Provides a highly customizable page browser to other extensions. It features a simple API. Frontend plugins can have a full featured page browser in about 15 lines of code (including pretty comments in this code).


      protected function getListGetPageBrowser($numberOfPages) {...

    • Universal Pageteaser

      Universal Pageteaser with different modes (selected pages, subpages, subpages with keywordfilter).
      Makes use of templates.
      Uses data from the page properties.

      Compatibel to dam_pages and templavoila.

    • Universal Searchbar

      all search engines accessible with one searchbar

    • University Seminar-Calendar

      This is a University Calendar (german: Vorlesungsverzeichnis) where students can subscribe for seminars.

    • upate refindex of Typo3

      Extension contains a scheduler-task, which updates the refindex of TYPO3.
      Inside the scheduler-task, you can define tables, where the refindex should be updated.

      Repository moved to Github:

    • Update page on news update

      Update SYS_LASTCHANGED and clear cache of pages with tt_news element automatically without need to set TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd

    • Upload to TER

      This extension will give the possibility to manage and upload your extensions in TER.

      My thoughts:
      • First you have to login with your t3o credentials
      • Views after login:
        • A list of your extensions and ext keys
        • Possibility to edit and manage your extensions (like description, bugtracker link, ...)...
    • Uploadcare

      This is a plugin for Typo3 to work with

    • URL Tools

      This extension provides a list of url tools for your site. You can check your redirects, links on your site and finally compare contents of two different pages or the content of the same page with an older state. All tests can be automatically scheduled with the scheduler system extension....

    • Useful informations in reports module

      Useful informations in the reports module : xclass, ajax, cliKeys, eID, general status of the system (encoding, DB, php vars...), hooks, compare local and TER extension (diff), used content type, used plugins, ExtDirect... It can really help you during migration or new existing project (to have a global reports of the system)....

    • Useful tasks in scheduler module

      Useful tasks in the scheduler module : full backup, update translations, exec SH script with reports...

    • UTF-8 Converter

      This extension helps you to convert your already existing database content to UTF-8.
      UTF-8 by default is used since TYPO3 4.5, but prior to that you could have UTF-8 encoded data stored in Latin-1 (or other charsets) tables; for example if you started with TYPO3 4.4 without UTF-8 configuration. You can detect this situation by using phpMyAdmin: characters with accents (diacriticals) and umlauts are shown as weird double-character combinations (“für” instead of “für”)....

    • UTOPIA

      UTOPIA is a sitebuilder extension based on the T3D export feature. It works with websites templates.

      Please check our Forge wiki here : for more informations.

    • Vanilla Single Sign On

      This extension enables Single Sign On From TYPO3 to Vanilla Forum.

    • Varnish Connector

      Varnish is the fastest, most flexible and cost efficient web accelerator available for your online business. It speeds up your website and boosts user loyalty and customer conversion rate and helps to save hosting costs.

      Please use Issue Tracker on GitHub....

    • Vibéo

      This extension integrates the Vibéo project, an accessible media player based on MediaElement.js that is meant to respect the SGQRI standards of the provincial government of Québec. It supports all major video and audio formats, preview images, track files, and is able to fetch video files from Youtube and Vimeo. Vibéo is developed and maintained by Libéo, this TYPO3 extension was built by Qc média....

    • View Helper Collection

      A Collection of various viewhelpers that might be useful for Extbase / Fluid Extensiosn

    • Viral Tweet Generator

      Multilingual, template based "Viral Tweet Generator". See for more informations.

    • VR-ePay ePayment

      ePayment extension for payment services of VR-ePay (Germany): allows electronic payment using credit cards and electronic cash (ec).

    • Web Application Firewall

      ModSecurity and possible other security tool rulesets aimed at securing TYPO3 websites.

