Task #34192

Add german translation of sys ext workspaces to translation server

Added by Peter Kraume over 9 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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Apparently, the german translation of the new workspaces module in TYPO3 4.5 LTS is missing


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Related to Translation Team - Bug #39355: Pootle-Synchronization doesn't work properlyResolvedXavier Perseguers2012-07-29


Updated by Peter Kraume over 9 years ago

If I can assist or test please let me know.


Updated by Peter Kraume over 9 years ago

Thx to Dominique Feyer there is a temporary workaround: You can download the german translation here: http://www.ttree.ch/fileadmin/workspaces-l10n-de.zip

The translation will be imported to Pootle as well.


Updated by Herbert Sojnik about 9 years ago

When will the german translation be available via TYPO3 / Translation Handling directly?


Updated by Steffen Gebert about 9 years ago

It would be really important to have german translation for workspaces available. Dominique, could you import the linked file?


Updated by Dominique Feyer about 9 years ago

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I need to convert those LLXML file to XLIFF, and import it on Pootle. I will not have time to that during the next week. But before two week we will have this pushed to pootle


Updated by Michael Bakonyi about 9 years ago

I just finished the german translation of the workspaces module within pootle (as I didn't know this issue report here) but the synchronization doesn't seems to work correctly. I opened an issue-report for that: #39355


Updated by Chris topher about 8 years ago

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I get the German texts in the TYPO3 Backend now.

Also available in: Atom PDF