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Here is some feedback from Steffen Gebert:


IMHO it's a total information overload. There's SO much text about this topic.

"FAQ's & HOWTO's" <- that's wrong. no apostrophe here!

please log onto typo3.org and create an FAQ or HOWTO from the thread
(just open the thread and click the "make FAQ or HOWTO" link),

what thing? I don't get the point. There should be a link called "make FAQ or HOWTO" somewhere? Where? Why? What?

"Correct list?"
The list namings are wrong/unclear. What's the User list? What's the sandbox list etc. would be good to directly link them either to the list on lists.typo3.org or have a dedicated page listing the links to the list subscription and the address of the News group.

And in general.. why are there so many ".." in the text? That sounds IMHO like sb. is thinking, while he's writing.

Wrong/outdated numbers: Facts & Figures
  • It's ATM 40GB per month (!!!) We're sooo cool. We write soo many cool mails. Couldn't you just remove the exclamation mark? Come one.. that's peanuts.
  • Subscribers: -english: >2100, -german: >1600, -dev: >550

I also suggest to shorten the paragraph about the figures. And yes, it's rising. We're cool.
Just tell that images are prohibited as they will fill inboxes and cause lot of traffic.

"Doing it the newsgroup way!":
Links to Thunderbird are outdated. Mozilla should be removed.

It's not sponsored by bitfarmers anymore

I didn't read everything and I know that it's a copy of the current site. I just wanted to raise the awareness that these texts are really bad in my personal opinion.

I'm available for discussing / proof-reading new ones. Thanks!

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