      For the time being, existing ruleset is available from

    • webconsulting FTP transfer

      This extension allows you to create a scheduler task which is responsible for transfering files locally or to/from an FTP account. All configuration is done from within the task configuration form. A transfer task requires a "source" location and a "target" location. When the task gets executed it will transfer all files which can be found at the "source" location to the "target" location. The "source" location and also the "target" location can be a local direcotry on the webserver or a directory on a FTP server. If the transfer to the "target" location doesn't succeed it is possible to have the files get moved to a "failed" location....

    • WebKit PDF

      Generate PDF files using WebKit rendering engine.

    • Webservices for TYPO3

      The extension provides a XMLRPC service that allows external applications to create, read, update and delete arbitrary records of tables that are defined in TCA.

      It has been developed by Helmut Hummel for Bitmotion

    • WEC Map

      Google Maps extension

      The git-repository for extension wec_map may be found on github now:


      wec_map V3.x is a full-featured Google Maps extension for Typo3:

      • Support of Google API V3
      • Additional support for OpenStreetMap and OpenCycleMap...
    • Wheelchair

      This extension adds a checkbox "wheelchair" to the front-end user table, indicating whether a person is using a wheelchair. This can be used to help organizers finding suitable lodging eg. when booking a workshop. In addition, this extension provides a cu...

    • WordPress grabber

      Synchronise Wordpress blog with your TYPO3 installation

    • Wordpress Integration

      You can select subparts in header and body of wordpress as you know it from TYPO3.

      Realurl required and a plugin in wordpress.

      Wordpress can be used in parallel standalone and can be upgraded.

    • Workspace Preview

      A better preview for TYPO3 4.x Workspaces with some improvements for multidomain installations.

    • worldcup

      First noncommercial community bet-system. Lets your fe_users bet on your website for the Football WorldCup 2010 against each other. Including user rankings, team ranking, team flag data and data of all matches.(WM)

    • WOW - Character Display

      Displays a character from World of Warcraft™

    • WOW - Item Display

      World of Warcraft - Item Display

    • WOW - Raid Management

      Interface to manage World of Warcraft raids.

    • ws_stats

      Statistics for your T3-Website with chart: IP, hostname, referer, search engine, search phrase, language. Chronological order, grouped by visitors. Perfect for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • wt_calculating_captcha

      Calculating Captcha

    • wt_carmarket


    • wt_cart for tt_news

      Adds additional fields and setup to tt_news in order to use tt_news for storing products.

    • wt_contentchange

      Ajax content changer

    • wt_csstooltip

      CSS Tooltips for FE

    • wt_dynamictarget

      Change powermail email address with conditions

    • wt_email4download


    • wt_gallery_description

      Add description text for wt_gallery pictures

    • wt_individualshippingcost

      Shipping costs for commerce

    • wt_socialbookmarks

      Add page to a social bookmark service

    • xajax library

      xajax is an open source PHP class library implementation of AJAX that allows developers to create web-based Ajax applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Applications developed with xajax can asynchronously call server-side PHP functions and update content without reloading the page....

    • XING Button

      XING Widgets for your TYPO3 site

    • Synchronize fe_users with XING

      Enables the import from the social business network Xing to your TYPO3 website while letting the user select which data to import. Target and source data fully configurable (making it easy to adapt it for Facebook or LinkedIn).

      The extension was developed by Markus Kappe ( for BiTS Alumni e. V. (

    • XLIFF

      This extension allows extension developers to use XLIFF for their extension while providing an automatic fallback (ll-XML generation) when their extension is installed in TYPO3 4.4 or TYPO3 4.5.

      Idea is that you only need to add a dependency to this extension in your extension and that's it, you can work only with XLIFF localization files....

    • XML Flash Tag Cloud

      This extension is a XML Flash Tagcloud with various colors per tag, and is based on the Tag Cloud from If the colorpicker does not ask to see a patch:

    • XML RSS-Feed Import

      Import RSS Feed in tt_news

    • XML templating for JpGraph

      This extension makes it possible to generate JpGraph from xml files. It includes templating for JpGraph, data queries, markers, ...

