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NodeTypes: Create a simple "EmbeddedNode"-Type

Added by Berit Hlubek over 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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We need basic NodeType which can be used as SuperType for more complexe NodeTypes which consist of a fixed structure.
For example: 2 images with two texts which will be shown inside a special JavaScript element.

In this case a SuperType is needed which can not be hidden or deleted in any case.

2013-08-17_1551.png View - Unexpected UI when havin specific childNodes (28.3 KB) Jan-Erik Revsbech, 2013-08-17 15:52


#1 Updated by Aske Ertmann over 6 years ago

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Hi Berit

Is this really necessary? I'm not sure I understand why this is needed. AFAIK it is possible to create a node type with childNodes of specific types like text or image and that way lock it to that structure. Then it's not possible to delete the sub node types..

#2 Updated by Jan-Erik Revsbech about 6 years ago

I not 100% sure I understand all of it, but if I do, I agree with Berit, that this is needed.

If I define a childNode with a specifcif type (In my case, as simple type "Moc.Net:GridUnit", which has "TYPO3.Neos:Content" as supertype), than things basically work, but the interface presents me with options to delete the node, and to insert other nodes after, which is not inteden (of course its impossible to delete the node).

I will be happy to help fix this, but will need a little pointer as where to start.

#3 Updated by Andreas Wolf almost 6 years ago

I think Berit's aim is to provide a mechanism for fixed layout elements that have to be filled in every case (e.g. a feature image at the page top). Therefore, these elements should not be deletable.

Probably this could also mean that a section inside a page can have a specific structure element that contains the image element and a text element for the page headline, if you take the feature area at the page top as an example.

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