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Replace AJAX spinner with TYPO3 animation

Added by Felix Kopp over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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TYPO3 CMS backend has several spinners as animated gifs.
Could we replace those with an individual animated typo3 logo - pulsating?


big-f0f0f0.gif (4.08 KB) big-f0f0f0.gif Felix Kopp, 2013-05-20 15:51
510e78c7f04e9.jpg (10.6 KB) 510e78c7f04e9.jpg 4eyes GmbH, 2013-05-21 10:12
Mockup.gif (8.56 KB) Mockup.gif Sebastian Sommer, 2013-05-21 10:16

Updated by Tomas Norre Mikkelsen over 8 years ago

I think it will be pretty cool. =)


Updated by 4eyes GmbH over 8 years ago

Wouldn't that set the wrong context for the logo?

You'll always see it when you're waiting which is annoying, so you unconsciously connect waiting and the TYPO3 logo.

They see me rollin', they waitin'


Updated by Sebastian Sommer over 8 years ago

Short mockup :)


Updated by Rafal Brzeski over 8 years ago

agree with 4eyes GmbH,

besides, the animation is not smooth enough


Updated by Simon Schaufelberger over 8 years ago

i want a rotating TYPO3 Logo ;)


Updated by Olivier Dobberkau over 8 years ago

-1 Design != UX
(Why not changing the mouse arrow to some gif animated cats too?)
The spinner is a known/learnt UX element. Don't violate the Logo for that. Sorry for being that harsch.


Updated by Francois Suter over 8 years ago

The current mockup hurts my eyes.


Updated by Jo Hasenau over 8 years ago

We replaced the spinner with animated magenta colored squares for one of our clients - guess who ;-) - but this has been done based on the same rules mentioned by Olivier: Within the context of that particular client the animated squares are used for exactly that purpose in many different situations, so the users are used to it.

Replacing it with any kind of animation is only a good idea, when it works the same way and is known to the target group, which is just not true for the TYPO3 logo.

So -1 from me as well.


Updated by Marcin Sągol over 8 years ago

-1 I see no point using logo here. Just use some simple, common and familiar

for example presentet facebook loader but with T3 colors :)


Updated by Ernesto Baschny over 8 years ago

I also don't like it, everything has been said already in previous notes. :)

That's a very rude use of the TYPO3 logo. I even consider the use of the TYPO3 logo as the "root page" as we have it now, too much logo usage in the TYPO3 CMS backend already. One logo is enough.

And btw this is probably in the wrong issue tracker (this is the design team tracker and not the UX tracker).


Updated by Philipp Randt over 8 years ago

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