    • XML Tools for Extbase

      Current features:

      • Generate XML schema (XSD) from annotated Domain Models
      • Serialize instances of Domain Models to XML document
      • Unserialize XML document to instances of Domain Models
      • merging of XML data with existing data from repositories by rules...
    • XML-Sitemap for pages and media

      XML-sitemap with support for images and video files.

      Rendering of additional content elements (e.g. news, galleries, ..) can be included with plugins.

      Fully configurable with typoscript.

    • pw_comments

      Probably the most feature rich comment extension for TYPO3 CMS

      • Let your users comment pages (or any record type, like news)
      • Easy to set up and highly configurable, thanks to TypoScript constants
      • Supports answers/replies on comments
      • All comments are stored locally in configured database...
    • t3quotes - Quotes database

      t3quotes is an extension for TYPO3 to collect and display quotes on the website.

      Originally it was written by Kasper Skårhøj in the year 2002.
      Kasper Skårhøj is the Developer who created TYPO3 too.

      Repository with issue-tracker and Wiki:

    • XPATH Content Object

      Provides cObj XPATH for flexible handling of XML data with TypoScript.

    • XSLT Content Object

      This extension adds a new content object XSLT to the classic TypoScript cObjects. With the XSLT cObject you can retrieve and transform XML data with TypoScript and XSL stylesheets. The data can be fetched from database fields, files or external resources....

    • YAC - Yet another Calendar

      Calendar Extension

    • YAG - Theme Simpleviewer

      This extension provides a simpleviewer theme for YAG.

      You can get the current developer version via git: git://

    • YAG - Yet Another Gallery

      TYPO3 photo gallery extension based on ExtBase MVC Framework.

      Please go to [[]] for up to date code and use the issue tracker there. Thanks a lot for contributing!

      Here is a list of features:

      • Full-featured Backend administration module...
    • YAML for TYPO3

      Basic extension to load YAML core, to implement an developer template, or in future additional designtemplates based on YAML.

    • Yellowpay for TYPO3 commerce

      This extension provides a commerce payment-provider to the yellowpay payment gateway. The yellowpay-provider will be added to the existing list of providers in commerce.

    • Yet Another Feed Importer

      Imports RSS/ATOM feeds to the TYPO3. Extension comes with tt_news imported but other imported can be easily created (read the manual).

    • Yet another Gallery

      new Gallery Extension based von extbase/fluid

    • Yet another Google search

      This extension offers the possibility to add a simple Google search element to your Typo3 page. The intention was to replace the build-in search engine because of its poor performance at huge Typo3-Sites. You can customize this extension by modifying/adding your own stylesheets and templates to fit your needs....

    • YIID it! like/dislike button

      A universal like/dislike button widget to share your preferences on multiple sites. supports: facebook, twitter, etc. Visit for more information.

    • Youtube API

      Retrieves feeds via the Youtube API which can be listed in the frontend.

    • Youtube Data V3

      Displays a youtube channel on your page

    • YouTube Fancy Playlist

      This extension provides an interface to display a specific playlist on your page.

    • Zend Framework

      Integrates the Zend Framework library if not available on the webserver.

    • Zend Framework extensions

      Enables developers to develop plugins with the Zend Framework - mainly it's sticking router, response, DB-adapter, module loaders and so on together to get them working within TYPO3. You can then register your own plugins and libraries to ZFext in your localconf....

    • Разработка на Extbase

      Это проект совместного перевода на русский книги "Developing TYPO3 Extensions with Extbase and Fluid", изначально написанной на немецком языке. Перевод этой книги на английский язык осуществляется здесь По окончании перевода русский текст этой книги будет опубликован под открытой лицензией: Creative Common License....

  • Documentation

    TYPO3 Documentation Team

    The Doc Team keeps the documentation effort focussed the right way to provide the official documentation and support documentation-writers.

    Read more about Documentation Team on our
    Official Team Page...

