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Page template/layout selection

Added by Mattias Nilsson about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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Following a brief discussion about template/layout selection during the node structure meeting, it would be good to decide how we want to tackle this issue in Neos.

Possible discussions:

Should we provide default functionality in TYPO3.Neos or have a proof-of-concept in the demo package?
Should we use configuration in Settings.yaml, node type configuration or meta data from the file system for configuration of templates/layouts?
Should we provide a custom editor for the selection of image enriched values?
How much of this is necessary for Neos 1.0?


We concluded to continue with the current direction and implement a proof-of-concept. The implementation should go into TYPO3.Neos, but it should be possible to exclude this feature if not needed. The definition of available layouts should be defined by setting them in the TYPO3.Neos:Page node type configuration. The actual rendering should then use TypoScript to change the template or use a specific TypoScript object, this would be up to the implementor. We will need a slide operator to be able to get the nearest set parent value. The enriched editor is not necessary for the first part and should be a more generic selector editor with image thumbnails. A basic implementation should go into Neos 1.0.

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