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Display detailed informations within the "Could not resolve a route" exception why FLOW3 URI building has failed.

Added by Martin Brüggemann over 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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MVC - Routing
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If you are trying to build a link in a Fluid template that can't be resolved FLOW3 throws a complex exception that doesn't explain in detail why the exception was thrown.

Could not resolve a route and its corresponding URI for the given parameters. This may be due to referring to a not existing package / controller / action while building a link or URI. Refer to log and check the backtrace for more details. (More information)

I know the details are logged in the System_Development.log file but beginners won't recognize this:

WARNING   FLOW3  Router resolve(): Could not resolve a route for building an URI for the given route values.
    @action => index
    @controller => asdasdasd
    @package => example.mymodule

FIX: The exception should directly display the problem - I even would like to see where the bad route is defined (path of the fluid template,...).

I also think that it is a bit to restrictive to throw an exception for such a "small" problem.

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