    • TYPO3 CMS - What's New

      The TYPO3 CMS - What's New slides summarise new features, significant improvements, important changes and key facts of new TYPO3 releases. The presentation-style of these documents enable everyone to share these information, e.g. in a company such as an agency, at a conference or user group meeting....

    • TYPO3 CMS Documentation

      This project is dedicated to the maintenance of the existing official documentation and the creation of new documents concerning TYPO3 CMS.

      There's one sub-project per manual, see the menu on the left.

      Reporting bugs

      To report bugs about the Official Documentation, please use the dedicated bug tracker of each manual....

  • other

    More or less "infrastructural" projects and TYPO3 teams that haven't found a home of their own yet can be found here. Make sure to expand the menu on the left to see the sub projects!

    • (archived projects)

      archive of obsolete/old projects

    • CMS-Garden

      Project space for the cms garden project.

    • Composer Team

      The aim of this project is to federate the Composer effort across TYPO3 products and CMS in particular.

      Our goals would be to make it possible to:

      • install TYPO3 CMS and extension Via composer
      • activate/deactivate Composer Packages in the EM
      • control everything via a new composer based EM (long term goal)...
    • Editorial Team

      TYPO3 Editorial Team

      The TYPO3 Editorial Team was founded to create and publish new content and articles on the and other official TYPO3 related websites. Also the TYPO3 Editorial Team reports about TYPO3 developments and events. A main goal of the team is to permanently maintain and improve the content on

    • Extension Comparison

      Some extensions offer similar features e.g. guest books but they focus on either different functionalities, same functionalities or even same functionalities in different combinations. We compare groups of similar extensions and publish it in the T3N.

      • Design Team

        The TYPO3 Design Team provides banners and graphics for the TYPO3 family of websites. In case of a major TYPO3 event like a conference they will provide the general CI for such an event, like posters, flyers and T-shirts all in close collaboration with the marketing team. The CSS team will implement the design for the websites. We are working hard this year to improve TYPO3's marketing position and a strong design team is needed for that....

    • Sandbox

      This is a sandbox project for testing, demo and educational purposes

      Nothing in here is (intentionally) usable for any purpose. :)

    • Screencast Team

      You have arrived at the TYPO3 Screencast Team Project. The Screencast Team communicates (new) features and tutorials of the TYPO3 core by using the technique of screencasts. All screencasts will be done in English and German.

      The goal of the Screencast Team is to make high quality learning materials, specifically screencasts, available to TYPO3 users. Screencasts are useful for demonstrating and teaching software features. A screencast allows for the capturing of on-screen actions with an audio recording explaining what is going on. This allows for a comprehensive and thorough demonstration....

    • Server Team

      This project was migrated to Gitlab. There are still some tickets remaining here which we will move or complete over the next Months.

    • Translation Team

      Welcome on the official Translation Team project. This project is used to centralize documentation and issues related to the translation workflow and the current translation server.

      Translation Server


  • Association

    Project area of the TYPO3 Association active members and board.

    Note: This project is just a placeholder to make the subprojects visible. Do not expect any activity in this project, take a look at the subprojects instead. (That also explains why it has no members...)...

    • Academic Commitee

      This is the TYPO3 Association Academic Committee.

      Here we try to collect all academic related topics such as:

      • TYPO3 Universitiy Package
      • Research on CMS
      • Academic Membership
      • ...

      More information about the Academic Committee:

    • Board (public)

      This is the main platform to store public task of the work of the TYPO3 Association Board.

      Non public tasks are found at:

    • Education Committee

      The TYPO3 Education Committee has been installed by the TYPO3 Association's Board and Expert Advisory Board in early 2014. It is meant to create an education strategy, enabling community members and TYPO3 beginners to access TYPO3 related education easier....

    • Event Committee

      This is the central knowledge base of the TYPO3 Event Committee. At this place you will find all sorts of information about TYPO3 events. This is not limited to official association events but every event someone wants to do.

