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Marketing for Neos

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The team needs help with the website and in general.
Robert can talk to one of us about the key features and stuff like that.

Regarding the general marketing for Neos. We want to have a two-day sprint for a general marketing strategy. After that we can come back to this.

March 20th protocol:
Christian Müller joined for this topic. The team (also Flow) needs help regarding marketing and especially for the website. The editorial team is ready to start and can help with the creation of texts. Together with the design team we can also create some nice graphics to get the site up.
Christian will supply information and give some drafts for texts. The editorial team will create the final texts out of that. (Create forge tickets with links to google spreadsheets)
Berit will have an eye on the release dates and inform the marketing team about those. The marketing team will organize the stuff around it.
Berit informs Sören about a potential release in the end of may and ask which information he needs to create press stuff.
Based on this we create a list of stuff which has to be done before a release.
Berit will create a forge wiki page (marketing team area) where we can add everything which needs to be taken care of (release notes, website changes, press release, release parties).
Christian Müller will create a list of the features for the next release (during week 13).
It would also make sense to have a release meeting before the v1 release. Sebastian Kurfürst will be the release manager for v1.

February 13th, protocol (2013):
We want to invite Christian Müller to our next skype meeting to talk about Neos.

January 23rd, protocol (2013):

Ben wrote the TYPO3 CMS release team and will talk to them again within the next release team meeting.
We talked about the names for the releases and agree that those are important. We want to ask the release teams to come up with claims/names and they should ask the marketing team regarding each claim.
Berit will write to the Flow/Neos team(s) regarding marketing and putting marketing content on the websites.

November 21st, protocol (2012):

Sacha didn’t find time until now he will start within the next days.
We think that at the moment we could call it the Neos project for which we are looking for help to bring it to the Neos product. So we need a contribution marketing strategy at this moment.
Berit will write to the Flow and Neos team how the marketing team can help to put more content on the websites. It is also important that we get some content about Flow and Neos on typo3.org. We really need an updated roadmap for Flow for typo3.org.

The marketing team will write to the core teams that we see us as a content service provider but we need a contact person inside each team and a possibility to add content on the websites.
Berit will take over the Neos and Flow part, Ben will write to the TYPO3 core team.


#1 Updated by Ben van 't Ende over 7 years ago

Sacha has the initiative to write an article about Neos:

"maybe I'm wrong, so correct me, but I have a feeling, that way too little is being written about the real strategic innovations in Neos. Ok, FE editing for example is nice, but it's not a disruptive step, it's the simple if not boring next thing that comes naturally.

The real innovations in my view lie in the architectural decoupling of things like with all that JS layers above Flow, in semantics with IKS/VIE, in the growing closer of Flow/Neos with the PHP community (Composer, Packagist). Karsten's news article (Neos/Flow in Sept.) is only scratching things en passant as it is a community report, not a throughout outline of what I'm talking about.

I would love to point out the visionary ground breaking changes Neos means as a CMS, rather than just telling people that it will have workspaces and supercool FE editing. You know what I mean? So what I would like to write is a piece on how Neos is "the future of CM", not as a marketing buzzwordy text, but as an overall view on the true innovation that Neos means as an approach. I havent seen this piece on typo3.org, let alone t3n. What do you think? So, bottom line: I could maybe contact Henri Bergius, Robert etc., I would like to have interviews with the key players to really understand the big picture. Journalist style, you know."

This is important for marketing.

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#5 Updated by Sacha Storz over 7 years ago

I have set up skype dates with Henri Bergius and Robert L. so far. I'll interview them, some others too, if possible, to gather as much understanding and info as possible and write an article from a business/strategic/marketing perspective, why Neos is the future (to put it bluntly ;) beyond inlinde editing and workspaces... I'll write it in German (possible target t3n) and, as Ben suggested, it could be translated. Feedback/info welcome (please email me, I might not be monitoring this issue closely).

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The marketing strategy for Neos is postponed to the general strategy workshop but we sould talk about that status of the article. Therefor I put this ticket to our next meeting's agenda.

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The release team meetings will start again next week and I will bring up the support of the marketing team there.

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