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Rename Styling to new structure

Added by Aske Ertmann over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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In order to have a good structure of our styling we need to reorganize it

  • move every scss source file to a Styles-folder inside Resources/Private
  • keep bootstrap as solid base for responsive features and a big set of components
  • use it as our own base and also adjust the original files for our needs
  • use the bootstrap variables.scss as constant definition file
  • have an own mixin file
  • have a foundation folder inside Resources/Private/Styles
  • use an own includes.scss where also the bootstrap files are included
  • create files for the modules for specific styles
  • create files for the components (i.e. inspector..)
  • every class has to be prefixed with neos-
  • keep lowercase-dashed file names which are as short as possible and use cascading instead of long-named classes

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