      There is no infrastructure in place right now but we work on that. In the meantime you can send questions and requests to ....

    • French Speaking Committee

      This group is about sharing information and federate french speaking TYPO3 ambassadors and agencies.

      Our organisation is the following:

      Rachel Foucard - Representative
      Alain Le Tanter - 1st Assessor
      Jonathan Iroulin - 2nd Assessor
      Cédric Tempestini - 3rd Assessor...

    • Italian Committee

      Ciao! This is the Italian Committee.

      Our aim is to strenghen the presence of TYPO3 in Italy.

      Feel free to join if you are interested to help to achieve this.

    • Licensing Team

      This project aims to clarify the current state of the used licenses in the different TYPO3 projects and contexts. It is funded by the 2015 budget of the TYPO3 Association.

    • Press Team (public)

      This is the press team public space. If you want to join this team, then just give us a short note.

  • Core Development

    TYPO3 CMS has the following subprojects:

    TYPO3 Core

    The TYPO3 Core Team takes care of the further development of TYPO3 Core. Look here for the Core bug tracker.

    Community Extensions


      • TYPO3 Recycler

        The recycler offers the possibilities of cleaning up the garbage collection or to restore data again. Based on an ExtJS interface its possible to get a quick overview of the accordant records, filter the resultset and execute the required actions. This new feature is the modernized and core-specific version of the kj_recycler extension, that has been available in the TER for years now....

      • Form

        Issue Tracking

        Since this project has been integrated into TYPO3 4.6-beta1, the issue tracker of the TYPO3 v4 Core has to be used. There's a category Form Wizard.


        The project consists of two parts; rewriting and enhancing the Form cObj, which makes it possible to generate the forms, and secondly the Form Wizard, which makes it easy for editors to construct forms....

      • TYPO3 4.7 Projects

        TYPO3 4.7

        Welcome to the project page for the TYPO3 4.7 release. This forge project holds all projects that are being worked on for the TYPO3 release 4.7. You can access individual subordinated projects in the project list to the left.

        • Accessibility Project

          Current State

          The results of this project have been merged into TYPO3 4.7 alpha1 already.
          Please report bugs or features to the regular TYPO3 v4 Core Issue Tracker.


          The purpose of this project is to improve TYPO3 in terms of accessibility (a11y) with regards specifically to the WAG (Web Accessibility Guidelines) and the BITV (German Accessibility Guideline)....

        • Dashboard


          Integrate a sysext "Dashboard" as Startpage for the BE
          • display system warnings
          • display rss-feeds (for news etc)
          • display internal news items
          • interface for extensions to plug in

          Information about piwik can be found at

        • Indexed Search (a11y & speed)

          Current State

          The results of this project have been merged into TYPO3 4.7 alpha1 already.
          Please report bugs or features to the regular TYPO3 v4 Core Issue Tracker.


          This is a Forge project for improving the indexed_search in regards to accessibility as well as speed....

        • Semantic (S.C.O.T.T.Y.)

          Project status

          Currently, the Semantic group is a sleeping beauty! We went into an idle state since last August mainly due to a lack of time of its members... We shortly talked during the last Developer Days 2012 that we should re-animate the group, at least towards an "educational" direction....

          • Semantic Web Integration (v4)

            This extension provides several components to consume and expose data of/to the Linked Data cloud.

          • Taxonomy

            Taxonomy has the purpose to provide a standardized way to categorize records within TYPO3.

            The current project is in a idle state at the moment...

      • TYPO3 6.0 Projects

        Welcome to the project page for the TYPO3 6.0 release, scheduled for October 2012. This forge project holds all projects that are being worked on for this TYPO3 release. You can access individual subordinated projects in the project list to the left.

    • TYPO3 Core

      Current Development

      Download released versions of TYPO3

      Issues / Bug Tracking

      Issues related to TYPO3 Core are located at the Issues tab

      Instant communication platform (Slack)...

Also available in: Atom