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Condensed sticky menu

Added by Rasmus Skjoldan over 6 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Design the condensed sticky version of the menu - showing only the icons without module names. If user collapses a module section and then afterwards condenses the menu, only the top level module will be seen.

Menu has 3 states:
  1. Full expanded, showing both icons and module names
  2. Collapsed
  3. Condensed, showing only icons
  • Icon in the bottom left corner
  • Design border-right/shadow when menu is collapsed

Associated revisions

Revision d361d669 (diff)
Added by Aske Ertmann about 6 years ago

[TASK] Various improvements to sticky menu

  • Fix global class name
  • Ensure lines align with navigate component
  • Fix button class name (using id instead)
  • Fix bottom border of navigate button when sticky
  • Prevent opening on mouseover when menu closed and sticky
  • Use controller variable binding instead of configuration
  • Get rid of unnecessary custom ember button
  • Use controller sticky state instead of binding to individual views
  • Remove mouse enter event for menu (never possible)
  • Keep more in sync with the way the navigate component is made
  • Remove border from sticky button
  • Fix animation when opening menu when sticky
  • Show label instead of description for menu titles when sticky

Change-Id: I7d3c81eac33c7ed36acfdb5c7ce493f0bb68437b
Related: #49850
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Tested-by: Aske Ertmann
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Tested-by: Rens Admiraal


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