Bug #41571

UriBuilder doesn't properly handle arguments of SubRequests

Added by Marc Neuhaus almost 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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If you're creating a link inside a SubRequest that link currently doesn't add/remember the Arguments, Controller, etc from the parentRequest if it's nested more than one level.

For example: I'm creating a kind of Application Frame/Scaffold to integrate other Packages/Controller, for that i've created an ScaffRuntime to encapsulate the other controllers inside a SubRequest and add that generated content to my layout. Now, if i use a controller which uses the ExposeRuntime to expose some Models the links generated inside that SubRequest don't carry on the arguments set in the ScaffRuntime, which results in completly useless links and redirects.

Links in SubRequest should carry all arguments of parentRequests with it, because normally a link inside a SubRequest doesn't change anything about there parents, because they probably don't even know about them.


Updated by Christoph Gross almost 9 years ago

http://forge.typo3.org/issues/35790 Is it possible that these two bugs are connected?


Updated by Marc Neuhaus almost 9 years ago

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Not sure if that one is related.
This ticket is saved/resolved by the way.
Had falsely an Related instead of Resolves in my commit

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